Looking for post-graduation career options?

An imperative question is: Do you have a crystal clear picture of your field of interest?

If your two options are Research and Teaching and their pros and cons are battling amongst, keep reading. By the end of this blog you will be out of your dilemma. The insights that follow below will help you make a firm career choice paving a smooth career for you.

Master’s in Business Administration:

MBA is basically an abbreviation for Masters in Business Administration. As the name suggests, MBA surrounds business and business essential qualities. It is an all en-compassing degree which is far-ranging and comprehensive, dealing with all elements of business. MBA as an entire course includes details referring to the operation of business in totality. Are you zealous about business and interested in learning about the functioning of renowned and celebrated companies? Clearly MBA is the right option for you. In that case you must look out for B-schools with good ROI (Return On Investment).

The initial stage of MBA syllabus is the same for all the students. In addition the lined-up stages offer selection. Here the student can choose any preferred specialisation area followed by a terminal internship or project. Furthermore MBA does not focus on one subject in all its semesters. You cover a variety of management subjects in the entire course curriculum of MBA. Throughout the vast course that you will eventually complete, you take a tour through a number of business preliminaries.

With specialisations being on offer as electives, the aim is to expose the student to a rounded education. The study must involve everything from educational subjects like human resources and logistics to personality development. Also you gain insights about how to represent oneself in the corporate world and develop your soft and organisational skills. Everything mentioned above in this paragraph talks about the significant challenges of management.

Work experience of a tenure of 2 years, at the least, is an important precondition in MBA. Therefore an MBA as a post-graduation career choice cannot be taken up immediately after you complete your Bachelors. Practical aspects and situations are the core of MBA. Indeed one expects you to be well worse with a managerial environment. 

The main focus of MBA is to develop and enhance leadership skills and teamwork. Apart from this to make the student capable of having a pragmatic approach. In comparison to MSc, MBA classes are extremely interactive with a two way learning mechanism. Only a professor is not the key ruler. It is common to see a plethora of group projects and interactive activities being a part of MBA curriculum. MBA is more inclined towards general and peer learning.

It is an established fact that only MBA’s are looked up to as an elite population. They are the only ones seen to be eligible for the top positions. On the other hand MBA offers you the chance to climb up the corporate ladder. MBA offers pivotal and significant connecting opportunities with industries and premium companies. To be the overall enlightening leader you will most probably need an MBA.

 One can pursue an MBA qualification in the future as well and might entail higher results. For those who own 2 degrees it allows you to be not only an effective specialist but also a generalist simultaneously.

If you are looking forward to taking up business in the future, you must concentrate your time and energy on preparing for relevant MBA exams. Also on achieving work experience in corporate companies. As mentioned above a minimum of 2 years of work experience is an essential requirement for you to consider pursuing MBA. Along with work experience it is important that you clear the relevant MBA entrance exams.

You can study the course of MBA either as a full-time student, part-time student or receive teachings online. To meet the needs of modern business, foreign universities revise their MBA curriculum frequently. The track of the course majorly deals with local and international business management challenges. 


Amidst majestic sand dunes and magnificent shopping malls, Dubai is also known for its development as a hub for aspiring ambitious students. Every year, many eligible candidates from all around the world come to the city with a view to learn about career options in academics concerning business administration. A striking feature of Dubai is that it is the host city to some of the top MBA colleges. To mention a few: American University and Manchester Business School. Majority of the B-schools in the city demand a work experience of 2-3 years on an average.

Studying your post-graduation degree in MBA, from Dubai will enable you to get the lay of the business land in an efficient manner. You will explore business affairs along with the skill to ponder on a strategic track benefitting business on a global level. The exposure in Dubai introduces students to the challenges of MENA (Middle East and North America) region and Gulf Countries indulging them into the dynamics of industry in these regions.

Masters of Science:

MSc is an abbreviation of Masters of Science. It is considered to be the finest career choice if you have a confident and lucid perspective about your future field of profession. One can take up MSc degree as their post-graduation choice in only one subject. This means your course curriculum will revolve its educational knowledge around one specific branch of knowledge only. Hence MSc is the right study choice if you are keen to pursue a career in one determined field.  

MSc courses are of shorter duration and more economical unlike MBA.

It is a combination of theory and practical but is more theory oriented. The educational approach is more academic with a textbook coupled with professor led learning. In an MSc degree, a textbook is a Bible. MSc curriculum offers more course work in your chosen field of specialization. It is solely one subject or one specialization field focused. Nevertheless MSc focuses on helping a student to gain the skill sets required to succeed in a certain functional role.

This is the best option for you if you are interested in higher studies concerning your graduation subject. This way you can enter the Education or Research sector in particular. 

For a MSc in one area of specialization, the candidate must preferably own a Bachelor’s degree in the same discipline. Moreover, MSc gives you the option of commencing your post-graduation studies immediately after completing graduation. Which means that MSc does not come bearing any prerequisite as work experience.

A MSc degree brings in the acknowledgement as a specialist or a professional resource person considering your one field specialization. Obviously, you will be a one particular field maestro.

An MSc degree does not demand managerial skills or leadership skills out of you. But give this a thought –for a split second you might find yourself caught up in a situation like this. One fine day, because of any reason, you wish to start something of your own, say an enterprise, unfortunately an MSc degree won’t allow you to do the same.

There shouldn’t be a second thought regarding your post-graduation if you are fervent and certain about your educational field. If you decide to adhere to only one department throughout your professional life, you are clear. Without a doubt MSc is the appropriate choice for you.

January 9, 2021
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