Is an Online MBA Worth It? The Return on Your Solid Investments!

Is an Online MBA Worth It? The Return on Your Solid Investments!

Is an Online MBA Worth It?
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Is an Online MBA Worth It? The Return on Your Solid Investments!

Is an online MBA worth it? Uncover solid returns on your educational and career investments in this insightful guide.

The availability of online MBA programs in the UAE has greatly benefited working professionals who wish to enhance their education without sacrificing their professions. The question often raised about these programs is their worthiness. Let’s delve into this.

Online MBA programs vs Full-time MBA

How different are online programs from full-time programs? Initially, online MBA degrees were not as valued as full-time MBA degrees in the UAE. Previously, recruiters used to hold the opinion that online degrees were not of the same caliber. But this has changed over the years. The pandemic especially forced us to turn to digital solutions during the lockdown. Now, top universities have started offering online programs that are no different from their full-time programs.

However, it’s still argued that full-time students get more exposure due to constant interactions with mentors. Thus, universities have now started organizing webinars and online sessions exclusively dedicated to networking. This provides the same kind of exposure to online learners.

A major factor that contributes to the popularity of digital programs is flexibility. Many online programs offer blended learning modules. This provides working students or students with children the flexibility to schedule classes at their convenience. Additionally, not having to commute to a campus saves a lot of time throughout the program.

Added to this, online classes are a great way to increase student accessibility as they eliminate geographical barriers. It allows students to access international degrees from home. This strengthens the networking capacity of these MBA students.

With so many students now preferring online courses, the whole idea surrounding the course has changed. Because of this, online MBA earners are now considered independent go-getters capable of managing things remotely.

Is an online MBA worth it?

The simple question arises: “Is an online MBA worth it?” Despite their popularity, we can’t deny the fact that online MBA programs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Completing a whole course from your room needs a certain level of dedication. You will need to get things done on your own. If you work better in a traditional classroom environment, then an online MBA in the UAE may not be the best option for you.

However, this varies by individual goals, too. Time is a key component here. Rather, how much of it a person has to offer. For working professionals aiming to redirect their careers, it is a blessing. Given the flexible nature of online courses, it encourages pursuing a degree without interruptions.

Further, some digital degrees are fast-tracked. Meaning that it condenses the course module to offer the same learning in a shorter time. Some even shorten the module down to a 12-month program!

It is doubly helpful to students unable to relocate for personal or financial reasons. As online degrees gain acceptance, many choose to study at ranked institutes and earn accredited degrees from home. As mentioned above, this makes the student body multi-ethnic, encouraging stronger international networking.

Are distance-based MBA programs cost-effective?

MBA programs have the well-deserved reputation of being a drain on the wallet. Conversely, the majority of online MBA programs cost less than full-time programs. The fee varies depending on the educational institution offering the course and the specific emphasis of the course. However, it must be acknowledged that the flexibility of online programs enables students to work simultaneously. Thus, they can pay for their course with their earnings.

That aside, universities often offer thoughtful scholarships in an attempt to welcome exceptional students. This includes online MBA courses too.

As we’re discussing finances, we should address potential students who have yet to finalize their decisions. If you are uncertain or indecisive about pursuing an MBA, we strongly recommend proceeding with the decision. Even bearing in mind that you may have to budget more tightly. We believe that the long-term career benefits it provides outweigh the short-term costs.

Where should you get your online MBA from?

When choosing an institution, it is crucial to prioritize your objectives. What are your objectives for pursuing an online MBA? Does your dream job require a specialty MBA? Are you interested in using it as a means to enter the realm of academia? These are the factors that should guide your decision.

A good university will have little difference in the reputability of their digital MBAs from their onsite ones. As institutes like Geneva Business School and York St John University demonstrate. They, among many highly ranked global business schools, design course modules to contribute to student goals.

Firstly, these online MBAs include academic and career plans. Secondly, their digital programs typically compensate through workshops, seminars, and visiting expert classes. Lastly, their courses are crafted to cultivate and enhance student learning, employability, and community.

Something else that should influence your choice is the credibility and respect the university draws. Try to select an internationally accredited and recognized university. Make sure to check its ranking among other business schools. Your online MBA in the UAE is only as valuable as your university name.

14 Tips to Study Online MBA in UAE


The Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) has a decade of experience providing MBAs in the UAE. LUBM has teamed up with York St. John University and Geneva Business School to offer globally accredited online MBA programs in the UAE. We are highly proud of our role in helping numerous students achieve their goals and ambitions. We did this by connecting them with the right MBA for them.

If you’re interested in earning your hassle-free digital MBA through us, please reach out. Alternatively, you can learn more on our website.


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Alauddin Mondal
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