Unlocking MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai

Unlocking MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai is a two-year course that improves analytical and managerial skills. This course will enhance the administrative skills of the aspirant as required in the logistics and supply chain sector. It is a two years post-graduate course that essentially teaches managers to make sure the items reach the customers timely. Basically, MBA graduates in this field are expected to keep track of inventory and accounts. The MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain holders, indeed manage the shipping, packaging, organizing, managing, distributing, and others. Certainly, there are various interesting professions open with several career opportunities. Additionally, the management of the production process, getting raw materials, handling warehouses, connecting with other organizations are demanded in this career. 

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We will be analyzing MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management on the basis of salary, jobs, and admission requirements.

Table of Content
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai Salary along with Job Descriptions
  • Manager of Supply Chain
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Supply Chain Management
  • Senior Buyer
  • Admission Criteria for an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai
  • Details of an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Requirements for the Admission
  • Conclusion

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai Job Descriptions Along With Salary

 Firstly, a certain amount of work experience is mandatory to earn a high-paying MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics salary. But, the areas of jobs are also equally impactful. Moreover, let’s know several sectors with the highest pays.

  •  Port Trusts Across Nations
  • IT Companies
  • Warehousing Companies
  • Manufacturing Firms
  • Logistics and Shipping Companies
  • Trading Companies

We have curated a list of professions under this MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain in Dubai. Also, we have mentioned their expected salaries and their job profiles. Besides, professions in this field earn a solid and dependable salary. Moreover, this sector is on the constant lookout for new hires.


  • Manager of Supply Chain

 Basically, updating and total management of the organization’s inventory is the primary expectation of this job. Besides, assuring proper following of quality and safety norms is, indeed, a compulsion. Maintaining good terms with the suppliers and getting raw materials at the right price is demanded by this particular job profile. Furthermore, the production department, maintaining raw materials, shipment, everything is managed by this manager. The average monthly salary a supply chain manager will earn is 28,500 AED.

  •  Operations Manager

In essence, an operations manager will ensure smooth operation, in a cost-effective way, along with following legal policies. Moreover, this professional improves organizational performance and executes best practices. Overall, increasing the efficiency of the business and agency is the prime responsibility of the manager. In general, the average monthly salary an operations manager will earn is 15,000 AED.

  •  Director of Supply Chain Management

 In particular, from purchasing raw materials to distribution of finished items, the Director guides and supervises all. Additionally, analysis of the workflow data and proposing betterment strategies belong to one of the tasks of the director. This role demands experience, exceptional communication, and organizational skills. In particular, a Director of Supply Chain will earn is around AED 58,300 monthly. 

  •  Senior Buyer

 In general, the senior buyer procures raw materials, commodities, supplies, and other necessary items. Also, making complex bids and proposals for raw materials and services is part and parcel of this job. From initiation of orders, billing from the vendor to the monitoring of the entire process comes under the responsibility. The average monthly salary a Senior Buyer will earn is around 20,000 AED.

Admission Criteria for an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai

 Details of the Program:
  • Firstly, this is a growing and flourishing industry that can offer jobs to several people who are reliable and good.
  • Secondly, the course will teach skills to push the advancement of a nation economically.
  • Thirdly, the course will impart knowledge to simplify the process of giving services to customers.
  • Fourthly, you will learn to analyze various levels of plans of the company in the entire supply chain process.

 Requirements for the Admission

  •  The graduation of the student is compulsory for this MBA from a recognized university.
  • A minimum of 45% is mandatory in graduation.
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a post-graduation degree.
  • Certainly, this course will teach you to be the backbone of the company with regard to the back-end operation of the business.
  • Clearing the MBA entrance exam is absolutely necessary to get admission into the course.

 Through this MBA, you will eventually understand the planning, executing, and managing the supply of the materials of the company. This is certainly a thriving field that organizations require to survive in the market. In the sense, that the managers carefully manage and handle the inventory and several business accounts. In this way, this particular profession becomes crucial to the overall economic growth of the nation.

Final Words…

 This department is significant and crucial in any industry globally, so the job and career advancement chances are huge. MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai is a growing opportunity that should not be disregard. Thus, we advise you to check out this course offered at LUBM and begin your progress today.

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