Executive Online MBA For Working Professionals


Executive Online MBA For Working Professionals

To give you a heads-up, an Executive MBA program is strategically for the working class. It’s even better when the course is online. Because then the course ensures a learning schedule that allows candidates to work and study. So, isn’t an Executive Online MBA a better career option? Let us look into the details for a clearer perspective.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Online MBA
  • Admission Requirements
  • Tuition Fee
  • Why LUBM?


In present competitive times, you have to continuously upgrade yourself to be in the race. If you fail to keep a tab on the signs of industrial progress, you will be left behind. But, the thought of going back to school and studying in a traditional classroom can be overwhelming for many reasons. Be it even for further education or career growth. The most common factor is having to leave existing jobs. With family responsibilities and bills to pay, giving up a stable paycheck is not even an option for many people.

The good news is that top universities around the globe recognized this demand for flexible courses. They wanted to curate a study program that would help the students to work as well as study. That is when they started introducing online courses. Online course modules allow students to study conveniently, with much ease. They have the freedom to choose their learning place, pace, and time. Some of the best universities in the world ensure that their coursework is the same; with high-class quality and support. All in all, students get the chance to acquire their MBA degree with no loss of work or responsibilities.

How is an Executive Online MBA different? 

Once you decide to get your online MBA degree, the next step in the process is deciding on your specialization. MBA degrees come with many specializations, such as finance, HR, information technology, and healthcare management. The specialization you choose will determine your job title. If you are a person already in possession of years of work experience, an executive online MBA would be the best option for you. Hands down! You will know why. Keep reading.

Executive online MBA programs are exclusively for people who already have years’ worth of relevant working experience. Usually, people who enroll themselves in this MBA specialization continue with their jobs. They enroll themselves for not only studying but also working. Therefore, the courses are designed keeping this in mind. EMBA programs mostly follow a blended mode of learning. The programs are amped up with regular workshops and seminars for candidates to enhance their skills and strengthen their networks. Thus, an Executive MBA or EMBA is the perfect way to prepare yourself for senior roles in your area of work.

Depending on universities, EMBA programs have a time frame of 12 to 24 months. Universities understand that the working class has commitments and deadlines to respond to. For the same reason, students are often given leeway when it comes to the time that they have to complete their course. Also, the curriculum is more intensive than traditional MBA programs. The fact that the students already have knowledge about the industry and how it works is one reason for this. 

Admission Requirements of EMBA programs

Needless to say, the admission requirements vary from university to university. Generally, you have to clear an entrance exam to be eligible for the program. When it comes to getting into an EMBA program, your CV plays a big role as well. 

There is a common misconception that it is easier to get into executive MBA programs in comparison to other programs. This is wrong. Rather, it can be said that executive MBA programs are tougher to get into. Given the fact that everything from academic to practical is scanned by the admissions team. 

How much will an executive online MBA course cost?

Usually, an executive Online MBA course costs more compared to any other MBA course. One of the biggest reasons for this is that universities hire the best professors to teach the executives programs. Also, when it comes to executive courses, universities provide their students with the best of everything. This pumps up the cost of the course. 

Many companies are willing to cover the cost of their employees’ education. Before you enroll yourself, check with your employer regarding this. However, the course guarantees a great return on investment. So, it is indeed a wise decision to enroll oneself in this program. 

Choose LUBM for the best experience

Lincoln University of Business and Management has been offering executive  MBA courses in association with York St John University for quite some time now. This flexible and cost-effective course is for 12 months. It focuses on preparing the students to take on senior strategic roles. Students complete their courses under the guidance of the top professors in the business industry. They also get the company of experienced professionals from a varied range of industries. Besides, the course is delivered to the students via real-time classrooms in a Virtual Learning Environment. Here, the students are continuously encouraged to interact. To take part in an online discussion for better understanding and learning. 


If you are working and seeking career progression, enroll in our Executive Online MBA program today. For further details, feel free to connect with our expert counselor. We can also schedule a FREE DEMO Class for you if needed.