Top 14 Project Management Courses in Dubai


Top 14 Project Management Courses in Dubai

We have curated a list of the top 14 Project Management Courses in Dubai. Take a look.

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • List of the top 14 Project Management Courses in Dubai
  1. Middlesex University
  2. Exceed University
  3. Lincoln University of Business and Management
  4. Eaton Business School
  5. Abu Dhabi University
  6. Learners UAE
  7. Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University
  8. Heriot-Watt University
  9. Geneva Business School
  10. The British University in Dubai
  11. EXCELR
  12. Imperial School of Management
  13. York St. John University
  14. Sprintzeal
  • Final Words

Project Management in recent years has emerged as a promising field. With organizations changing their work format, there is a never-ending search for efficient senior-level project managers.

Talking about senior-level project managers, if you are seeking to become one, there are plenty of options available. To be more specific, there are three kinds of degrees that you can get your hands on. You can either get an MSc or an MBA, or certification in project management. All of these degrees have their own perks. To begin with, an MSc in project management degree is all about gaining in-depth knowledge about the field. Furthermore, an MBA degree will train you regarding the workings of the business world. On the other hand, a project management certification helps in honing your skill sets. Thus, all preparing you to take on any kind of project.

The colleges mentioned below are world-class and offer courses in the field of project management. Continue reading to know the type of program they provide.

List of the top 14 best project management courses in Dubai.

Read on to know more about it.

Middlesex University

Firstly, the university offers an MBA in project management degree. The course is an excellent opportunity for business professionals. It carefully prepares the students to take on complex challenges. Students learn about the latest business trends. Moreover, they specialize in techniques essential for projects.

Exceed University

Next, we have Exceed university. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top deliverers of project management courses in Dubai. The coursework provided here is exceptional. Students get to learn under the guidance of an exceptionally dedicated faculty team. In addition, this course comes with dual certification.

Lincoln University of Business and Management

LUBM offers an MSc program in Project Management. Offered in partnership with the University of West of Scotland, the course is extremely flexible. Since the extensive coursework indulges the students in the depths of the project management field, they come out as great professionals. Throughout the course, students are guided by industry experts who have years of experience by their side.

In addition to studying exceptional coursework, students get the chance to interact with a diverse cohort of students. They all belong to different parts of the world. This helps them to create an impressive network. Besides, with a no-cost EMI system, students have nothing to worry about. To know more about the program, talk to the expert counselor now.

Eaton Business School

The Executive MBA in Project Management program is an excellent choice for working professionals. Students get to acquire their degree in as little as 12 months. Thus saving them a ton of time. It is an online program, therefore students find it easier to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University offers the Master of Project Management course. It is an excellent choice for people aspiring to soar high in the sky in the field of project management. Additionally, the comprehensive course is delivered in full-time as well as part-time mode. Students can choose either. Also, they also have attractive scholarship offers. Dig deeper to know more about them.

Learners UAE

This institution provides one of the best project management courses in Dubai. Students acquire not only an MBA degree but also project management certifications. This indeed works as an extra mark of your caliber in front of the recruiters.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

The course offered by this university will prepare you for the challenges faced in the field of project management. The coursework is comprehensive. And, it prepares the students to understand each crucial step of successfully finishing a project. Additionally, flexible learning schedules used to deliver the entire program make the course all the way more winning.

Heriot-Watt University

In comparison to other universities, the program at Herriott Watt is a little different. It puts special emphasis on the strategic requirements of managing projects. Also, students learn about how to tactfully manage projects and deliver quality results. Furthermore, they give students the option to complete the course in either full-time or part-time mode.

Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School is a globally recognized name. Its MBA program with a specialization in project management is top-class in the UAE. Besides, it is offered in partnership with the Lincoln School of Business and Management. Also, GBS is known for creating leaders with a vision. And to do so, students study case studies to understand the first-hand problems faced by a project manager.

The British University in Dubai

This university offers an MSc degree in project management. It is indeed a great fit for working professionals. Additionally, the UK coursework prepares the students to become exceptional project managers. Managers who have the expert knowledge to overcome any difficulties faced during a project.


EXCELR is a premium name in Dubai for project management courses. This institute provides certification programs that are a perfect way to enhance your skills as a project manager. Additionally, all the certifications offered here are internationally recognized.

Imperial School of Management

Imperial is known for the highly flexible project management course it offers. The course takes just 12 months to complete. Also, you can choose from an online, onsite, or blended model of learning.

York St. John University

One of the best names in the UK, YSJ offers an MBA program in Project Management in Dubai in collaboration with Lincoln University of Business Management. Flexibility is the USP of this program. Also, with the excellent student support they provide, your MBA journey will be a smooth ride from this university.


If you are looking for project management certifications, then Sprintzeal is where your search ends. It helps project management professionals to upgrade their skill set and also embark on a journey that has no hurdles.

Final Words…

As we read earlier, the field of project management is a vast one. The boundaries of these fields are expanding day by day. Whether you already belong to this field or wish to enter it, a project management degree will be your ladder to success. We hope this list helps you decide on a course type of your choice as well as interest.