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Career Options after Doing BBA in International Business

Students sometimes get indecisive when it comes to career pathways & education. Hence, having a clear idea of what the future & career advancement would look like is beneficial.

A Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) as a career option became popular, providing a firm ground for business administration & international exposure. This particular degree can be enhanced with a specialization like BBA in International Business. The focus on international business equips the students with crucial theories and concepts about  international business.

What to do after a BBA in International Business?

Even though a BBA in International Business is a highly regarded graduation course, it is not enough in today’s world. Finding jobs after BBA in international business with a decent salary could be challenging. So, it is significant to choose a course or diploma or a masters degree post BBA in International Business.

Here we will inform you of the various career options and creative courses after BBA.

1. Learn Digital Marketing

A highly regarded option after a BBA in International Business is Digital Marketing. This arena demands you to grow a particular business online. The growth of the online industry is directly proportional to the increment in the value of digital marketing professionals. Currently, this particular industry holds almost $68 billion of the total global economy. Additionally, it is a lucrative field. Thus,BBA graduates can grasp the basic skills required & kick-start their journey. Going further, they can sign up for various digital marketing courses to get certified.

2. Become a Marketing Manager

The person who is responsible to maintain a balance between business strategies and the creative vision of a company is a marketing manager. After gaining the skill to work in a team efficiently through the lens of international business, one can apply them as a marketing manager. Working with other teams, visualizing & hatching new marketing campaigns knowing global market trends are some of the roles. Certainly, it is a thriving field to enter post BBA in International Business as it is directly involved with the growth of a company.

3. Learn Data Science

Opting for data science after BBA in International Business might be unconventional for some people since it is a technical job. But most people are unaware that data scientists acquire insights, hatch plans, and assist their clients in making informed decisions. Analysing unstructured and structured data renders aid in getting the best results. After your international business studies, you can choose to receive PG certification in data science and join this prosperous field.

4. Choose to be a Project Manager

Firstly, there is an ever-increasing demand for project managers globally. And being a BBA in International Business graduate, this field can be a good fit. The job role is to manage the life of a product from planning to its execution. Moreover, understanding the product’s vision, sales ideas and marketing the product, all come under the umbrella of project management. Hence the knowledge you acquire from international business and understanding business administration can be directly applied in this field. Moreover, an impressive 97% of organizations report using standardized project management practices. Also, they believe project management is critical to business performance & organizational success. Thus, investing in a MSc in Project Management Degree from the University of the West of Scotland, the UK for career advancement has never looked more promising.

5. Become an Executive

One of the primary objectives in the job of an executive is to concoct strategies that are associated with business objectives. From a chief operating officer to a general manager, anyone can be an executive depending on the company size. A major part of the job demands managing product requirements, signing contracts, increasing revenue & cutting costs. Thus a BBA in International Business will be highly useful. This degree teaches a person to handle problems effectively and make impactful decisions. These are the two skills important for an executive.

6. Get An MBA Degree

Undeniably, one of the best courses post BBA in International Business is an MBA. This is a higher study or post-graduation option after a BBA degree. It is an exceptional degree, enabling you to learn leadership, management & organizational skills in any sector. Consequently, a student will know about employee performance, strategic thinking, leading, organizing and executing projects. MBA teaches how to solve multiple complex issues that arise regularly in an organization’s life. At Lincoln University of Business and Management, we offer an MBA degree of just 12-14 months with a myriad of specialization options. Our MBA courses are affordable and flexible, following real-time online teaching mode. The industry experts and practitioners teach the MBA courses at Lincoln University of Business and Management. The faculty teaches about solving realistic & pragmatic business problems while providing rational & logical solutions. To know more about the MBA courses, visit the LUBM website.

A young graduate of BBA in International Business possesses immense potential. You need to use this potential in pursuing higher studies or career advancement. However, for higher studies keep these three things in mind. Notably, these are the amount of time, expenses of the course and difficulty level. Considering these three things will land you in the perfect place. Apart from that, getting an MBA after international business will be a smart higher studies decision. The MBA courses at Lincoln University of Business and Management are globally recognized and fully accredited. We believe in building leaders for tomorrow by providing a holistic understanding of business management. Take a look at our MBA course now! 

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