What Does an MBA Teach You?

What Does an MBA Teach You?

What does an MBA teach you?
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What Does an MBA Teach You?

What does an MBA teach you? People wonder about this question. In the ever-evolving corporate environment of the UAE, the pursuit of an MBA extends beyond the mere acquisition of a degree. Plunging into an MBA not only equips you with the know-how to lead but also hones your ability to navigate through the dynamic and often unpredictable business terrain of today. The genuine worth is in the capacity to handle obstacles, make well-informed choices, and seize chances in this prosperous market. If you aspire to succeed in the business sector of the UAE, obtaining an MBA is not merely a certification but rather a means to access a wide range of opportunities and unleash your full professional capabilities.

The Evolution of Job Market Competitiveness and the Vital Role of an MBA

In the past, job seekers could hit their local market armed with only a diploma or perhaps an undergraduate degree for technical jobs. However, the biggest sign that things have changed in the world is the sheer competitiveness of the job market. This is true of any major city. Gone are the days when the corporate world accepted employees without specialized academic certification. As a result, many have turned to an MBA to fill the crucial space of a valuable second degree in their resumes. Here, we’ll explore “What Does an MBA Teach You?”

The Value of an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in UAE

Today, having a Master’s degree is not just a sign of academic growth and learning. Indeed, it has become a professional calling card, indicating where you have chosen to invest your time. And at the very forefront of these transformative certificates is the MBA.

The UAE boasts the twin cosmopolitan business hubs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Against this backdrop, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) takes on a unique significance. The cities’ dynamic business environment acts as the perfect space for MBA candidates to hone their skills. Students can venture into the business arena and train to account for local nuances.

If you wonder how valuable it is in the UAE, we’ll tell you. It’s nearly impossible to land even an entry-level job in some fields without a postgraduate degree. The sunny cities here are filled with expatriate residents hoping to build a warm, safe life. As a result, the job market is nearly as cutting-edge as its technology.

MBA 101

Why has the MBA emerged as the face of a better corporate career? The most popular degree in the world, it offers a holistic learning experience. Therefore, its coursework is typically designed to leave behind a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics. It covers a wide range of business-relevant subjects. Some of them, like finance, marketing, operations, IT, human resources, and project management, have emerged as specialized MBAs. This is because of how vital these roles have become to the modern corporate entity.

However, theoretical knowledge is not all an MBA teaches you. It also imparts what is commonly called ‘soft skills’. An important part of professional life, some classic examples include communications, networking abilities, and critical thinking.

What does an MBA teach you?

  • Strategic Vision and Leadership

    The key element at the heart of the MBA is to create students who are masters of strategy and effective leadership. As a result, courses include real-life case studies and animated discourse to develop a strategic mindset. It encourages collaborative projects that demand more than just problem-solving. Additionally, it aims to cultivate the eagle-eyed view of business that managerial and C-level roles need.

  • Bridging the World: The Global Business Acumen

    The original MBA was created under a discipline called ‘management science’ in 1908. It aimed to train students in business through case studies. Additionally, it focused on honing their general understanding of it and how it interacted with other influences.

    Soon after, the first ‘Executive MBA’ for working students was established.

    Today, the MBA teaches us much the same, but with the whole world as potential case studies. It is an important part of attaining an MBA today. The graduate needs to be equipped with a fine understanding of international business. Not only that, they must be able to adapt their strategies to the local market. They must have a comprehensive understanding of their domain and how it interacts with the global business landscape.

  • Advanced Analytical Proficiency

    What Does an MBA Teach You in the Data Science World? Data science has begun to dominate the global business world. In the new era, information is power. And the ability to get meaningful insights from complex information is a valued skill. As a result, it has become a significant part of what an MBA teaches you. This includes numerous data analysis methods and digital analytical tools that are taught in modules.

    Students are trained to combine them with critical thinking skills to decode big data sets and make informed decisions. As you can imagine, it can be a valuable talent. It has even inspired its own specialized MBA courses. Data scientists are one of the most sought-after talents in the UAE’s job market!

  • Networking: The Art of Effective Communication

    Before we go into this, we need to discuss what soft skills are. Soft skills are essentially social skills. It’s what the business world calls skills that are not technical but necessary for teamwork and collaboration.

    When we think of corporate environments, we tend to view them through the lens of industry skills. However, as anyone with experience in the business world will tell you, people skills are a heavy player at work. Thus, part of the soft skills an MBA teaches you are effective communication and networking skills. These apply to fostering collaborations, negotiations, and sharing your ideas and strategies at work. As Nasdaq CEO extraordinaire puts it, “Ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them.”

    Additionally, an MBA course is one of the best places for students to cultivate a network of their professional peers. For online MBA students, it is more so because of the greater student diversity it facilitates. This has proven to be a valuable asset to many careers over the years.

  • Beyond the Classroom: Out in the Real World

    An MBA’s true worth begins to reveal itself fully outside the confines of a class. This is because the bulk of the program is shaped to train students in the practical application of the subjects. As a result, an MBA teaches them to apply their skills in realistic scenarios. Some programs achieve this through capstone projects and assignments, while others opt for internships. This allows a graduate to hit the ground running and easily navigate the challenges and complexities of their careers.

  • Keeping Up: Embracing Technological Advancements

    If there is one thing that an MBA teaches us, it is that all businesses must adapt to the new zeitgeist. As we embark upon the digital era, this has included numerous things. This includes adapting to the pandemic and integrating new technology into everyday functioning, social media, and AI. Consequently, modern MBAs are updated to stay abreast of the rapid changes. And in the true spirit of educators, they lead by example.

    In response to the pandemic, modern-day MBAs offer an impressive array of all-digital courses. Recognizing the market disruptions, they have harnessed the very tools they teach, repurposing them for knowledge dissemination. This continued use of new technology in education leaves graduates well-equipped to harness its power in their careers.

What to do after earning a postgraduate degree in Dubai?

Conclusion: An Investment in Your Future

In the competitive realm of business in the UAE, change is constant, and adaptability is paramount. Here, the value of an MBA cannot be overstated. It’s a life-changing investment, and it empowers individuals with the tools they need to thrive.

LUBM prides itself on its commitment to delivering internationally accredited MBA courses. We have learned about the evolving needs of today’s professionals over the last decade. Our digital classrooms transcend geographical boundaries. We offer students the flexibility to pursue an MBA without compromising their professional commitments.

If you are interested in learning more about an MBA in the UAE and how it can help, read our blogs. You can contact us for more information here.


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