Pink October: It’s time to go beyond awareness

Pink October: It’s time to go beyond awareness

Breast Cancer AwarenessPink October

Pink October: It’s time to go beyond awareness

October is celebrated as Pink Awareness Month to spread breast cancer awareness. There is hardly anyone unaware of this. All thanks to the different brands. But on today’s date is mere awareness enough? Keep reading to find out. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • A little about breast cancer
  • The start of Pink October
  • Here is a list of actions that you take: 
  • Donate to research directly
  • Only buy products that are donated generously
  • Support breast cancer survivor’s businesses
  • Reach out to survivors 
  • Summing Up

A little about breast cancer

1 in 8 women today is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the second most common cancer among women after skin cancer. But with early diagnosis and treatment, one can win over this disease. In fact, breast cancer has a 91% 5 years survival rate, making it the 5th most survivable cancer. Doctors suggest regular mammography as a way to diagnose breast cancer in stage 1. 

What is a Mammogram?

But by now, most of us know this. We also know the early symptoms of breast cancer, like any change in the shape or size of the breast, pain, nipple discharge, and new lumps. In fact, most of us are also aware of the fact that many times there are no symptoms at all. 

But the fact is that mere awareness is not enough. To be a step ahead in this battle with breast cancer, we need to take action. And if you are thinking that taking action just includes getting regular check-ups, then the answer is no. There are several other things that can be done. But unfortunately, hardly anyone is talking about it. It seems most of us are busy painting the town pink. 

The start of Pink October

The American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries launched Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. This society is now a part of AstraZeneca, which produces several breast cancer drugs. The initial aim of this campaign was to encourage women to get regular mammograms. Gradually, as the ’90s came, Evelyn Lauder founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Additionally, she co-created the pink ribbon and made it a universal symbol of this disease. With this action of hers, she got people’s attention to this world health issue. 

And there is not an iota of doubt that Pink October has done a lot of good in the last 35 years. But what it has achieved is not enough. It’s time that we move past awareness and take some action. 

Here is a list of actions that you take:

Donate to research directly

A lot of brands have made Breast Cancer Awareness a simple road to earning more profit. You will come across several products and services that promise to donate for research from their profits. But you don’t need an intermediary when it comes to donation. You can directly donate to research foundations who working for this cause. And be wise while choosing the foundation. Do your research into the work the organization has done until now. You can even call them and ask questions. After all, you do have the right to know where your hard-earned money is going. And while talking to them, also try to find out if you can donate to a specific initiative. For example, you can specifically donate for initiatives working to reduce racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes. 

Only buy products that are donated generously

As mentioned above, several brands donate their profits to Breast Cancer Research initiatives. If you do wish to donate to this cause this way, choose your brand carefully. Go for a brand that generously donates to the cause, like at least 50% of their profits (some even donate 100%), instead of one that only gives much less. Also, avoid products that provide no transparency. If you come across a brand that doesn’t disclose where the funds are going, call them out in any way possible. 

Support breast cancer survivor’s businesses

Cancer treatments cost a lot. Regular tests, drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, and systematic treatment altogether can financially drain the patients. This financial toxicity is probably one of the most harmful side effects of breast cancer that a survivor has to live with. But you can help them out. Instead of buying from major brands, look out for businesses run by breast cancer survivors. Help them in their fight by buying from them not just this October, but throughout the year. 

Reach out to survivors 

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that has taken millions of women and men into its deadly grip. Yes, you read that right. Men too can develop breast cancer. Although the rate is significantly low compared to women. About 1 in 833 men has a lifetime risk of having breast cancer. And this disease is much more than just awareness. If you know someone affected by this disease, reach out to them. Ask them how you can be of help to them. Let them know about different BCAM activities and volunteer to join them for the same. 

Talking about activities, LUBM has joined hands with Fitness First, Al Fardan to host an event to celebrate Pink October. The ‘Think Pink for a better way of life’ is a free event to be held on 25 October 2021. The two-hour event will have fun activities like body attack, body jam, and Zumba. All the participants will also get a medical check-up. So come join us in Flag Island and engage in these fun-filled activities.

Summing Up

Pink October helped in many ways when it comes to awareness about breast cancer. But awareness alone is not enough. We need to take some action in the coming years. And you don’t need a specific month to take action against this deadly disease. So let’s fight together not just in October, but throughout the year. 

We believe in the power of education. And to celebrate Pink October we are offering exciting scholarship offers exclusively for female learners. To know more about it, connect with our expert counselor now!

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