Meaning of Undergraduate Studies in the UAE

Meaning of Undergraduate Studies in the UAE

Meaning of Undergraduate Studies in the UAE
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Meaning of Undergraduate Studies in the UAE

Undergraduate Studies: Beyond the Schoolroom

First off, let us reach an understanding of what “undergraduate studies” are. It is the first step towards higher education after attaining a high school diploma. Once attained, students can be identified as graduates. Undergraduate courses typically last three to four years.

The term “bachelor of” designates the program type, which is further divided into domain and subject. Widely recognized examples are the Bachelor of Science (BSc) to represent the STEM field, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) for humanities and arts, and the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) for business studies. There are others, but these represent some of the most popular domains that undergraduate degrees represent.

The Purpose of an Undergraduate Education

For many, undergraduate studies act as the base upon which future growth in academia stands. The first step amongst many towards a brilliant future in super-specialist fields. However, this varies depending on the field and role that they want to pursue. Some choose to focus on undergraduate degrees that propel them straight into the workforce.

Undergraduate studies are an excellent space for people to build the foundational knowledge they need to thrive professionally. Further, it is the first training arena for skills that the workforce needs. While it can be a great source of information and learning for career roles, it should be noted that it also aids personal growth.

The coursework and lifestyle of those pursuing “undergraduate studies” help cultivate critical thinking. It creates independent, creative, and solution-driven mindsets. This comes in handy not only as employees but also in our own lives.

A Digital Storm

As we venture deeper into the year 2024, one only has to look around to realize that things change quickly. Seemingly, in the blink of an eye, we, as humans, carve out new concepts and technologies that were unimaginable to the world previously. With this in mind, the changes in undergraduate studies and academia in general can come as no surprise to even a layman.

The pandemic turned the world’s gaze towards a more digital learning method. The release of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the wild came shortly after this, upending the academic world once more. Suddenly, students and teachers found themselves with access to a new, domain-changing tool for undergraduate studies. In the UAE, where citizens and residents adopt technology faster than most, the government has already set its cap on earning the title of ‘Education Hub of the Middle East’. At LUBM, we believe that it can be safely said that the nation is well on its way to achieving it. And so, we must bear this in mind as we explore the variations in “undergraduate studies.”

Mix and Match

So, we know that there are noted types of bachelor’s degrees, like the aforementioned Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts (BA), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). However, some more customizations and variables alter the impact of undergraduate studies upon futures.

The most notable is the honours degree. A standard undergraduate degree acts, as we mentioned, as a foundational course. Each relevant subject is covered separately, and graduates walk out knowledgeable of the fundamentals. However, an honours degree allows students to concentrate on specific subjects, with a focused curriculum to match. Further, honours courses are harder to get into and involve more vigorous academic discipline to earn. While its necessity varies across domains, it does indicate that graduates were extremely serious about their academic careers. Correspondingly, it holds more value in the job market, in certain industries.

Second, the global digital storm had an impact on undergraduate studies. Online degrees have become commonplace, with bachelor’s degrees among them. Thus, today’s students have the option of earning their degrees totally online. If the sharp, 900% increase in online education is anything to go by, they are increasingly choosing it. As an online degree provider in the UAE, LUBM itself has experienced this firsthand.

How can undergraduate studies benefit me personally?

First and foremost, many opt to earn their bachelor’s degrees due to a genuine passion for their subjects. Undergraduate studies are a powerhouse of opportunities for students to pursue their academic and professional interests. What’s more, under the able tutelage of experts, they can emerge from it ready to shoot for the stars. Keep your passions in mind as you decide.

Secondly, valuable interdisciplinary exposure adds a balance to their education, contextualizing their subject as necessary. Thus, people leave this degree with their analytical thinking greatly improved. Apart from delivering a much needed degree, undergraduate studies shape our minds and attitudes positively.

Next, we know that many students start their “undergraduate studies” with a professional goal in mind. Thus, school staff also keep this in mind and strive to prepare students for their professional futures. Over the years, research projects and academic activities bestow field-related skills on them, apart from a host of theoretical know-how. So, depending on the future you’re interested in, your degree will come in handy.

Fourth, undergraduate studies include a wholesome amount of bonding over newfound independence. Undergraduate studies not only induce autonomous personal growth but also establish a collaborative network for students. We cannot stress this enough. The undergraduate experience is a valuable milestone in young lives, with many lifelong friendships with like-minded people starting in its duration.

Lastly, undergraduate studies have intangible benefits in the UAE, like building a lifelong professional network. One such noteworthy advantage is the sheer access that institutes provide. Access to libraries worth of information, access to academic support, and access to trained counsellors about student futures. Simply put, it benefits you through increased access to good information and by connecting you with fellow scholars.

Not All Fun and Roses

While “undergraduate studies” are an important, fun, and often necessary part of young lives, they have their challenges. Students often find themselves at a loss for how to deal with managing their time and resources effectively. Many struggle to manage their budgets appropriately. Others find it hard to juggle studying with work, or personal lives. If you’re likely to deal with either for the first time, we recommend planning for it. Do your research, and look into cheap food, housing and travel alternatives. Get creative, and dive into meal planning or carpooling to save money and time. There are solutions out there, and it is worth taking the time to learn and incorporate them before you begin your program.

For students who live independently as they study, managing household tasks alongside them can cause stress and anxiety. As such, undergraduate studies today have many online options, such as LUBM’s BA (Hons) in Business Management from York St John University. Take the time to look into all your options, or even discover what they are. Sit with your parents or trusted adults and discuss them in depth before you decide.

Worldwide phenomenon, Local Impact

As we know, different countries have different values, barriers and expectations of it. In some countries, university and college education are expensive, and undergraduate studies are optional or uncommon. Meanwhile, in other countries, an undergraduate degree is seen as the bare minimum in regional job markets. The UAE, home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is one of the latter. Both cities are recognized as regional business hubs. Therefore, an undergraduate degree is a necessity to get selected for a job here.

However, for those without the qualification, all is not lost. As we mentioned above, technology has been a redefining feature in academia. Working students pursue their higher education degrees online at a steadily higher rate. This is a global phenomenon, with online education demand growing by as much as 900% since the early 2000s. While it is a global event, the impact has been highly evident in the UAE of late. We can thank the high technology penetration rate of the nation for that.

Where do I start looking?

Being an undergraduate can be a rewarding and wholesome addition to young lives. Lives are changed for the better with the newfound independence, connections, and learning it brings. And that is why, at LUBM, we pride ourselves on the exemplary universities we partner with. Additionally, we offer a UK-accredited BA (Hons) in Business Management from the renowned York St John University. “Undergraduate studies” from home could be the boon you need in your life.


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