Top 5 Jobs You Can Take up After Completing Bachelor of Business Management


Top 5 Jobs You Can Take up After Completing Bachelor of Business Management

A bachelor’s degree in Business management has become a popular option for many students these days. And it is indeed a fine choice for people aspiring to enter the global business scene. But before you start walking on this path, have you checked out all your options thoroughly?

If no, then we have created a list of jobs that you can take up after getting your Business Management Bachelor’s degree. Also, even if you are apt with the research, there is no harm in checking again right? After all, there is no such thing as too much research.

So keep reading to find out about the top job titles that you can start working on once you complete your Bachelor of Business Management program.

Operations Manager

As the name suggests, an operations manager looks after the day-to-day operations in an organization. The exact duties of an operations manager depend on the kind of organization they are working for. To talk in a broader sense, you will look after the employees’ productivity and devise ways in which productivity can be amped up. To put it in simple words, operations managers make sure that everything runs smoothly in the organization.

Coming to the salary part, the exact numbers on your paycheck will again depend on the kind of organization you are working for. It will also depend on the title and responsibilities you will be holding onto. In UAE, the average salary is somewhere around 15000 AED.

Sales Representative/ Manager

After acquiring their bachelor’s in business management degree, one of the most common jobs to pursue is a sales representative. This job title requires the person to go to clients and sell their company’s products or services. On the other hand, a sales manager is responsible for after-sales services, looking after-sales teams, and selling the company’s products. You will need good soft skills to build strong relationships with your clients. A good bachelor’s program like the one offered at LUBM will teach you all the necessary skills.

The average salary of a sales representative is 5000 AED. If you work as a sales manager, your salary will be somewhere around 14000 AED. The salary may seem a bit low but the catch here is that most sales job comes with the perks of commission. Therefore you will get plenty of opportunities to boost your income.


With a bachelor in business management degree in your hand, several job titles related to the banking sector will be up for grabs to you. You can choose from being a personal banker, investment banker, bank management, and wealth management.  Personal banker works with clients on a one-to-one basis and helps them manage their wealth. Coming to an Investment banker, they work with large organizations looking to invest their huge capital. They guide on them how to do it correctly to gain maximum profits. As a bank manager, your duties will be to manage the workings of the bank. You can also choose between working for a personal bank or a large investment firm.

Again, your salary while working in the banking sector will depend on the exact title that you are holding. Usually, a bank manager has an average salary of 23,500 AED. you will earn more if you are working as a personal banker. And generally, the salary of an investment banker tops the list. Just like a sales job, this job also comes with a commission.

Financial analyst

The job of a financial analyst is to look after the company’s investments and finances. They conduct thorough qualitative studies and come up with prices at which the company should sell its products and services. You can either work for an organization or an individual as a financial analyst. Analysts who work for organizations are split into two categories. One is the sell-side analyst who advises on selling, stocks, and bonds. The other is the buy-side analyst who works closely with people keen on investing.

When you will work as a financial analyst with a Bachelor in Business Management degree, your monthly salary will be somewhere around 9,000 AED. this number can increase if you have your degree has international accreditations. Just like the one offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management. The Business Management program offered here is an excellent way to start your career as a financial analyst.

Risk Manager

Working as a risk manager, your job will be to assess all the threats to the company in advance. You will also have to provide ways to mitigate these risks. To put it in other words, you will be acting as a shield and protecting your company from any potential threat. This job profile is definitely an underrated one. But, it indeed is quite interesting. As a risk manager, you can choose to work for a particular company or provide consultancy to multiple organizations.

On starting, risk managers have an average salary of 24,000 AED in Dubai. With years running by, your salary can increase up to 40,000 to 50,000 AED. you will get the opportunity to add more zeroes to this number if you work as a consultant.

So as you can see, there are plenty of options available for a graduate in business management. But these options will only be available to you if you have a degree from a reputed institution. Lincoln University of Business and Management is one such institution. They have an excellent business management bachelor’s program. The program is offered in partnership with another fine institution, Geneva Business School, Switzerland. This online BBA in international management program will help you gain insights into the global business scene from the comfort of your home. Visit our page to know more about the program.

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