Reinventing the HR Industry in UAE

Reinventing the HR Industry in UAE

Reinventing the HR Industry
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Reinventing the HR Industry in UAE

Demystifying the HR Industry: Key Insights for Professionals and Businesses

HR Industry: Let’s start with the building blocks. What exactly do the words “human resources” actually mean? John R. Commons used the phrase in his seminal work, The Distribution of Wealth, in 1893. It signals that the skills of the workforce that comprise a company are also a valuable resource for the business entity as a whole. To this date, we call employees human resources. Thus, human resource management is the role of managing anything to do with that business asset (employees). In the “HR industry,” this typically includes anything from regulating the workplace atmosphere to being conducive to productivity. It also covers hiring, training, firing, and maintaining ethics between employers and employees.

Human resources management is also popularly called HRM today. It acts as the unifier between people and their workplaces. HRM staff are responsible for communicating the company’s goals and objectives with the workforce. That aside, they also must ensure that it is followed. They also build several procedural, guideline, and practice structures to help organizations and employees succeed. A key bit of context here is that the department is independent within the organization. Thus, it can maintain a balance between employee and employer with impunity.

Unlocking the HR Industry

A closer look at crucial insights for both professionals and businesses. Explore innovative solutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Table of Contents

The duties of an HR manager

The role of an HR manager in the UAE includes interviewing and hiring talented employees for the firm. After the hiring process has been completed, it is up to the HR team to handle their training and onboarding. There is a fantastic quote by Virgin Group head Sir Richard Branson that describes this duty well. It goes, “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” We think that sums it up nicely!

One thing for potential candidates in the UAE’s HR industry to bear in mind is that it’s a multinational country. That is to say, residents hail from all over the world—190 countries, to be exact! And maintaining organizational diversity is an important part of HR personnel. Perhaps you have already learned about some of the diversity laws in place within the UAE. The year 2024 has already seen the implementation of a new diversity law. It states that companies must diversify the scope of nationalities in their workforce. One of the reasons that the HR team is encouraged to promote diversity is to prevent discrimination and social stagnation.

Additionally, HR professionals oversee employee payroll, relations, and firing of employees and discrete contractors. They are professionally obligated to cater to employee needs that enhance company productivity. It is also upon them to spot room for improvement in their role as the bridge between the workforce and management.

Incorporating New Technology Organization-Wide

As anybody with work experience can imagine, the UAE adapts to new technology rapidly. Its young, diverse, and hungry workforce contributes greatly to it. That aside, there are a few major technological shifts that the “HR industry” has helped go mainstream.

This includes using new tools like AI and incorporating them into the business through employee data storage. The segment below will explore it in some depth.

From paper forms to smart application forms

Nobody who doesn’t live under a rock has been immune to this change. While businesses previously recorded information on paper, today it involves tech storage solutions. As you can imagine, this involves the processes of hiring, training, onboarding, and regulation.

Today, companies use technology to filter for keywords in resumes. This helps identify relevant CV information, store it, and design unique training modules. This speeds up the hiring process considerably.

Performance appraisal and management

The new developments in technology have trickled down into the smallest facets of our lives, including work.

In the HR industry, it enables more productive and actionable options that enhance employee experience, skill, and retention. Thus, the HR team can gather and collate employee performance data based on indicators from their first day to their last. It also encourages long-term performance information storage. This greatly aids the department in performance appraisals.

Learning and development

It is no secret that AI and other new technology can perform at lightning speed. One cool way in which the HR industry in the UAE has absorbed new technology is through training. It’s a fantastic way for organizations to design and deliver customized and flexible training courses. These typically blend the needs of individual employees and the organization as a whole. While businesses want well-trained staff, employees strive for learning and growth to progress in the business market. Good training from the HR team contributes to the needs of both.

Employee Engagement

There have been numerous articles worldwide about Gen Z and ‘quiet quitting’. It is a death knell for an organization and often reflective of outdated business practices enforced after its time. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary ways the “HR industry” reinvents itself is by adapting the workplace to social change. We have seen movies, books, and shows that showcase this as a reflection of life. An urgent need in the modern professional landscape, this is a necessary change for any business to thrive. It is also most needed by mid-sized to large corporations with a long history.

Here, technology acts as a great option for the HR team to collect and collate information on employees. It can deliver insight into its workers’ needs and demands. This is possible through thorough data gathering from HR personnel. This also makes their role easier, as they can share information-rich research. It helps them think accordingly when crafting employee offers and training sessions. At the end of the day, the fact is that businesses need their employees, especially the top-tier ones.

Hence, employee retention and its strategies are necessary for an enterprise’s long-term success. As you may have experienced yourself, many companies today offer employee wellness programs with this in mind. Further, employee feedback is a valuable indicator of the systems in place and their effectiveness.

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The “HR industry” fulfills an important need in a business. In the UAE, like most other places, their roles contribute to the growth of an organization. The HR departments of the nation maintain, regulate, and raise productivity. They do this like HR teams everywhere: by sourcing, hiring, and training skilled and talented employees. If you are looking to pursue an HRM role or want to gain a better position in the future, you have to learn how. Learning how the most recent market disruptions have affected and changed the industry is part of this. It also involves developing your resume to include additional certifications and signifiers of learning.

If you want to stay abreast of new technology in the HR sphere and how the duties of the department have adapted to it, consider LUBM. As a degree provider, we connect with brilliant, ranked universities to offer exceptionally valuable accredited degrees. They also serve as the first step into a new place for those looking to relocate. We have partnered with  Geneva Business School, Switzerland, to bring the MBA in Human Resource Management program to you.


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