Importance of a Qualifi Diploma. 

Qualifi diploma programs

We cannot stretch the importance of higher education enough. It works like a ticket to a successful and secured life. Along with providing you with sufficient knowledge and skills, it also increases your worth in the job market. And especially in today’s competitive world, it has become extremely important to have as much higher education […]

How the advantage of OTHM can give you a unique career?

Advantage of OTHM and MBA

Management education has its benefits in allowing people to sharpen their skills according to the requirements of the industry. MBA has been one of the critical courses studied by people to rise high in life. One can make a career in the domain they have ever thought about before. Similarly, the OTHM (Office of the […]

Difference between Degree & Diploma

difference between degree and diploma

If you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a degree and diploma, you are not alone. Some say that having a diploma can be a showstopper for your career progression. While others suggest that the practical knowledge that you gain from a diploma program is a plus. Hence, as prospective students, we are […]

Top Diploma Courses in Dubai

Top Diploma Courses in Dubai

In comparison to degree programs, diploma courses are crisp and to the point. Top Diploma Courses in Dubai are result-oriented. They manifest a higher intensity of practical knowledge and real-life case studies. Further, the coursework is designed to deliver skills needed for the contemporary and complex business market. Following graduation, you become job-ready sooner and […]

All You Need To Know About OTHM

MBA in Finance salary

Are you thinking about enrolling in a diploma course? OTHM is your answer. Haven’t heard about it? This blog explains all that there is to know about OTHM diploma programs. Keep reading to find out.  Table of Content:  Introduction What exactly is an OTHM qualification? Is OTHM regulated? Why choose OTHM? Flexible study options Ease […]

Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel

About Pearson Edexcel The Pearson Edexcel offers general as well as academic qualification under the brand name Pearson. It is the only private educational System that is UK based, and is also a part of Pearson Pic. The Pearson Edexcel term is made from combining the words ‘Education’ and ‘Excellence’. It is so grounded in […]

7 Benefits of Fast Track Courses

Benefits of Fast Track Courses

Famously, the 21st century is called the era of a hectic life. Everyone wants quick and easy things. In terms of business, the corporate is now more focused on new technology rather than labour work. Advertisers are frequently using digital platforms for their marketing process rather than traditional forms. Indeed, with the advancement of time […]

How Blended Learning Benefits Students ?

Benefits of Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a direct approach towards technology by which students can learn creatively. It is gaining high popularity in the last two years in terms of education. Most importantly, it is an example of a digital space through which past classroom methods of teaching are abolished. Keep reading to know more about the Benefits […]

Diploma Courses After 12th – Lincoln University of Business and Management

Diploma Courses After 12th

Diploma Courses After 12th with Lincoln University of Business and Management are available in Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE. All things considered, that is the situation of most understudies as they show up for their 12th exam. “What vocation is appropriate for me?” “What should I do to take up the correct profession?” These considerations will involve […]

Accredited Online MBA Programs

Accredited Online MBA Programs

Online MBA Programs Lincoln University of Business and Management offers Accredited Online MBA Programs in UAE. The programmatical accreditation names are IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education), CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation), EduQua, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), AASBI (Association Of Accredited Schools Of Business International). Online MBA Programs are: International Management, […]