What is a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors?

What is a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors?

What is a Bachelor's Degree with Honours?
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What is a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors?

Academic distinctions can sometimes be confusing for those who are just starting. As a potential new student, it’s helpful to be aware of terms and what they mean. So, we’re going to take a look at what a “Bachelor’s Degree with Honors” is and what makes it unique.

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A “Bachelor’s Degree with Honors” is an academic distinction awarded to undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, typically reflected in a high cumulative grade point average (GPA). This award denotes that the recipient has excelled in their coursework and is frequently conditional on having a GPA that is higher than the minimum set by the educational institution. Follow the three types of bachelor’s degrees with honors.

A Bachelor’s Degree vs a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors

For us to fully understand it, we need to first take a look at what a bachelor’s degree is. It goes by many names, including an undergraduate degree, a baccalaureate, or a college degree. It is the very first educational milestone students earn after their high school diplomas or certificates. Unlike school, it narrows its focus down to a specific set of subjects within a discipline.

As such, its coursework is typically focused on foundational knowledge and includes some general education courses and elective options. In most cases, the programs are crafted with a three- or four-year completion in mind.

However, a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors is a more grueling and specialized version of the course. It generally involves additional research, a higher level of academic performance, and thesis work. As such, it is recognized within the community as an elevated achievement. This distinguished program rewards exceptional scholarly dedication and drive by acknowledging their deeper understanding of the subject. That is what differentiates a standard bachelor’s degree from a bachelor’s degree with honors.

Why do people choose a bachelor’s degree with honors?

This may come as no surprise, but a bachelor’s degree with honors marks students as exceptionally trained. Thus, it leaves graduates with an edge in the job market. That aside, it also equips students with extraordinary research and critical thinking capabilities, which is helpful. Besides, this advanced academic degree is the first step to further studies. It sets students up well for a future of learning or working.

Are there different types of bachelor’s degrees with honors?

In a nutshell, yes. There are five main types of honors degrees offered on the educational market. This is because it depends on the student’s goals. However, the universities that are offering the degree and their programs also have an impact.

  • Single Honors Degree

    Typically requiring an additional academic year, this degree acts as an extra course. It is popular amongst triple major courses because it provides specialized knowledge in a single subject for a year.

  • Double honors degree

    A double honors degree is challenging but rewarding for academically gifted students. Similar to a single honors degree, this involves the student completing two distinct honors subjects. Since this means two research papers, it usually requires another year of study.

  • A Degree with an Honors Project

    It is widely considered the most straightforward way to attain a bachelor’s degree with honors. This is because it delivers an honors degree through a typical three-year study culminating in a dissertation at the end. Thus, it awards students with 360 credits upon completion rather than the standard 300 credits.

  • A combined honors degree

    A combined honors degree is a good option for students on the fence between various career paths. This type of honors degree allows students to learn several undergraduate subjects simultaneously. Different departments offer varying subject modules that the student can select. The final grade is split between each subject.

  • A four-year degree with honors

    Highly specialized, this honors degree encourages students to dive deep into their selected subject. It leaves them with honed research skills, making it an ideal option for future PhD candidates. That aside, a four-year degree with honors is widely respected and leaves students with skills that will be useful in the workplace.

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A bachelor’s degree with honors is sometimes hard to differentiate for prospective students. So, this post aims to shine a light on the topic and put some minds at ease. Comparable to a standard bachelor’s degree, it is nevertheless a more challenging pursuit. However, it does leave graduates more equipped academically and professionally. As a result, the honors degree is highly valued in the competitive job market. It also acts as an excellent gateway for students interested in pursuing their domain further, academically.

Feel free to browse through Lincoln University of Business and Management’s website for more information on the honors courses we carry. You can also connect with us on WhatsApp and ask for information about the BA Hons Degree in Dubai. Good luck!


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