Top 28 Online MBA Programs in Dubai

Top 27 Online MBA Programs in Dubai
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Top 28 Online MBA Programs in Dubai

What are the online MBA programs in Dubai?

Online MBA Programs: Before we dive into “online MBA programs,” it’s worth taking some time to understand what they are. Online MBA programs are widely respected professional degrees. It delivers comprehensive knowledge and skills in the business management and administration fields. The curriculum of an online MBA program typically covers fundamental business topics. Popular disciplines include marketing, strategy, operations, organizational behavior, finance, entrepreneurship, and leadership. A program perk is that it also allows graduates to specialize in a single domain.

Online MBA Programs

As their name implies, online MBAs are courses designed to be learned without a geographical barrier. In other words, they are distance learning programs that students can earn online from anywhere. Upon completion, it leaves students with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Why online MBA programs in Dubai?

As you can imagine, this circumvents a lot of the common issues students face when trying to pursue higher education. It removes obstacles like commuting issues. It even allows students to earn qualifications from institutes that they typically wouldn’t have access to. This is because online education offers globally accredited degrees at a fraction of the cost. Students often save on housing and day-to-day expenses on new land by opting for it.

Apart from these benefits, an online MBA program is also an excellent choice for working professionals. An online degree is defined by the keywords ‘flexibility and accessibility’. It is renowned for imparting advanced learning without physical classes. Typically, online MBAs get around it by embracing technology. This means that students often learn digitally, in virtual classrooms, and submit assignments online. It also tends to utilize online resources for course materials.

It can be safely said that the pandemic shaped the world’s perspective on online degrees. The post-pandemic era saw global acceptance of digital technology in education, like virtual classes and online submissions. Since then, off-campus education options have catapulted to acceptance.

If you or a loved one are curious to see how you can improve your career viability in the future, read on! We explore some of the best online MBA programs available to students based in the UAE.

Explore the top 28 online MBA programs for 2024 in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  1. York St. John University
  2. Geneva Business School
  3. University of Dubai MBA
  4. Hult International Business School
  5. Lincoln University of Business and Management
  6. London Business School
  7. Insead
  8. SP Jain School of Global Management
  9. Middlesex University
  10. American University in Dubai
  11. Anglia Ruskin University
  12. Imperial School of Management
  13. University of Leicester
  14. University of Northampton
  15. Manchester Business School
  16. Edinburgh Business School
  17. Abu Dhabi University
  18. University of Sharjah
  19. Synergy University
  20. University of Bradford
  21. Edinburgh Napier University
  22. University of Strathclyde
  23. Zayed University
  24. University of Wollongong
  25. University of Bolton
  26. International Institute of Management and Technology Studies
  27. Bayes Business School
  28. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai
  1. York St. John University MBA in Dubai

    With campuses based in the UK, York St John University provides its courses in the UAE through partnerships. Partnered with Lincoln University of Business & Management (LUMB), it offers six “online MBA programs.” Additionally, the 180-year-old institute also offers a top-up MBA through LUBM. A superb option for students aspiring to live in the UK. The WES-listed university also boasts a fantastic international alumni network. Overall, YSJ is a great choice for those looking to amp up their careers with a UK-accredited degree.

  2. University of Dubai MBA

    University of Dubai offers four specialized MBA programs and also a general MBA. Additionally, the university has earned prestigious AACSB international accreditation, a distinction only 5% of business schools worldwide have managed to achieve. Ideal for students who also work, it is typically completed in 12–15 months. It also offers a blended model of learning. This means that students with jobs can study full-time and part-time. The modules themselves cater to complementary careers. That aside, the institution is also qualified to award the CIM and CIPS certifications in the UK.

  3. Geneva Business School MBA in Dubai

    Ranked in the World’s top 100 business schools,

    Geneva Business School is a Swiss-based business school. The prestigious institution ranks 52nd and is famous for cultivating reliable industry leaders. It also boasts the distinction of ranking second among business schools in Switzerland. It has partnered with LUBM to offer its online MBA programs in Dubai. This allows students based in the UAE to access a high-quality, accredited MBA. GBS offers 10 distinct online MBAs in Dubai through LUBM. The instructors are exceptionally qualified and have created excellent courses.

  4. Hult International Business School MBA in Dubai

    Hult International Business School is beloved and renowned in the local academic scene for its exceptional online MBA programs. It is famous for its talented faculty. The programs offered here account for the time limitations of working professionals. Thus, they are fairly flexible in their timelines. Students can become graduates within a year and a half to two years. The institute also offers summer intake courses. Apart from this accommodation, it provides four-day weekend sessions every month.

