Bursting the Myths about the MSc in Project Management program

Msc in Project Management

Project Management is on top of the list of promising fields. We can also say with certainty that it is there to stay for a long time. Across industries, organizations are now starting to make their operations more project-based. Companies are always on the look for project managers who can collaborate with teams placed in […]

Project Management Software Tools

Qualities to become a Leader

Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing are the five key cycles of project management. Successful accomplishment of these phases is a marker of a professional and well-trained project manager. Undoubtedly, fine project management software is an additional member of this gang. How does the best project management software work? Why are they believed to enhance […]

Project Management Processes and phases: The project life cycle

What is Project Management Process

Project management is not a simple stunt to perform. No matter what the scale of the project is. Adhering to the timeline, overlooking every process, ensuring maximum productivity from employees, and most importantly, catering to your client’s ever-changing demands. Performing all these duties at the same time can be overwhelming. There is a chance of […]

Top Diploma Courses in Dubai

Diploma Courses in Dubai

Introduction In general, a diploma is an international degree depicting the achievement of a learner in a specific field of study. In fact, the diploma program seems to offer many variations in regards to duration, cost and content. Furthermore, students looking to pursue their bachelors or masters enjoy many career prospects providing better earning criteria. […]

BA HONS Business Management

BA (HONS) in Business Management

By York St John University, UK Period: 18-24 months Units: 18+ dissertations Credits: 180 ECTS / 360 UK Method of Learning: Blended   About The Course The BA (HONS) in Business Management by YSJ indeed offers an exciting window for qualified students. Firstly, the students must have previous qualifications to involve in one year of […]

Myths about the MSc in Project Management program

myths about MSc in Project Management

Today we are debunking a few myths about MSc in Project Management program through this blog. Table of Content: Introduction Read on to find out the common myths about MSc in Project Management Program  The software will take over Project Manager roles  An MBA in Project Management is a better option  MSc degrees take up […]