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January 30, 2021
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Top 15 Online MBA Programs in Dubai, UAE – 2021

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The Middle East is a developing and advancing region for business studies. UAE cities such as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have now become the leading hub of MBA education. With an aim to offer smooth work-life balance and easy accessibility, there are numerous B-schools with highly-efficient and extensive online MBA programs.

Undoubtedly, an MBA degree is a blessing in all ways. Online MBA programs in Dubai have become the most desired career choice amongst passionate business aspirants. The Online MBA programs are designed to cater to all kinds of student needs. Learners can level up, acquire first-hand experience and accelerate their career in business and management. For this reason it is a golden opportunity for every business inspirer.

There are several considerations to be made before you select one university for your future studies. You have to dig in deep and hence looking for a top Online MBA program in Dubai can be a bit difficult. We have done the demanding task of narrowing down the top online MBA programs in UAE for you. Check out the list of colleges below.


Here are the list of top 15 Online MBA Programs in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, UAE:


Westford University College

Westford University College (WUC) is acknowledged for its well-structured course of online MBA in UAE. The online MBA program at WUC allows learners to enhance their career with a business like balance between work, MBA studies as well as personal goals and growth.

London Business School

London Business School has one of the top online MBA programs in Dubai, UAE. The University develops managers and leaders who can effectively tackle and manage the complexity of the current business world.

Completion of the MBA program improves employment chances and present job performance. Also, graduates are more confident to ace new opportunities in an international business environment.

University of Leicester

University of Leicester is best known for the virtual training environment it creates for its students. Their online MBA programs allow learners to study at the comfort of their place and time. Furthermore they offer an exhaustive coursework with a chance to earn the required competitive edge and fine managerial skills.

University of Northampton

For students seeking work experience as well – The University of Northampton has an online MBA program not only with but also without a placement facility. Studying this course will indeed embrace your career progression by enhanced and advanced business understanding and knowledge.

Lincoln University of Business and Management (Online MBA Programs)

LUBM is an elite provider of one of the best online MBA programs in Dubai, UAE. Flexible study modules, affordability and easy convenience with fine expertise and marvellous education make its fast-track MBA attractive. Additionally their innovative and world-class fast-track MBA program is designed for ambitious global learners.

However as you progress and complete through their extensive and one-of-its-kind fast-track MBA program you will have a record of everything. You will have an engaging portfolio of your education and practical application. Besides your career and personal development you will welcome and open doors to a multitude of opportunities for you.

Moreover, under the watch of an excellent teaching fraternity you will attain remarkable skills, tools and techniques for a promising and rewarding career in business management. Take charge of your career with this exceptional and exemplary fast track online MBA program in Dubai, UAE.

York St John University (Online MBA Programs)

Whether you are in a management position and are looking forward to mature or you are keen about business management, an online MBA at York St John University – UAE can be your calling. Their online MBA will give you the needed business experience, knowledge and skillset. Gain a reflective approach, understand business management and impact lives with their certainly appealing online MBA course.

Imperial School of Management

Imperial School of Management provides high quality and internationally accredited online MBA programs to learners in Dubai. Its online MBA in Dubai is leading 1 year Italian MBA in UAE for customization, flexibility and blended mode of learning. Nevertheless without any compromise of quality education and content, the course is full of information essential to contemporary businesses.

SP Jain School of Global Management

Their MBA coursework comes from one of the leading MBA courses in Dubai. The course curriculum is curated to upgrade your management, leadership and decision-making skills. Here, with one of the finest MBA in UAE you will be a change-maker and embark on an international career. In other words, learn the mastery to seize and tackle business challenges gracefully at SP Jain School of Global Management.

Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School is celebrated for its scholarly online MBA in UAE. Since you will explore and train with high-calibre faculty, indulge in teamwork and enhance your managerial and leadership skills. Available part-time as well, their online MBA program will push your business management career in the right direction.

University of Dubai

Dubai Business School of University of Dubai of course takes pride in standing tall among the 5% of world’s business schools to have won international accreditation by AACSB.

There are no brainers to analyse and understand the level and quality of education here. Lay your foot strong in the business landscape with their online MBA program.

American University in Dubai

This MBA course in Dubai, UAE is for executives and doers who desire to lead and become successful business managers. Providing top-notch post-graduate qualifications, American University in Dubai aim at promoting holistic understanding of key business subjects, ethical values, cross-culture diversity and strategic and critical thinking.

Zayed University

MBA programs at Zayed University include technical advances and globalization. In addition, students attain their training from specialist faculty with intense depth of knowledge and emphasis on practitioner focused learning. Learn to operate effectively in an enriching corporate sector with their power packed MBA in UAE.


INSEAD is recognized globally for its online MBA in Dubai. The university offers a wonderful online MBA program loaded with comprehensive underpinning and multicultural indulgence. Successful and dedicated entrepreneurs and leaders bloom from their curriculum leveraging the key comfort of home while studying online MBA.

Anglia Ruskin University

Think like an MBA student! This is the motive of Anglia Ruskin University. Their MBA program in UAE is your chance to accept real business world challenges and create sure-shot solutions for them. With more focus on practical and hands-on learning, ARU has the provisions of full-time and part-time education. In addition you can choose between distance and onsite learning.

Middlesex University Dubai

Scale up your business with insightful and knowledgeable online MBA programs at Middlesex University Dubai. Not only can you study and earn an MBA qualification around your working schedule but also experience real classroom. Learn pioneering technologies, business morals and enjoy the reflective benefits with their tailor made, easy to access and flexible online MBA coursework.

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