Quality Management System in the UAE: What to Bear in Mind 

Quality Management System in the UAE: What to Bear in Mind 

Quality Management System in the UAE
QMSQuality ManagementQuality Management SystemQuality Management System in UAE

Quality Management System in the UAE: What to Bear in Mind 

A quality management system, also called QMS, is an established arrangement within an organization. It aims to guarantee a uniform, high-quality end product, be it a service or a tangible item. It takes a comprehensive approach in order to explore the intricacies of the company’s operations and put methods and strategies in place to guarantee the highest possible level of final product quality.

To help understand, imagine a manager at a manufacturing unit in the UAE. Their job is to ensure that the products they make are of good quality, manufactured, and delivered on time. Thus, part of their role involves creating or enacting a system to make it a smooth transition from receiving an order to delivery. This could vary depending on the product, but will always include turbocharging efficiency, maintaining sustained quality, and happy customers.

Elevating Excellence: The Essence of Quality Management in the UAE’s Business Hub

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with several MNCs headquartered here, quality management within the business hub becomes a priority. Quality management systems take stock of a myriad of factors to achieve continuous improvement. Indeed, its basic principles involve understanding customer needs and delivering stellar results. It helps to work backwards. What do you think that would require?

If you guessed employee empowerment, highly involved leadership and great relationships with suppliers, you’re right! If data had influenced your factual decision-making, you would also be correct. Since the process involves working towards a sustainable, consistent output, a system approach to resources is a must. However, while Quality management systems are extremely easy in principle (pun intended), it’s a little trickier in practice.

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From Theory to Reality: Quality Management in the UAE

As we mentioned above, establishing a good quality management system here in the UAE is imperative for local organizations. And so, let’s survey what it might look like when we apply these ideas in our busy real offices. As we do so, recall that the goal is to unify ideology with the actual world to yield the best results.

The challenges in applying said theories to our everyday professional lives stem from how unpredictable the latter is. Everyone reading this can surely recall how the Pandemic ground businesses to a halt. Similarly, heavy rainfall in deserts like the UAE can also have unforeseen adverse impacts, as we have witnessed. So, while we can look to recognized standards like ISO 9001, we often have to adapt. More to the point, it works better when the quality management system is tailored to the specific organization.

In the UAE, the journey has 8 common threads.

  • Good Conceptual Understanding

    To appropriately implement quality management systems in the UAE, we must have a decent grasp of what it truly means. This involves a rich understanding of its principles and why they exist.

  • Adjusting for Context

    We don’t need to explain this one in-depth, we think. Since every industry and region has its own needs, it only makes sense to adapt strategies to match. Thus, they become more relevant and fruitful, leading to better output over a longer period of time.

  • Strategy Making

    Once an organization in the UAE has decided to initiate a quality management system, it falls to them to strategize. This includes identifying the right blend of practices for the business at hand. Further, those in charge should plan for the techniques, methods and tools ahead of time.

  • Designing the Process

    Once the plan has a general structure, project leaders must lay out a map of the workflow. Besides this, they must also begin charting the steps and responsibilities while adjusting for efficiency.

  • Employee Engagement

    As we have mentioned earlier, no system change occurs without the full support of the employees. It is best to involve them in the planning as early as possible. This ensures two things. First, their valid needs and concerns are raised, providing minute insight into the plan itself. Second, they are more likely to adjust quickly to the changes and even embrace them this way. Additionally, the burden of mapping out the plan does not fall to the management level, leaving smaller tasks out of the loop.

  • Collecting, Collating and analyzing Data

    This one we believe to be clear. All quality management systems should be based on organizational data. Thus, the flaws in the existing system reveal themselves and can be factored into the new plans. The data should be measured against performance indicators without bias for the best results. This process also requires the company to look hard at its own numbers, enhancing employee knowledge and understanding.

  • Continuous, Incremental Improvement

    Perhaps something to keep in mind as one embarks on their quality management systems journey in the UAE. Introducing new systems comes with an unspoken rider that includes a commitment to continued, gradual improvements. Much like a new app update, companies will note that orderly, regular progress assessments are necessary. What’s more, they contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the new changes. Further, given the involvement of employees, the workforce will themselves unearth new things that need changing to improve quality.

  • Results and Impact

    Finally, one must stay true to the data-driven nature of the quality management system process. Full implementation will yield noticeable results, including improved customer service and ratings. Internally, organizations will also see better product outcomes and smoother, faster processes. However, these must be documented and studied with regularity, so that improvements can be made and mistakes corrected.

To Wrap it Up

Quality management systems (QMS) can benefit enterprises in the UAE greatly. We don’t doubt that established businesses already have implemented systems that suit their personal needs. Indeed, we see the benefit of it as the firms stand out regionally for their customer satisfaction, and excellent products and services. Further, the companies in the business hubs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in particular, are in a class of their own in cost, employee engagement, efficiency, and standardization. These are only a fraction of the advantages of enacting a good QMS.

Studying and specializing in quality management is an excellent way to get a foot into the industry. An MBA in Quality Management, especially a UK-accredited degree, can help a lot. We at LUBM partner with such universities to offer 100% online education to students worldwide. Earn your degree from anywhere in the world.


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