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All you need to know about MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai

MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai

The MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai will indeed be a multidimensional program that not only impacts your career, but spreads over the horizon of humanity. Several operations of hospitals, pharmaceutical organizations, covering of healthcare industry and its integral parts are all part of the course. Here, the studies are primarily focused on managing hospitals and clinics at an administrative level. Besides, MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai will deal with the expansion and advancement of the healthcare business. In a healthcare setting, executive-level management and business skills can be achieved through MBA in Healthcare. Additionally, you can reserve a spot that pays you well at top-level MNCs and pharmaceutical companies. 

Let’s dive deep into this course and learn about the salaries, respective job profiles, and admission eligibilities.

Table of Content

  • Salary Expectations after MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai
  • Administrative Director
  • Admitting Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Community Relations Manager
  • Essentials for Admission into MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai
  • Conclusion to MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai

Job Prospects after MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai 

As we all are aware, the pandemic has indeed disrupted the global economy. This led to a decrease in salaries and loss of jobs. But, healthcare is the sector that has been on the frontlines, curbing covid. Thus, the job opportunities increased in this sphere, which impacted the salaries as well. So, let’s look into some of the latest salaries received and their individual job profiles after an MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai in 2021.

Also, notably under healthcare, there are basically five main sectors to work in:

  1. Providers of Medical Services
  2. Suppliers of Equipment
  3. Pharmaceutical Companies
  4. Insurance Companies
  5. Administration of Healthcare Facilities
  • Administrative Director

 In essence, to progress and propel all activities and operations efficiently is the preliminary duty of an Administrative Director. Generally, this professional needs to look after things like negotiations, contracts, hiring, training, and much more. The expected salary for an Administrative Director in 2021 must be 36,800 AED.

  •  Admitting Manager

 The primary job duties will include completing paperwork, bed assignments, implementing policies, coordinating with hospital staff and nurses. Besides, placements of patients, patient registrations, and admissions are there under the duties. The expected salary for an Admitting Manager in 2021 must be 21,600 AED.

  •  Clinical Director

Basically, the primary duty of this director would include supervising and organizing patients, admissions, programs at a healthcare institution. Training, supervising, strategically planning are part of the duties. The expected salary for a Clinical Director in 2021 must be 62,700 AED.

  •  Community Relations Manager

 Mainly, the job demands the representation of an organization positively for better community relations. Basically, nurturing connections with employees, media and other organizations are the primary duties. In general, the expected salary for a Community Relations Manager in 2021 must be 21,900 AED.


Essentials for Admission into MBA in Healthcare Management in Dubai

Before we know about the admission essentials, let’s get to know about some basic factors of the course:

  • This is a postgraduate course which has a duration of two years.
  • The course has several semesters divisions.
  • The program teaches ideas for building internal and external cooperative systems.
  • The course provides innovative ideas to approach the various problems faced in the healthcare sector.


Now, let’s know about the basic admission essentials:

  • Firstly, an undergraduate degree in business administration studies or an equivalent degree from a university with a reputation is mandatory.
  • Secondly, a minimum aggregate of 50% is compulsory for the undergraduate degree for enrolling into this program.
  • Thirdly, this course has no age restrictions.
  • Fourthly, it is advisable to get some work experience before applying for this course, but it is not essential.
  • Fifthly, the clearance of the entrance exam is essential to get enrolment or be eligible for the course.

In this pandemic, the healthcare industry has grown and so have the job opportunities. Besides, it’s an indispensable course in this day to maintain good business terms between insurance companies, medical organizations, and patients. This particular course directly impacts the expansion and advancement of the healthcare business. Moreover, learn more about this particular course offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management.

Our expert counselor will connect with you in case of any query related to the course.

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