6 things you should know about diploma courses

Diploma Courses

The conversation about the usefulness and worthiness of a diploma has changed its course. For a really long time, diploma courses have been considered inferior in comparison to degree courses. But fortunately, this notion has changed with time. The demand for vocational skills has risen, thus creating more opportunities for people who don’t hold formal […]

Difference between Degree & Diploma

difference between degree and diploma

If you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a degree and diploma, you are not alone. Some say that having a diploma can be a showstopper for your career progression. While others suggest that the practical knowledge that you gain from a diploma program is a plus. Hence, as prospective students, we are […]

The Benefits of Taking Edexcel Level 7

Benefits of Edexcel

Edexcel is the part of the Pearson group, one of the United Kingdom awarding organizations in academics marking their inception in 1836. It dated back to the royal chapter of the University of London for empowering their powers to conduct exams and conferring degrees for their students. Know the Benefits of Edexcel Below: Edexcel was […]

Top Diploma Courses in Dubai

Top Diploma Courses in Dubai

In comparison to degree programs, diploma courses are crisp and to the point. Top Diploma Courses in Dubai are result-oriented. They manifest a higher intensity of practical knowledge and real-life case studies. Further, the coursework is designed to deliver skills needed for the contemporary and complex business market. Following graduation, you become job-ready sooner and […]