BA Hons or BA degree: What to choose?

BA Hons or BA degree: What to choose?
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BA Hons or BA degree: What to choose?

What is a BA Hons in the UAE?

What is widely referred to as a BA Hons is, in actuality, a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree. It is a curriculum focused on a subject, eschewing the general base that the BA provides. Thus, BA Hons graduates typically have access to super-specialized jobs that pay more.

Once again, we contextualize within the UAE. As most are aware, the highly qualified resident talent pool is a competitive space. Yet superspecialization degrees are rarer than standard BAs. Many international companies have chosen to set up their Middle Eastern base in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. As such, there is a strong demand for professionals with a BA in fields like marketing, business management, research, and content. 

The deep explanation of a bachelor’s degree with honors?

The Bachelor of Arts (BA)

A BA in the UAE refers to a Bachelor of Arts degree. A popular undergraduate degree, it’s typically a four-year course, but it is available in shorter timeframes. BA courses are built to cultivate critical thinking and knowledgeability within the humanities sphere among students. It is a general introduction to the subjects, crafted with further education in mind. 

The UAE’s position and reputation as the regional business hub and tax haven shine a spotlight on business degrees. This means that there is the highest scope of work for corporate roles. As with anywhere else in the world, a bachelor’s degree facilitates the chance to land a high-paying role. Additionally, the local market is a highly competitive landscape that necessitates educational qualifications. 

Corporate roles that show a preference for BA degree domains include marketing positions, PR, and specialist fields. That aside, there are also BA degrees in the field of business, such as the one York St John University offers.

BA Hons vs BA degree

We have now looked into what BA and “BA Hons” courses are. Now, we look into what sets them apart.

Entry Requirements and Admission of a BA Hons degree

As one can easily imagine, BA Hons courses have stricter entry criteria than BA programs. While you can begin both with a high school diploma, BA hons demand higher grades to apply. This is especially true for relevant subjects. Universities in certain countries may mandate language skills as a requirement too. 

Course Structure and Specializations

As we mentioned earlier, BA programs in the UAE offer a general introduction to a wide variety of domain subjects. While not focused, it is an excellent base upon which to build a future. The broad range gives students time to select a career specialty while building foundational knowledge. 

A BA Hons course, however, is better suited to students who already know what they want to pursue professionally. As a result, they are better able to commit to the grueling coursework that in-depth study requires. It typically culminates in a dissertation or research project.

Time Frame

Today, both BA and BA Hons courses offer flexibility, be it in terms of digital learning, or the time taken to graduate. While the traditional model for a BA or BA Hons degree is three to four years, modern-day education offers one to two-year courses too. The York St John BA program in Business Management, for example, is a twelve- to twenty-four-month course. 


BA programs are usually more budget-friendly than BA Hons courses. However, once again, modernity steps in to save the day. Long-term payment plans allow students to pay off their BA Hons degree costs over time. With the high-paying job prospects that the qualification nets them, that becomes as easy as paying for a BA degree.

Scope of Work After

Since the BA has a more general curriculum, it opens many doors at the entry level. It should be noted that the “BA Hons degree” limits some job prospects due to specialization. However, BA Hons graduates can join specialist roles with better pay. Moreover, the difference in the scope of jobs is marginal. 

How to Select: Other Pertinent Aspects

Now that we know the difference between the two, it makes the decision process quite simple. Apart from the various distinctions in value, time, cost, and entry requirements, students must also weigh contextual factors. 

One such factor is where the student envisions their future. By this, we refer to the fact that increased globalization has led to a growth in immigration. Students often pick a degree based on where it is recognized. Accreditation matters, and impacts the global student’s job and immigration prospects. So students can often benefit from a widely accredited degree.

Further, many students who aim to establish a future abroad can benefit from the university being WES-listed. This means that the World Education Services (WES) has deemed the curriculum to be of international standards. It allows graduates to move abroad with ease.

In keeping with the theme, it also matters where the degree-awarding university is based. Students interested in moving to the UK, Europe, Australia, the US, or Canada from the UAE must look into this. The degree’s country of origin is vital. That is why LUBM partners with ranked universities abroad to offer its flexible online courses.

Finally, if you are interested in pursuing a BA Hons in Business Management from the UK, this is for you. Consider York St John’s BA program in Business Management and weigh its benefits for a strong future.


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