Scholarships in the UAE: How they Help Students in the UAE 

Scholarships in the UAE: How they Help Students in the UAE 

Scholarships in the UAE
Qualified Students ScholarshipsScholarships in the UAEUniversity Scholarships in the UAE

Scholarships in the UAE: How they Help Students in the UAE 

Scholarships in the UAE

Scholarships in the UAE: Scholarships are a source of joy and support to students worldwide, including the UAE. It is a sum of money that is granted to students, generally for a defined purpose, like higher education. It hugely benefits students and has been the source of improvement and change in many young lives. Many global successes, like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Twilight Series author Stephenie Meyer, have started their careers after earning scholarships.

There are other modes of financial support for students out there, like grants or loans, too. However, while scholarships are often called grants, the latter are provided only to students with financial needs. Meanwhile, a student loan is a temporary loan of money for academic purposes that will need to be paid back. Scholarships in the UAE and abroad, however, are free money for qualified students.

A Regional Overview

Scholarships in the UAE and elsewhere were created so that talented, bright young students wouldn’t struggle to achieve their potential. In the UAE, where the competitive job market demands multiple qualifiers like degrees and internships from aspiring young students, scholarships can help financially challenged students level the playing field. Given the thriving national industries, like oil and gas, finance and hospitality, most roles would require a master’s degree at least.

That aside, scholarships in the UAE tend to have certain criteria for students. Just like anywhere in the world, academic scholarships typically demand competitive grades from student hopefuls. That aside, merit scholarships look at specific factors, like student performance in certain subjects or distinguishing themselves in extracurricular activities. Lastly, some scholarships also take a student’s athletic performance into account while granting them. A 2021 Forbes article on university graduation stated that scholarship students had better completion rates compared to students with loans.

The UAE’s Academic Plans

It is no secret that the UAE is emerging as the region’s educational hub. In fact, in its National Strategy for Higher Education 2030, the nation revealed its strong commitment to “provide future generations with the necessary technical and practical skills to drive the economy in both public and private sectors”. It expresses the government’s desire to support a robust labour market and direct growth towards the knowledge, entrepreneurship and economic sectors.

Given this, we can understand that there will be a huge demand for graduates of the stem fields and business. Indeed, the Emirates Aviation University Scholarship and Middlesex University Dubai Scholarships seem to concur. Scholarships in the UAE will naturally cater to its position as a financial icon.

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Improving Lives, Freeing Spirits

We at LUBM are not immune to the sights of the world. As with anyone else, we are aware that education providers have a duty to better the world. And so, we looked into how scholarships improve lives in the UAE.

Free up Time for Studying

Most UAE residents live busy lives, including our intrepid young academics. And for students or professionals who may not be able to afford higher education, scholarships in the UAE. What this means is that students who may otherwise be forced to work and study simultaneously can save that time and focus on their education.

Support Student Performances

One might wonder how a scholarship in the UAE can support students beyond simply paying for fees. Well, many scholarships worldwide cover educational necessities, including laptops, textbooks and even accommodation. Once again, this affords students the chance to thrive where previously, financial concerns might have paused it.

Better Future Job Opportunities

Perhaps you have noticed how people speak of graduates who qualified for scholarships in the UAE or otherwise. It is a distinct mark of achievement since most scholarships have academic, athletic or extracurricular stipulations. This crosses over to professional settings too, with scholarship students being associated with hard work and responsibility.

A More Equal Society

The world is an unfair place, where birth, class, gender and melanin can influence and shape our lives. Much like the rest of the world, a scholarship in the UAE eliminates some of these barriers. Thus, socially challenged students can rise to meet their full potential.

At LUBM, our Scholarship for Aspiring Professionals is aimed at working professionals earning an annual salary below AED 30,000. Thus, our 100% online programs are open to talented and ambitious people with three years of professional experience. We hope that the 100% fee waiver transforms lives with this scholarship in the UAE.

An Unexpected Social Justice Warrior

Sometimes, we fall victim to the unexpected upheavals of life. A notable feature of scholarships is that they can help students affected by social issues or common personal tragedies. These are the most positively impacted groups, and thus, many scholarships often target social issues and address the imbalances of opportunities there. One of the most well-known of these is the Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship, which the nonprofit National Children’s Cancer Society offers in the US.

Better, Debt-Free Future

The world recognizes education as a right. However, this doesn’t currently extend to higher education, so scholarships, grants and loans fill the gap. However, it is a daunting prospect, to start your career saddled by debt from a student loan. Thus, scholarships in the UAE help bright students or professionals carve out a better, more fulfilling future for themselves.

Network, Network, Network

Something that scholarships in the UAE and worldwide are noted for is putting the student in touch with the right people. Scholarship programs oftentimes connect students with mentors, alumni and professional programs. This social asset is popularly called ‘social capital’.  Further, this is apart from the alumni network that the graduate leaves their universities with. The effect is also tied to recipients getting more free time than they would otherwise have had, with more time to socialize and build bonds.

Does LUBM also offer a scholarship in the UAE?

Yes. We do. It’s called the Scholarship for Aspiring Professionals.

Are there criteria that I should meet before applying?

Yes. This scholarship is part of LUBM’s efforts to ensure that everyone has access to higher education, regardless of gender, creed, class or race. Thus, it involves a 100% fee waiver, making the learning for any of the programs we offer free. Since we partner with prestigious universities that provide UK-accredited degrees, this is significant. However, like all other scholarships in the UAE and abroad, the Scholarship for Aspiring Professionals has some prerequisite requirements.

Please note the Scholarship Requirements below:

  • Applicants must be currently residing in the UAE
  • Applicants must be African, Asian, or GCC nationals
  • Applicants must be proficient in English
  • Applicants must have at least 3 years of professional experience
  • Applicants must earn below AED 30,000 per year
  • Applicants must have a minimum qualification of a high school degree
  • Applicants must have the drive to create change.

We believe in the power of scholarships. Thus, we are excited to use our power as a degree provider to bring positive change in the world. We hope you encourage those who qualify to apply amongst your friends and family.


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Alauddin Mondal
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burhan homida
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