  5. Lincoln University of Business and Management MBA in Dubai

    If there’s a way to describe LUBM, it would be an ‘exceptional online education provider’. The Lincoln University of Business and Management is a trusted source for online degrees and diplomas. This is because it has partnered with exceptional business schools worldwide to offer accredited courses. As a result, it provides fast-tracked MBAs from ranked universities and offers a wide array of MBA programs.

    It is considered an excellent stepping stone for those looking to boost their careers. An elite source of online MBA programs, its courses tend to focus on skills and theory with real-world implications. The programs have well-designed modules taught by outstanding faculty. Its popularity also stems from how convenient getting an MBA becomes through LUBM. Blended modules, ease of access due to digital learning, and robust EMI payment plans add to this.

    Students typically study at their own pace and enjoy the diverse international classrooms, building strong global industry connections.

  6. London Business School MBA in Dubai

    We probably don’t need to explain this venerated institute to you, but we’ll cover the basics. London Business School has emerged as one of the best business schools in the region. With its original campus based in the UK, it attracts a crowd of diverse international students. Given its reputable nature, an MBA from LBS earns a lot of brownie points on the resume of a job seeker. If we haven’t persuaded you already, Bloomberg and Forbes have recognized it as one of the best business schools in the world.

  7. Insead MBA in Dubai

    Another titan of MBA excellence, Insead’s “online MBA programs” cater well to busy professionals. Designed to be tackled from the comfort of the home, its transnational-quality modules are heavily adjustable. It can work around your schedule while also allowing part-time students to thrive.

  8. SP Jain School of Global Management MBA in Dubai

    Popular amongst the bold and the talented, SP Jain’s massive global footprint makes for a multinational student crowd, indeed. The institute ranks fourth in the world and prides itself on teaching the leaders of tomorrow. That, and its superbly crafted curriculum alone, have earned it a place on this list. That aside, it offers students the opportunity to grow as people while exploring major cities around the world digitally and in real life. SP Jain trains students to leave as smart, capable people with excellent managerial skills.

  9. Middlesex University MBA in Dubai

    The ideal place to polish your talents for managerial roles. Middlesex University is a respected presence in Dubai’s academic landscape. Its online MBA program’s curriculum offers students access to gifted international faculty. Based in the UK, the institute is great for building an industry-specific, global professional network for students. If you’re looking to earn your career-growing MBA from home, this is a great option.

  10. American University MBA in Dubai

    American University truly highlights the thriving and fast-growing educational domain of the UAE. An MBA from this school is a surefire way to edge your way upward in your career. This reputable university offers online AACSB-accredited courses. Besides, it is most famous for its 36-hour credit program. A key difference in the institute’s offerings is that the modules cultivate exceptional professional soft skills.

  11. Anglia Ruskin University MBA in Dubai

    Often referred to as one’s “ticket to the business world,” Anglia Ruskin University offers highly flexible programs. When we mean flexible, we’re talking about its full-time and part-time options. Additionally, we also mean that you can blend onsite and digital learning. ARU’s online MBA programs have been designed to be customizable and meet individual needs. Apart from business, its talented professors aim to leave students with crucial real-life managerial skills.

  12. Imperial School of Management MBA in Dubai

    The Imperial School of Management caters to working students in Dubai with their carefully crafted online MBAs. Its globally recognized programs offer stalwart academic support and easy learning. Its modules impart the necessary theoretical knowledge and vital skills for the modern workforce. Notably, it takes approximately 12 months to complete.

  13. University of Leicester MBA in Dubai

    The University of Leicester’s extraordinarily supple digital learning system has elevated it amongst online MBA providers. This UK-based school has grown to become an internationally respected business school. Although its exhaustive modules can be challenging, it trains graduates to hit the ground running professionally. This is particularly true for managerial skills. However, the truest recommendation for the institute is its customizable courses. Students are empowered to schedule classes at their convenience. Therefore, students already part of the workforce are especially attracted to it. Graduates typically complete the programs in 24–30 months.

  14. University of Northampton MBA in Dubai

    The University of Northhampton is an exceptional institute for online MBA programs. Its courses cover a vast range of business domains, including out-of-the-box ones like criminal justice. A unique feature of this university is its placement facilities. Another attractive component is the scholarships it offers.

  15. Manchester Business School MBA in Dubai

    Ever catered to student comfort, Manchester Business School provides learners with outstanding access to resources. For instance, students can scroll through a carefully compiled list of digital sources to learn from. The institute offers its 2-year program in partnership with the trusted Middle East International Center. The course is fully customizable. A noteworthy facet of its online MBA program is that graduates can opt for face-to-face support in Dubai if needed.

  16. Edinburgh Business School MBA in Dubai

    If you’re looking for an online MBA program that lets you schedule and customize your learning, you’ve found it. That aside, Edinburgh Business School boasts a faculty on par with global standards. Their experienced guidance augments the well-developed modules perfectly. The convenient classes are designed to replicate onsite classes through engaging masterclasses and workshops.

