Stress Awareness Month 2024

Stress Awareness Month 2024

Stress Awareness Month
Stress AwarenessStress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month 2024

What is Stress Awareness Month?

As April is Stress Awareness Month 2024, LUBM has decided to join the ranks of those who actively combat it. As such, we dug in and did our research on stress and the challenges that come with it. The Stress Awareness Society states that one of the biggest inhibitors of stress being collectively dealt with is the fact that we perceive it as a mental issue. However, the reality is that it is as much a physical ailment as it is mental, especially over time. As such, this year, society has chosen the theme #ChooseHope as part of its approach. In a charming touch, it has also thrown the gauntlet in the form of a 30-day challenge. Participants are invited to perform a single activity for their mental, emotional, and physical well-being every day.

Why is Stress Awareness Month important?

Stress, as many are aware, refers to the activation of the biological ‘fight or flight’ instincts. The instinct was an advantage in the days of wilderness and is a part of the body’s drive to keep us safe and alive. It allows us an extra boost of energy when we perceive something as a threat to fight or flee.

However, as we spot in many facets of our collective lives, our bodies are yet to adapt to the immense differences in our current civilizations. Experts reveal the harrowing truth: most ‘threats’ that trigger stress today are psychological. And thus, it is insidiously long-lasting. This is because what counts as the start of stress for most are not typically short-term problems. They involve ongoing, long-drawn issues like financial stress, career issues and existential angst. Sadly, it is the continued, unchecked stress of these everyday worries that begins to deteriorate our health and quality of life.

There are three recognized types of stress.

Short-term stress

Short-term stress is the result of brief, intense bursts of stress. Imagine being nervous before a big presentation or a sudden, annoying disruption to your tasks.

Acute stress

However, when this acute stress becomes a common occurrence, it shifts into the realm of episodic acute stress. This is common in workplaces or educational institutes that involve constant overwork and multiple tight deadlines.

Common chronic stress

Lastly, we have the sadly common chronic stress. The most harmful of the three, this is the villain that lies behind many stress-induced health concerns. So, this Stress Awareness Month, LUBM will be sharing a few things you can do to avoid damaging your mental and emotional health through stress.

Before we begin, though, it is worth noting that chronic stress can lead to the onset of physical ailments. Some of the most common ones include tension headaches and a weaker immune system. More worryingly, it also causes heart disease and hypertension, apart from digestive issues.

Simple Coping Tools for Working Students

At the Lincoln University of Business & Management (LUBM), our digital courses are geared towards working professionals looking to level up. And so, many of our stalwart students are balancing work, studies and family life. We believe that these champions should have all the tools they need to create a balanced, calm life. This Stress Awareness Month, we have decided to share some everyday actions you can proactively take to balance the three.

Physical concerns aside, constant stress can also lead to a host of mental and emotional problems. Along with anxiety and depression, it also manifests as trouble sleeping and burnout. Impossible-to-ignore elements also include mood swings and concentration issues.

We can look at stress-busting methods as simple solutions to problems. As stress comes in short-term, episodic and long-term variations, so too do the methods to address them. Similarly, they can also be coopted and used across the board, depending on what works best for you.

Meditation and Deep Breathing (Stress Awareness Month)

As most can tell, acute or short-term stress can be worked around with immediate deep breathing. This means long, deep breaths with your back straightened (maximizing inhalation) for a few minutes. Typically, it requires an inhale four seconds long with a six- to eight-second exhale.

Now, while this is an excellent immediate solution, regular stress needs a regular solution. Adopting regular yoga or meditation into your life can balance the scales in your favor. It also instills deeper mindfulness and a daily slice of calm into our lives. As you juggle multiple big tasks, like studying or social and family life, this moment becomes invaluable.

Freedom in Movement

Exercise. The necessary and freeing feeling of moving your body, and focusing entirely on it. It can be anything—a walk, running or jogging, dancing, swimming. Apart from the immediate emotional benefits of disconnecting from everything, it also acts as a long-term mood stabilizer. The excellent endorphin release fights stress hormones and elevates good mood. This Stress Awareness Month would be a great time to set up a gentle routine that you could build on and fit into your everyday life. Remember to be kind to yourself and start small. Good luck!

Being Kind to Your Body

After doing the research, we now believe that taking care of your body is a kindness you do for yourself. This includes getting good, regular sleep. Your sleep represents the bulk of your daily rest. It is one of the most neglected parts of our daily maintenance and wellness routine, too. Take care to get a minimum of 7-9 hours of rest a night if you can. Recent studies on sleep deficit and how it impacts bodies are astonishing and highlight its importance.

Organizing a Better Life

Organization is a necessary tool for those managing multiple responsibilities—work, studies, and family. Get expert help if needed to learn how to invest in time-saving activities, like meal prep or organizing your space for fluidity. Time management lies at the crux of thriving in numerous realms.

Being Kind to Yourself

Perhaps you know this already. Perhaps this can help. A key aspect of freeing up your own mental space is not taking on other people’s problems. This includes establishing firm boundaries at work, in class, or even at home. Overcommitting is a powerful stressor and takes time and energy you don’t have to give to others.

That aside, practicing mindfulness and gratitude can be a powerful welcome carpet for positivity. Lastly, sometimes we are in situations where we are unable to see ourselves with clarity. We feel overwhelmed or out of our depths, without a clear way out. In those situations, it is incredibly beneficial to our mental and emotional health to start therapy. Professional help early on can prevent situations from escalating, and help us build more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Free of stress.

This Stress Awareness Month, let us be the help that we need.

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