Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1.The quality learning 2.Flexibility 3. Intensity of the course outline 4.Professional guidance throughout the course. 5.Platform to network. 6.Faculty pool which is an excellent amalagamation of academia and corporate

Dedicated & hardworking , ranging from store keeper to Director of banks /Serious learners who have the zeal to study

No, Internship for BBA/BA Hons student can be done with LUBM. You can network with the existing learners

1.Highest Qualification Certificate 2.Passport & Visa Copy 3. 2 Passport size pictures 4.CV 5.Motivation Letter 6. Experience/recommendation letter if required

No, we have partnerships with foreign universities, all we do is provide Quality education within UAE for the working professionals on their behalf.

Please consult your Immigration lawyer

They are PhD holders and have expertise in their domain with relevant corporate  experience

Your Degree will be awarded by the respective Universities

Because our Courses are designed for the Working Adults who will be available only on weekends

University provides all sorts of courses beginning from arts/science/commerce etc. Business school delivers only Management programs

Yes , we have transport options from fixed locations on request exclusively for MBA learners.


Yes, Offers & Scholarships are available as per the University regulations & Guidelines

You can avail a scholarship of 10% Off on your Course Fee

Services are not exclusive of VAT

You need to get in touch with the Finance Team

AED 600 ( T&C Apply )

AED 2500 for UAE Attestation. Additional charges would apply in case of attestation from any other country with respect to the political relations with the particular country


You need to contact student support 5 days prior to missing you class so that they could do the needful

First Re-sit is available free of cost .Second Re-sit is chargeable @ 1500 AED + VAT

In-module test/Class Assignment/Group Discussion/Oral presentations/ Live Case Study/Roleplay

Yes, but the specific course should be available in the campus you wish to study

Depends on your availability & work commitments

It wil be a Regular Degree irrespective your MBA mode of which you choose

No, we cater only to working professionals and our lectures are held on weekends, so unfortunately we do not provide  Student visa as of now.

We offer various MBA Concentrations. Please refer our website

Yes, Subject to course & Intake availability

After Completion of your Program, your Degree will be released within 60 working days

Min wrk exp of 7 years and above along with an Academic Leveling Course or APEL


You will be dedicated a guide based on your thesis topic

No, the Program fees is inclusive of master thesis

We have students over 85 nationalities with us

Yes, Workshop , Open Days, Webinar, Master Class

Yes, we have active alumni network of our previous graduated students

Yes, it has been helpful who sought after the service

It is Possible with an Additional Charge


Final Exam are mostly conducted electronic or assignment based / Project based or any method/combination deemed suitable by the University.

Most units are assessed by SMART class participation (40% of total grade) or one ALP (ACTION LEARNING PROJECT) and one examination (60% of total grade). The assessment pattern is subject to change as per the unit requirements or based on the decision of the faculty.

A Master Thesis is a final project required in the completion of master's degrees. The thesis is a research paper, but it only involves using research from others and crafting your own analytical points.

Students who have fully completed their taught modules must then complete a Master Thesis. Successful completion of the Master Thesis or Capstone Project is obligatory

Students will be given access to the links to books, reading materials on the student portal (Moodle or Google Classroom)

If a student requires additional time to submit their dissertation, an email must be written to the supervisor (cc'ing the research coordinator) with valid documentary evidence that supports the extension request.

If a student requires an extension in the final exam, they must request an extension 5 working days prior to the due date by sending a request email to the Academic Affairs team. The email should have an attachment of documentary evidence that supports the extension request.

Online Learning

Click on the Link to navigate to the Browser. Connect via App version.

You may contact the technical support team and seek assistance to connect to the session.

Yes, you will be allotted specific time for Q & A session. You may even type your queries on the chat box of the meeting room.

Laptops / Tabs with better configuration and good internet connection

Kindly ensure you join the Meeting by Signing your name and student ID

Pay Online