Cost Estimation in Effective Project Management: A Glimpse into the UAE

Effective Project Management in UAE
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Cost Estimation in Effective Project Management: A Glimpse into the UAE

Introduction to Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management: Perhaps the name itself makes it clear. Or perhaps we’d like to know a touch more about what “effective project management” is. So, with that in mind, let’s work to know. Effective project management is the process of designing, organizing, and budgeting to make sure that a project reaches completion satisfactorily. This includes overseeing them to make sure that each project’s goals are met. Project managers typically scope out the projects and obtain a full understanding of them before harnessing resources and fixing milestones for them. an efficient project manager excels at mentally juggling multiple variables to deliver projects with completed milestone goals.

Around the world, project management is becoming increasingly recognized as vital. this is often evident in the surge in demand for project managers. Indeed, a Project Management Institute report states that there will be a requirement for 25 million professionals within the industry. The UAE, being home to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is going to be no exception. Rather, the country is forecast to witness a dramatic rise in demand for the role. Forbes stated in late 2023 that salaries for an equivalent will increase by the maximum amount of 60% within the UAE. Simply put, “effective project management” will be in high demand soon, especially within the UAE.

Cost Estimation 101 for Effective Project Management

As we mentioned above, budgeting is a component of a project manager’s role. Budgeting here means allocating all resources—time, money, and skill. Today, we’ll delve into budgeting a project financially and what it’s like.

Cost estimation, as you can imagine, is the exercise of estimating the worth of completing the project and its goals. It is so vital to the undertaking that the majority of projects aren’t approved without a price estimation. It’s pretty easy to relate, right? let’s say, as an example, that your project is owning a home. The milestones? Maybe researching and finding the proper home, budgeting for its cost, and accounting for the prices of renovations and paperwork. You’ve got to compare your financial capacity at that point to the general estimated costs of owning the house. If your budget won’t allow you to try to do it yet, then you set it off until later, once you can. Similarly, the project cost estimate lies at the very core of effective project management.

Cost estimation is a crucial part of project planning and management in the UAE. The impact it’s having extends to the whole project, affecting the corporation itself. Project funding depends on appropriate cost estimation, as does project planning and getting stakeholder approval. That aside, inaccurate cost estimations can ruin the project itself. it is easy to ascertain why it is a key part of effective project management.

How does cost estimation for effective project management work?

The first thing we’d like to keep in mind about cost estimation is that it’s tricky. We’ve already explored the worth of the method and the way it can make or break a project. As such, it’s one of the most important parts of a project manager’s role. The responsibility to assess and budget properly falls on them. Luckily, there are a couple of standard methods that a project manager can use.

  • Analogous Estimate

    A technique that’s typically applied during the first stages of the project. it’s also sometimes called an analogy estimate. The concept uses data from prior projects that is almost like an estimate of a ballpark cost. Further, it should be noted that differences in variables must be accounted for.

  • Parametric Estimate

    For the statisticians out there, the parametric estimate method looks into the resources a project would take. However, it uses statistics to try to do so. Moreover, past projects play a key role in the data for this cost estimation technique.

  • Three-point Estimate

    This interesting technique requires some legwork because it is a comparative analysis. The three-point estimate determines the value with support from three parameters: optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic. These are then weighed out for a mean, using an equation to arrive at a more definitive answer. It is truly the pinnacle of effective project management.

  • Bottom-up Estimate

    The bottom-up estimate lives up to its name. it’s one of the foremost detailed cost estimate methods and comes in handy when there are no-cost precedents to base numbers on. It surveys the project on a minuscule level by breaking down each task and taking stock of the resources needed. The tactic then builds up to an eagle-eyed view and an estimate of the entire project. While it’s often complex because of numerous factors, the calculation itself is pretty simple.

There are more techniques to estimate costs. Each has a formula and may be used for various stages. Also, while effective project management doesn’t end with cost estimation, we will not ignore its value throughout.

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Abu Dhabi and Dubai have both emerged as the leading business hubs in the Middle East. Both cities are thus populated with ambitious expatriates and locals who contribute to an increasingly competitive workforce. And now the demand for project managers is rising, with big salary boosts.

If you’re curious about learning effective project management from ranked universities in the UK or Europe, join us. LUBM has a decade of experience providing world-class MBAs to students in the Middle East. We even offer an incredible MSc in project management from our partner in Scotland.


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