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September 24, 2019
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Pearson Edexcel

About Pearson Edexcel

The Pearson Edexcel offers general as well as academic qualification under the brand name Pearson. It is the only private educational System that is UK based, and is also a part of Pearson Pic. The Pearson Edexcel term is made from combining the words ‘Education’ and ‘Excellence’. It is so grounded in the traditions of the education system of British, and it’s quality, that it made education and learning relevant for the international learners as well as the UK students.

It offers qualification on the international as well as regional scale in schools. The Edexcel came into existence in 1996 and began only as an awarding organization along with the merging of London examination and BTEC. By the passage of time, it became a qualification brand that is standing as a Pearson brand currently. The Edexcel merged two bodies, which include BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) and ULEAC (the University of London Examination and Assessment Council). 

Qualifications offered to the students at Pearson

Pearson offers a wide range of vocational qualifications including GCSEs, A levels, Edexcel Certificates, International GCSEs, fundamental skills, BTECs, BTEC apprenticeships, digital applications, project qualifications, and LCCI qualifications.

These qualifications are designed by Pearson to develop advance learner’s skills by acquiring knowledge in them. The Edexcel’s qualification seems helpful to the learners for getting enrolled in the employment directly or progressing to higher education. The qualification offered by Edexcel is suitable for the learners of the age group from 14 years to 19 years. However, the Edexcel also provides Primary and Secondary programs to provide learning to the age group of 8 years to 19 years students in the international schools of the UK.

About the qualification

A-levels: The Advance level sometimes called a General Certificate of Education involves the theory of subjects in collaboration with investigative work. It is usually studied full time for two years in college and schools at level 2.  The A level on National Qualification Framework is studied at level 3. The AS and A levels in England had become stand-alone qualifications in September 2015.

Edexcel Certificates: This is based on Edexcel International GCSEs, and is especially framed for the UK state schools. These qualifications are based upon the experience with International GCSEs. It is now availed by the learners in more than 55 countries. The Edexcel certificate has academic rigor, but is only offered in UK schools. The students can avail benefits from a wide range of services which include: Analytic and diagnostic tools, exclusively ePen, ResultsPlus technology, Subject advisors, and Unbeaten support.

Once upon completion, you can go for higher studies smoothly, including A level.

International GCSEs: The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE’s qualifications, along with the global assessment and content, enable successful programs for the learners. It is studied in more than 80 countries and also in the schools of the UK. These are accepted globally. The qualification offered by Pearson is designed in combination with the subject experts and assessment methods.

Fundamental skills: ThePearson Edexcel skills can be assessed either through onscreen testing or through paper-based testing.

  English Maths ICT
Entry levels 1-3 Internally assessed, verified externally. Internally assessed, verified externally Internally assessed, externally verified
Onscreen on Demand levels 1-2 On-demand assessment available in 2 hours. Assessment available on-demand in 2 hours  
Paper-based On-Demand level 1-2 Assessment is available with the notice of 14 days and is externally verified. Assessment is possible with the notice of 14 days and is externally verified Assessment is available on demand
and is externally verified

Project qualifications: It involves the project work on a single piece of coursework on your desired topics. It can be studied as a full-time course at college and other qualifications like GCSEs and A level. It is available at Level1, 2, and 3 based on the National Qualifications frameworks. The project can be assessed at Level 1 Foundation project, Level 2 higher projects, and also stand-alone qualifications along with worth half a GCSE. The qualifications are graded differently depending upon the level of study from grade A to Garde E. However, grade U refers to unqualified.

Need for project

It allows you to demonstrate your learning skills and ability to adapt independently. It will give you access to planning, evaluation of your skills, research, and analysis in better ways.

The project qualifications at various levels allow you to learn something about the preferred area of your choice like-

  • Level 1 developing skills allow accessing with a level
  • It makes you able to get more UCAS points on Level 3
  • It helps you in learning skills which help you in getting higher education
  • It helps you in research on your relevant subjects through other qualifications

The project orientation helps you in getting knowledge about the practical applications of the implemented qualifications.

The BTEC and LCCI qualifications

The BTECs, known as special work-related qualifications, are designed to be available in business, engineering, and ICT. These courses are also studied as a full-time student course. It provides career development opportunities for the person who is already engaged in work. These courses are also available at different levels.

The LCCI stands for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Qualification is designed to provide essential skills for getting success according to the demand of today’s developing commercial environment. By having both the requirements, one can access financial quantitative, marketing and customer service, business and IT, BTEC foundation diploma in arts and designs, Specialist and professional skills, and BTEC tech awards.

Benefits of Pearson Edexcel

The Qualification offered by Pearson Edexcel benefits you in availing the higher education. But one can receive the benefit of getting enrolled in the job directly. The course and qualifications offered by Pearson are applicable not only in the UK, but also in many other countries. Nowadays, the course qualification by Pearson Edexcel can be accessible in more than 80 countries of the world. Pearson is not an alone standing brand name for education and qualification, but it is also available to the board’s examinations of the British education system. The Pearson Edexcel is a renowned name in today’s world due to its better qualification system and the potential to enhance the learners’ skills.

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