About Dubai Healthcare

Dubai Healthcare

About Dubai Healthcare

Dubai Healthcare has evolved into a dynamic and complex field. With an ability, it churns various employment opportunities as the industry continues to grow. This diverse industry is always changing due to scientific discoveries. It brings significant contributions to improve the health standards of our communities. The changes have moved on to determine new ways about how and where Healthcare Management course in Dubai is provided.

Healthcare Management Sector

Although we are trying to recover from the global economic crunch, there are many sectors of the economy that are ailing. However, the Healthcare Management course in Dubai industry has continued to grow, even as many other industries have lost ground and capital.

Functions of ‘Dubai Healthcare’ Professionals

Dubai Healthcare professionals need to serve as planners, chief executives, administrators, and managers in institutions. That handles the health of men and women. The need for a professionally run healthcare management system is growing along with the healthcare industry itself.

Life Expectancy

One of the fastest-growing industries today is the healthcare management industry. There continues to be a need for comprehensive health care practices. Because it is increasing population as well as the advances in science. It will help to increase the life expectancy of people in most developed countries. There is, therefore, a need to continually improve the practices involved in healthcare management to satisfy an ever-increasing market.


Healthcare management is evolving rapidly. There is a need to communicate to the population with authority on different matters that influence public health. Also, with an increase in general health literacy levels of the population. It has become essential to disseminate information and address valid concerns. Some of the primary areas where management needs to focus on communications. Those are disease prevention, health awareness, doctor-patient relations and an overall understanding of general health care issues.

Changing Field of Health Care

There is a need to establish a system of leadership. It has the ability to apply modern organizational techniques to successfully deliver maximum benefits to the population. There is also a corresponding increase in the effectiveness of modern technologies that have made health care so sophisticated today. Professionals in this field need to be guided in the proper use of increasing knowledge as well as skills. So that they deliver the best possible outcomes for the benefit of the general population.


Hospitals have evolved from being professional bureaucracies to being managed the professional business with clinical directorates in place that are medically led.

Research limitations/implications

Limitations include the difficulty doctors have balancing clinical duties and management, restricted profession-specific view and the lack of management competencies and/or training.

Practical Implications

The benefits of having doctors in healthcare management include bottom-up leadership, specialized knowledge of the profession, expert knowledge of clinical care, greater political influence, effective change champions to have on-site, front-line leadership and management, improved communication between doctors and senior management, advocacy for patient safety and quality, greater credibility with public and peers and the perception that doctors have more power and influence compared to other health professionals can be leveraged.


Overall, there are more benefits than there are limitations to having doctors in health management but there is a need for more management training for doctors.

Doctors who work in senior hospital management roles that are doctor-specific have positions such as chief medical officer, executive director of medical services, director of medical services, director of the clinical services or medical director. They report directly to the chief executive officer of the hospital. The chief executive officer is the highest executive role in a hospital.

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