Rising Demand for Business Management Courses in Dubai

Rising Demand for Business Management Courses in Dubai

Business Management Courses in Dubai
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Rising Demand for Business Management Courses in Dubai

Business Management Courses in Dubai: It has long been acknowledged that the UAE is the business hub of the Middle East. Over the decades since its inception, it has veered from its focus on Oil and Gas. Today, boasts a flourishing information technology, healthcare, logistics, engineering, real estate, and finance industry. However, there is one more field in which it has steadily been building its assets and reputation; education. It has recently begun attracting students from around the world in its role as an education hotspot. Be it the ever-popular business management courses in Dubai, or another. However, there has been a rising demand for “business management courses in Dubai.”

Education: A Priority

Dubai’s higher education enrollment number has been on a steady rise, with people starting to notice it in 2022. As reported by the government’s media office in the same year, this is in part because of the increasing number of international students moving to Dubai for better education standards. This growth has also been driven by the government’s new education initiatives. It has allocated a strong 16% of its annual budget towards the education sector. That aside, there are other reasons that the region’s business management courses are so popular amongst local and foreign students alike.

Other Reasons for the Rising Demand for Business Management Courses in Dubai

  • Healthy, Growing Economy

    To cut to the chase, the UAE’s fast-growing economy has a lot to do with the increased demand for “business management courses in Dubai”. As such, it generates a lot of demand for talented professionals, especially given the technological disruptions of late.

  • Competitive Job Market

    However, the demographic of international residents makes the local job market in Dubai a competitive space. Having a Master’s degree is more a necessity than an option in this environment. Further, given the nation’s corporate bend, a business degree would be one of the most beneficial ones to applicants. Additionally, business management courses like a BBA or MBA would equip graduates with the necessary skill sets needed to thrive and grow in the UAE.

  • Policy Support

    Further, the UAE Government announced its decision to give longer residence visas to international students studying in the country. Since this announcement in January 2021, experts believe this to have been a groundbreaking decision. This has proven attractive not just to students interested in business management courses in Dubai, but also to engineering and IT programs.

  • Rapid Technological Adaptation

    It’s no secret that the UAE, and Dubai especially, embrace new tech faster than many. Its most active industries demand it. AI has changed even the most analog industries and forced them to adopt it for fear of competition. As the saying goes “You won’t lose your job to AI, you’ll lose your job to somebody who knows how to use AI”. This has proven true for the UAE’s most prominent industries, such as healthcare, logistics, and sustainable energy.

  • Technological Disruptions

    As we mentioned in the previous point, technological changes have swept the working world. As such, many professionals choose to bolster their careers through business management courses like MBAs. These programs are typically crafted for people with established careers, and boost leadership mindsets careers in one go.

  • Increased Flexibility and Affordability

    As more working professionals tackle business management courses while juggling work, life, and studies, one factor comes to mind. Online education. The concept was thrust into the spotlight during the pandemic and has retained its growth since then. This is because of the added flexibility, affordability, and accessibility that it offers. Online education has been the most growth-oriented market in the academic industry, showing a massive 900% growth over two decades.

  • International Degrees, Local Education

    As online education sweeps the world and shrugs off old stigmas, globally ranked universities benefit from an influx of international students. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosts many international universities’ local campuses, as they wisely open doors to more students worldwide. That aside, many partners with local education providers to offer accredited degrees from the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA in Dubai. Thus, students are now able to take business management courses and earn accredited UK degrees from providers like LUBM.

All in all, we believe that the reasons for the rising demand for business management courses in Dubai are multifold. Several factors have collaborated to make it happen. Starting from the UAE’s role as an educational hotspot to its achievements in diversifying and enriching its economy. Followed by the resulting demand for talented professionals, and supported by the normalization of online education. Whatever your reasons for earning your business management courses, LUBM can support your dreams. We offer a wide range of MBAs that offer accredited degrees from the UK and Europe. And we look forward to having you join our incredible student body.


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Alauddin Mondal
Extremely wonderful, well supported and professionally
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burhan homida
The best university and they have helped me get my MBA program everyone is very helpful and Mr.Shulton is the best Thank you all for your support 🙏
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Mariam Mehanna
May be we need to stick to timing
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Anu Sunil
Excellent !
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Usha P
Thank you for a great course. I found this seminar really helpful. One of the most enjoyable and informative seminars I have ever attended. Thank you for organizing and a very special thanks to the great speaker! Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative seminar.
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Abdul Khader
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Ubaid Alam
Interesting and useful, very good speaker and hospitality.
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Somar Yousef

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