GBS Stands Strong as The 57th Top Business School From The World’s Top 100 and 2nd Top Business School in Switzerland.

GBS Rankings

GBS Stands Strong as The 57th Top Business School From The World’s Top 100 and 2nd Top Business School in Switzerland.

There are numerous colleges or universities in the world which offer a degree in Business Administration. An undergraduate degree as well as a master’s degree. But, the point is, why is it essential to name the best option? The level of competition is getting higher. And, students are exploring new areas of success. Besides, it is a common notion among people that “if you’re pursuing your business studies, it means you are building a great future”.  High-quality education indeed paves the road to success. To garner this quality of learning, your choice of university has to be wise. Geneva Business School, Switzerland (GBS) is one of the many elite universities that offer fine educational programs. GBS Rankings are testimony to this fact.  Let us look deeper into their awards.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • GBS Ranking
  • Features of great business schools
  • About Geneva Business School, Switzerland
  • GBS Programs
  • Conclusion


GBS Rankings:

  • Geneva Business School is ranked 57th out of the World’s top 100 business schools and the 2nd top business school in Switzerland, according to CEOWORLD Magazine in 2021.
  • The business school has been awarded 3 Palmes of Excellence from Eduniversal International Scientific Committee, entering their global ranking of top business schools.
  • The website Studying in Switzerland names GBS as one of the Best and most affordable Business Schools in Switzerland in 2021.
  • Next in the list of GBS Rankings is the EMEA Winner for Career Development award, at the Global Student Satisfaction Awards in 2021, by education portal Study Portals.   


Features of great business schools 

Experienced and Inspiring faculty

A well-experienced and inspiring faculty is the core essentiality of any business school. A great university staff means you are giving great exposure to your students. Best business schools focus on knowledge and talent for their education platform.

Offers Excellent Career Options

A supreme business institution offers core and major career options for the student. So, it becomes very important for the student to choose a specific business school that offers business courses according to their aims.


This is one of the main factors of the institution which attracts the learner towards their business programs. If you want to decide on a business school, then analyzing its reputation is one of the best ways. The successful history and achievements together create a name for the university.  

Besides, if you are eagerly trying to find all these qualities in one business school, then the Geneva Business School is the best option for you.

About Geneva Business School, Switzerland

The successful history of education started in 1995, with the name of Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine (IFGP). But, almost 15 years later, it changed itself to Geneva Business School. The best education in finance or administration is the core concept of GBS over the years. That is why it is hoisting the tag of top-ranked business schools in the world.

To improve the education standard as well as provide the best education platform for the student, this institution expanded its chain all over the globe. Some main branches include Geneva, Madrid and Barcelona. The university also shares an academic partnership with other best business schools. Lincoln University of Business and Management (UAE) is one of them. Together, they offer MBA programs with 10 diverse specializations. Keep reading to learn more about their courses.

GBS Programs

GBS offers some major business programs in various sectors of the industry. Such as information technology, marketing management, international management, global banking and finance and more. This business school also awards an undergraduate program – BBA in International Management. GBS Rankings come along with international accreditation and global recognition. Further, all their courses are designed with expertise. They house a professionally active team of teachers. The curriculum is easy to understand and reflect on. With an unmatched combination of all, GBS graduates are certain to find a successful footing in the business world. 

But, would you have to cross geological boundaries to gain access to their education? The simple answer is no. With Lincoln University of Business and Management, you can benefit from the perks of GBS Rankings from the comfort of your place. The courses are flexible, affordable and online with real-time learning and engagement. Learning made easy! Isn’t it? 


Knowing more about GBS and its rankings, the point is clear. Without a doubt, Geneva Business School, Switzerland makes an excellent university choice for a bright future. And, there couldn’t be a better road than LUBM for your journey. Allow us to lay the foundation of a successful career as you strive to reach your destination. To know more about the course details, feel free to connect with us

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