MBA or MSc? Which is a better career choice?


MBA or MSc? Which is a better career choice?

MBA or MSc? Let us figure it out together!

  • Introduction
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • MBA in UAE
  • Masters in Science
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Looking for post-graduation career options?

Before we move ahead, let me ask you a key question: Do you have a crystal clear interest? In other words, are you passionate about one single thing? If not, keep reading.

Are your thoughts battling between the pros and cons of MBA v/s MSc? If so, by the end of this blog, you will be out of your dilemma. The insights that follow will help you make a firm choice, paving a smooth career for you.

Masters in Business Administration:

MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. As the name suggests, MBA surrounds business and business essential qualities. It is an encompassing degree referring to the operation of the business in totality. Are you keen on business? Are you interested in learning about the functioning of renowned companies? If yes, MBA is the right option for you.

The initial stage of the MBA syllabus is the same for all students. Further, the lined-up stages offer selection. Here the student can choose any preferred specialization followed by a terminal internship or project. Furthermore, MBA does not focus on one subject in all its semesters. You cover a variety of management subjects in the entire course curriculum like human resources and logistics. Throughout the vast course that you will eventually complete, you take a tour through a number of business fundamentals. Also, you work on personality development and gain insights into how to represent oneself in the corporate world. You develop soft and organizational skills.

The main focus of an MBA is to develop and enhance leadership skills as well as teamwork; to make the student capable of having a pragmatic approach. Unlike MSc, MBA classes are extremely interactive with a two-way learning mechanism. It is common to see a plethora of group projects and engaging activities being a part of the MBA curriculum. Surely, MBA is more inclined towards general and peer learning.
MBA offers you the chance to climb up the corporate ladder. It offers pivotal connecting opportunities with industries and premium companies. To be the overall enlightening leader you will most probably need an MBA.
You can study the course of MBA either as a full-time student or a part-time student. Even more impressive, you can study online at Lincoln University of Business and Management.


Amid majestic sand dunes and magnificent shopping malls, Dubai is also known for its development as a hub for aspiring students. Every year, many eligible candidates from all around the world come to the city. A striking feature of Dubai is that it is a host city to some of the top MBA colleges. Lincoln University of Business and Management is one of them. If you are a student in UAE, check out their website for MBA course details. Another excellent provision is that you can study their MBA programs online, from anywhere in the world.

Masters of Science:

MSc = Masters of Science. It is considered to be the finest career choice if you are confident about your future field of profession. The MSc degree course curriculum is designed around one specific branch of knowledge. You focus on only one subject throughout. Hence, MSc is the right study choice if you are keen to pursue a career in one determined area.

MSc courses are of shorter duration and more economical, unlike MBA. It is a combination of theory and practical. However, it is more theory-oriented. The educational approach is academic with a textbook and professor-led learning. The curriculum offers specialization in your chosen field. Besides, it focuses on helping a student to gain the skill sets required to succeed in a certain functional role.

This is the best option for you if you are interested in higher studies concerning your graduation subject. This way you can enter the Education or Research sector in particular. An MSc degree brings in the acknowledgment as a specialist or a professional resource person considering your one field specialization.

It does not demand managerial or leadership skills out of you. But give this a thought; for a split second, you might find yourself caught up in a situation like this – one fine day, you wish to start something of your own, say an enterprise. Unfortunately, an MSc degree won’t allow you to do the same. However, if you decide to adhere to only one department throughout your professional life, you are clear. Without a doubt, MSc is the appropriate choice for you.

LUBM offers an MSc program in Project Management. It is in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland. If project management is your calling, this course fits you the best. Take a look at its specifications.


MBA or MSc? Whichever qualification you choose, LUBM has got your back. Talk to our expert counselor today.