Human Resource Management Job Description in Dubai

Human Resource Management Job Description in Dubai

Human Resource Management Job Description in Dubai
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Human Resource Management Job Description in Dubai

Human Resource Management Job Description and its overview

Human Resource Management Job Description: A human resource management (HRM) job involves overseeing the administration, collaboration, and perpetration of colorful HR functions within an association. HR directors are responsible for retaining and hiring new workers, managing hand benefits and compensation, conducting performance evaluations, and resolving plant conflicts. They also ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations, develop and apply HR programs and procedures, and support the organization’s development enterprises. HR directors play a pivotal role in fostering a positive work environment, enhancing employee satisfaction, and promoting organizational growth and success.

What counts as human resources (HR)?

Before we define anything, we must first understand that human resources can mean one of two things. One is the division in a business that handles employment and training within the organization. The second meaning is the resource itself: humans and their skills. You might have come across them in other words: labor force, workforce, employee, or personnel. Based on this, we will look into the Human Resource Management job description and their roles.

Within the Organization

However, before that, we will take a quick minute to understand why the Human Resources (HR) department is so necessary in Dubai. As you may know already, the UAE’s economy is successful and still growing. Additionally, it is positioned neatly in the center of the world, with a thriving logistics industry.

In light of these two factors, MNCs worldwide have decided to claim a slice of the increasing market. As such, they have established regional headquarters in Dubai. Meanwhile, local entrepreneurs have built regional business empires. And an HR department is a necessity for all of these businesses to stay legally valid. And so, the Human Resource Management job description in Dubai is similar to those around the world, tailored to the UAE.

Onto Managing Human Resource

Before we delve into Human Resource Management’s job description in Dubai, let’s understand what their responsibilities are.

Firstly, an HR Manager sits at the helm of the business’s HR department. As such, they must be able to find good talent to join the business. This involves having a deep understanding of what the business needs. It also includes meticulously identifying the necessary qualifications in a candidate. Further, in many companies that deal with sensitive information, the process involves background checks.

Secondly, Human Resource Management’s job description in Dubai includes training. While the HR department screens candidates and sets up interviews, they do not make the final hiring decision. Once those in charge make their choice, HR steps back in to train them. It is customary in established businesses for newly hired talent to undergo in-house training once they commence work. That aside, the HR manager is also responsible for conducting needed health and safety training to ensure compliance.

Third, HR typically maintains and updates all employee salaries, benefits, and packages. It might interest you to note that this includes paid leave, too. Further, the Human Resource Management job description includes ensuring that personnel complies with the UAE’s labor laws. It may include arranging resident work visas, labor cards, and Emirates IDs.

Next, the morale of the employed professionals at the organization is typically a part of the Human Resource Management job description. It is up to the HR department to ensure that employees have all the resources they need to do their jobs. This includes guidance, and maintaining a positive and uplifting work culture. Additionally, employee support is a key element of the HR department’s duties. As a result, an HR manager must also watch out for any violations of the UAE’s recognized employee rights. Dispute management also falls under this category.

Fifth, an HR Manager must necessarily be a good communicator. This is because the HR Department is the bridge between staff and management. Typically, this involves appropriately sharing the directives issued by C-level heads with the company workforce.

Lastly, it is a part of the HR Manager’s job to ensure that they and their staff deliver on the above. And so, we make our way to the Human Resource Management job description in Dubai.

Human Resource Management Job Description in Dubai

A job description covers the duties and targets of a role. That aside, it also states clearly how much experience an applicant must possess. Further, it mentions the necessary skills and credentials candidates must have.

An HR Manager’s duties and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can include:

  • Talent Screening, Acquisition, Retention and Management
  • Pay scale Comparison, Compensation Package Development
  • Creating Staff Training Programs
  • Staff Engagement and Relations
  • Employee Support
  • Performance Review Management

Typically, HR Managers are expected to hold a Master’s degree or above, like an MBA or Master’s in HR. There is also some emphasis on soft skills like communication, which is vital in the HR department. Some businesses may require fluent English and Arabic language comprehension. Most companies in Dubai will expect a good grasp of the UAE labor laws.

Exploring a Human Resource Management Job Description in Dubai is a great step for those interested in the industry. However, it is worth noting that most HR professionals who do well are trained, with this as their specialty. They typically have a degree, like a BBA or an MBA, to guide them through their journey. If you are already working or aspire to an international MBA in Human Resources, we’ve got your back.

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