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Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) is one of the top online MBA providers across Middle East Asia, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent. The institution is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering relevant, high-quality, and competitive offerings. Our industry and content experts deliver programs that converge with your requirements. We also offer a range of Business Management, Healthcare, and Technology courses from reputed institutions across the world. We ensure the approach is customized, practical, and effective. Also, we evaluate and quantify aspects of the program you value the most.

UK Diploma program

Our flexible UK Diploma programs range from six to twelve months that help you to upgrade your career. Our courses are flexible, affordable, and designed for accelerated completion.


You can study for your fast track Bachelor’s Degree program from anywhere. Advance your career without putting your life on hold. Earn an online, flexible Bachelor’s degree in as little as two years. Lincoln University of Business and Management’s fast-track Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies will amalgamate your research and academic skills, facilitating growth, independence and practical problem-solving.

Top Ranked Master’s Program

Set yourself apart with a prestigious Master’s degree from a university renowned for academic excellence and leading in student satisfaction. Lincoln University of Business and Management offers a unique, completely online learning experience that supports the academic and professional goals of its constituents. Through approachable, friendly support service, we are devoted to developing student success.

Why should you choose LUBM?

Whatever the future holds, Lincoln University of Business and Management will prepare you with more than just a degree. Our flexible study options, innovative learning, and world-class facilities will prepare you to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Live, Real-Time Virtual learning

Flexible study options that help you maintain work-life balance.

Accredited and Recognized

We offer qualifications that are accredited and recognized.

Global Community

We have over 4000+ students from 85 different countries.

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UK Diploma


Recognized UK Diploma

dubai 30x30 fitness challenge

LUBM is getting fitter than ever and we want you to be a part of it.

We have participated in the Dubai Fitness Challenge. The challenge is to consistently exercise for 30 minutes for 30 consecutive days!


Upcoming Sessions - MBA Specialisation Unit

MBA Specialisation Unit is an orientation unit of the GBS MBA program

Harvard Referencing Session

Harvard referencing forms a vital part of the assessments. This session is intended to provide learners

Academic writing

Understanding academic writing skills are essential for a student’s success both at university and in professional life.

Awarding Partners

We work with a number of prestigious UK and Swiss higher education and adult learning institutions to validate our courses.

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