  17. Abu Dhabi University MBA in Dubai

    Abu Dhabi University offers students in Dubai a wonderfully condensed, fast-track MBA. The blended program can be completed in as little as 30 hours spread over a year. The institute has adjusted its teaching methods to impart comprehensive learning. This is evident in case studies and simulation classes that graduate’s experience.

    ADU can be described as a hassle-free learning space, with students selecting between part-time and full-time classes. Additionally, they can also choose evening classes or weekend lessons. The university takes something like a turnkey solution approach to teaching. As you can imagine, it turns out graduates are ready to hit the ground running professionally.

  18. University of Sharjah MBA in Dubai

    The online MBA program that the University of Sharjah offers has a unique feature that caters to aspiring academics. The program can be completed optionally in either nine or eleven courses. The latter comprises a research project. Learners aspiring to pursue a PhD typically opt for it as a segue into the doctoral degree. The MBA program is US-accredited and highly customizable.

  19. Synergy University MBA in Dubai

    An affordable option for students in Dubai, Synergy University offers an internationally accredited degree. The coursework at Synergy imparts modern, updated business theories. Additionally, it also teaches graduates its practical application during its evening classes. This makes it a top candidate for aspiring job seekers looking to spruce up their CVs.

  20. University of Bradford MBA in Dubai

    An online MBA program with a lucrative career at its end, the University of Bradford program offers improved career prospects. Respected within the regional market, its international faculty has a good local reputation. A part-time course, it attracts students worldwide. This forges an excellent multinational network amongst students over 24 to 36 months. The university stands out for its exceptional digital support.

  21. Edinburgh Napier University MBA in Dubai

    Edinburgh Napier University offers highly flexible distance courses. It stands out for the vast online digital resources it offers students. Further, its unique option to pay only for classes they have signed up for has greatly endeared it to graduates.

  22. University of Strathclyde MBA in Dubai

    Step into a brighter world through the University of Strathclyde’s online MBA program. The institute ranks at the top of the list in the UK and affiliates with numerous degree providers worldwide. This makes its student body diverse and suited to its gifted faculty. Students are exposed to a plethora of teachers through seminars by visiting professors. The most notable feature of life as a Strathclyde student is the round-the-clock access to online learning. If flexibility is king, Strathclyde is ruling at it.

  23. Zayed University MBA in Dubai

    One of the UAE’s premier home-growth educational institutes. Zayed University also proudly bears the honor of being one of the nation’s highest-ranked. The standout feature of its online MBA is its dynamic faculty. However, it is also noted for its course content. This is because the cutting-edge curriculum emphasizes globalization and technological progress. Zayed University’s programs also address real-life markets and delve into organizations and how they work.

  24. University of Wollongong MBA in Dubai

    A representative of Australia’s best in the UAE, the University of Wollongong’s program is succinct and impactful. Designed to accommodate working professionals, its online MBA program is reputed. Uniquely, the degree demands only 3-weekend classes per semester and is in high demand within the job market.

  25. University of Bolton MBA in Dubai

    Of the two MBA courses the University of Bolton offers, one is a fast-tracked MBA top-up course. It can be completed within a year. Alternatively, it also offers a full-fledged, two-year course for deeper learning. As a bonus, both programs are available part-time.

  26. IIMT (International Institute of Management and Technology) MBA in Dubai

    The online MBA program at IIMT has distinguished itself in the short time since its launch. It has pivoted to the top of the local distance learning universities with its executive MBA programs. These accelerated courses feature multiple teaching methods. These collectively work to dig deep into student minds and etch themselves in permanently. Typical activities include soft skill-enhancing workshops and projects that make for impressive recruits. Additionally, IIMT offers flexible study options and convenient payment plans, which adds to its attractiveness for students.

  27. Bayes Business School

    Bayes Business School offers an Executive MBA that graduates can proudly add to their resumes. One of 124 educational institutes worldwide to earn triple accreditation, its programs hold a great deal of weight. Its MBA, in particular, offers students access to a premium, globalized education from the comfort of their homes. The modules are usually completed within 24 months.

  28. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai

    Discover the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai’s MBA (International Business) program. The curriculum is designed to equip students with essential competencies in economics, accounting, communication, analytics, and information technology.

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Online MBA Programs at LUBM

We have the pandemic to thank for the recent, explosive rise in digital learning worldwide. However, the Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) ventured into this space a decade ago, in 2014. At LUBM, we know that ambitious students come from a variety of situations. We believe everyone deserves a shot at a good, globally recognized degree. This is why we have compiled this exhaustive list of the best “online MBA programs” in Dubai.

So, picture your goals and read through them to make your choice. Those interested in exploring all our educational partners closely can connect with us to do so. Happy choosing!


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