Why It’s Time to Embrace the Online MBA

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Why It’s Time to Embrace the Online MBA

From being the exception, online education has now become the norm. Even before the deadly coronavirus spreading and bringing the entire globe to a halt, this was happening. We have had the technology to make online education a norm for a long time now. But it is a shame that it took us a pandemic to embrace it finally. 

The last year taught us a valuable lesson. Simply anything can happen at any point in time in today’s world. We have to be on our toes to deal with the changes. Educational institutes have been turning their heads away from online education for quite a time now. But with lockdown being implemented all across the globe, online education was the only way left to continue the show. Universities have found ways to even teach lab-based courses through the online medium. 

But this pandemic is not suppose to stay here. The whole world has come together to fight off this deadly virus. And sooner or later, its defeat is inevitable. The question that arises here is that, will institutes go back to the traditional physical classroom or will they stick to this newfound way. 

Even though this shift was thrust upon in a sudden move, it is likely to stay here. And there are hardly any reasons why it shouldn’t. Several arguments can be put forward in support of virtual learning. Let us take a look at a few of them. 

Flexible nature of the online MBA courses

Contrary to the common assumption, students have grasped the virtual learning environment exceptionally well. A big reason for this is the flexibility of online education. Students get access to the recorded session of their classes. This gives them a chance to go through each lesson as many times as they want to. They have the luxury of learning at their own pace. This puts off a lot of pressure on their minds.  

For years now, working professionals often had to drop the idea of upgrading themselves with one more degree. Traditional full-time courses didn’t offer them an environment where they could continue both their job and education. But online MBA courses provide them this opportunity. The flexible nature of the courses allows them to balance their work and education fluidly. Depending on their work pressure, students can complete the course in just 9 to 12 months or take a much longer period. Students are also given the option of customizing their courses. Most universities let the students choose their electives and specializations. 

Picking up on new skills 

Through online programs, students acquire much more than just their MBA degrees. Throughout the term of the course, they have to use a number of tools. This makes them more aware of the latest technology and helps them become masters of it. In today’s fast-pace world, this skill is highly appreciated by employers. 

When it comes to online MBA courses, students also gain the skill of taking accountability. The loose structure of the online courses requires students to be more focused and dedicated. They have to be responsible and manage their time accurately to be at par with the course commitments. 

It is not entirely online

Most online courses follow a blended model of learning. This means that although they can attend the classes from their home, they have to spend a part of their course time on campus. This ‘time’ can come in any form. Some universities offer it through trips to their partner universities, while others offer it to through on-site experience. They can focus on practicing the things they have learned through the virtual learning environment.  Few universities offer both. This gives students chance to further enhance the connections they have to build up through virtual interactions. 

Lincoln University of Business and Management is one such university.  It focuses on using the latest tools to impart not only theoretical but practical knowledge as well. Most of the online MBA courses offered by LUBM follow a blended model of learning which makes the journey more enticing and worthwhile for the students. Students are proffer the opportunity to spend a period of their course time in the partner universities York St John University, UK, and Geneva Business School, Switzerland’s campus.  

 Universities have understood that it’s time to move on from the brick-and-mortar classroom. Digitization of education is a  revolution. One has to be part of it to move ahead in life. 

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