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Lincoln University of Business and Management is involved in collaborating with
leading universities and B-schools globally to provide high international 
quality and accredited programs to learners in UAE and Middle East.


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Flexible study options that help you maintain work – life balance.


Global Community

We have over 4000 students from 85 different countries.


Accredited and Respected

We offer qualifications which are accredited and recognised. 


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Courses offered are affordable and flexible with exceptional standards.

Bachelor and Master Programs


Master of Business Administration programs are designed for students who want to further their managerial skills and apply them to  real-life business solutions.


Bachelor’s program will help you to develop the knowledge and skills required for entry level positions across a range of sectors and professions.


 UK accredited Diploma courses range from 1 to 12 months that helps you upgrade your career .Our courses are flexible and designed for accelerated completion.


We can work with your organisation to design and build tailor made courses from inception.This creates options to help address the organisational challenges.

Top MBA Programs


MBA in Human Resource Management

The GBS MBA in Human Resource Management combines deep expertise in human resources with the knowledge required to be a strategic business partner.


Master in Project Management

PM is a good degree option for a number of reasons. Many of these programs incorporate opportunities that offer the true experience of working in the field.


Master Degree in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management course will enable student to acquire new knowledge and skills needed to manage and lead in a changing healthcare sector.


MBA in Supply Chain Management

The MBA – Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme provides students with an in-depth insight into logistics and supply chain management.

Upcoming Event and Blog


We are back again with our knowledge series event. Join us for a free masterclass on High Impact Leadership delivered by one our finest faculty members this Ramadan. Register Now


Please join us for the exclusive open house event for MBA & BBA. Meet us in the event room for individual counselling with our expert admission officers.


We are proud and glad to announce another great milestone we have achieved during April 2019. After meeting all the required criteria in all of our campuses and programs.

geneva business school's building

GBS is ranked top business schools in the world for 2019

There are numerous colleges or universities in the world which offer an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in business administration.


What is Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive innovation is said to be an innovation creating the undiscovered market and the value network, which eventually disrupts an existing market and displace the market-leading firms, alliances, and products.


How to increase productivity at work using technology

How to increase productivity, everyone will agree that business productivity can be traced by successfully executing the overall strategies of the company.


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