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Lincoln University of Business and Management
Lincoln University of Business and Management

Lincoln University of Business & Management

The sole idea governing the origination of LUBM is to empower working professionals with continuous education that they would be able to implement in their work environment immediately and in future.

A team of professionals associated with different departments joined hands with academicians and founded LUBM in April 2014.

Lincoln University of Business & Management has learnt and evolved with its partners to provide quality programs customized to suit the working professionals.

The model is flexible yet retaining the essence of high-quality education.

We follow a blended delivery model with a combination of pre-learning, recorded sessions, smart interactive platform and workshops and conferences.

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Lincoln University of Business & Management

What we do?

We assist partners in reaching the potential growing markets and provide diversity as well as critical associations in the region.
The programs undergo customization based on mutual understanding and decisions.

Crucial aspects like fees structure and policy, competitor analysis, duration, delivery mode, progression routes, faculty, assessment structure, value-added services, marketing plans are all discussed with the prospective partner universities.
The students who qualify and can afford to study at the parent campus full time or few units are encouraged to do so.
We follow a blended delivery model with a combination of pre-learning skills, recorded sessions, smart interactive platform, workshops and conferences.


We aspire to be the catalyst of change and enrich the human potential for a better society


We endeavor to be the preferred higher education provider for working professionals in the Middle East and Africa.


Ecnomical: To provide value-based learning that is accessible
Efficient: To ensure that the program is efficiently facilitated by the faculty & support staff
Empowering: To provide knowledge & empower the learners with the latest tools and personality development sessions
Enthusiastic: To be passionate in approaching every aspect of learning
Ethical: To be ethical in our ways when dealing with every student, supplier, provider and society at large
Excellence: To strive for the best and work in the interest of the community

Our Dedicated Management Team

“Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.”

Professor Steyn Heckroodt

Professor Steyn Heckroodt

Dean of Academics and Administration

Krunal Trivedi

Director: Outreach, Operations, and Systems

Lincoln University of Business & Management

Dr. Steve Letza

Chief of Academics Affairs and Quality Assurance



Associate Professor and Program Chairperson

Dr. Tom Dewitt

Honorary Chief Academic Officer

International Academic Partners
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