Is Artificial Intelligence Challenging the Human Workforce?

Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence Challenging the Human Workforce?

In this modern era with the advancement in technology, the human workforce is integrating many excellent inventions which are making work easy and comfortable. Additionally, there are numerous things that are replacing humans to complete work in no time. Artificial intelligence is one of those kinds of technology that is booming at a breakneck pace. Now the question arises ‘What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is one of the branches of computer science which is making intelligent machines. 

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Table of Content

  • Things Artificial Intelligence is capable of
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots
  • Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • The Reality of Artificial Intelligence
  • Conclusion


Things Artificial Intelligence is capable of:

  • To understand the speech of human beings to display the correct result
  • It makes the person learn every new and old concept
  • Plan according to the requirement
  • Solve every problem efficiently and quickly


Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence we are using and observing in our daily life are impeccable. According to research, its uses are unthinkable by the reasonable human mind. Is it a ubiquitous question every human mind is thinking that will AI replace humans? Secondly, if it’s real, then will it create an unemployment crisis worldwide? No one has the answer as to what to say in this regard because of many views. On the one hand, people think that if AI replaces humans, then they will create more jobs as we did in the past. However, on the other side, it will return the task for humans, not humans.

Before coming to any conclusion, let’s talk about the applications of Artificial Intelligence. They are as follows: –

1. Chatbots

Nowadays, chatbots are a hot topic in Artificial Intelligence. Every new business has chatbots installed on its websites. Their main aim is to get customer reviews and solve their problems now and then.

Moreover, it reduces the overall time of the analyst of a particular company.

2. Finance

Machines can crunch an enormous amount of data in a short period. A business has an excellent choice to predict future ventures through mechanisms. Other than this, Artificial Intelligence read past data in no time and can quickly tell the outcome. Like in trading, it is constructive in predicting which company shares will go up and down.

3. Agriculture

At an alarming rate, we are eating everything to survive. According to the reports, the world has to produce around 50% more food in the coming years. Indeed, artificial intelligence with the help of robotics is helping farmers to adopt more efficient ways of growing food. Moreover, it is telling them how they should use weeds and fertilizers to avoid any worse scenarios.

4. Healthcare

When we talk about saving the lives of people, Artificial Intelligence is no more behind. In different departments of health, it is contributing largely. Like with the help of technology, AI has found the system to detect stroke and devices which can help to find cardiac diseases.

Necessarily, AI is suggesting people not change their medication. Instead, AI is telling us to take medicine the right way for a positive result.


How AI is Replacing Humans?

  • Multiple reports have been claiming that shortly Artificial Intelligence will be able to replace the human workforce. Instead, in place of human’s large machines and automation will do the assigned jobs to retain accuracy.

  • If it happens, the unemployment crisis will unfold the world and survival is not too impossible. Artificial Intelligence works on algorithms that can only replace some tasks of humans but not forever.
  • Other than this, AI is beyond humans which not only learn everything; instead, it manages to do any work. Altogether, this shows that artificial intelligence is behaving like humans and growing at a faster pace. It is very accurate that if any task is given to the AI, it will be done in no time. But humans lose patience often and get bored while doing work.
  • In any case, AI will be able to replace humans and can conquer any difficulty. With AI existence, there is not much argument that work will be done quickly. Robots are one of the great inventions of AI by which work is managed efficiently and drastically.
  • It is safe to say that shortly the robots will do some tasks for humans but not replace them. With the help of humans and robots, the work will touch the ladder of success in a significant way. Moreover, the workload of humans will drastically decrease giving way to more opportunities for humans.
  • As AI is storming the world but in reality, human’s existence is also essential in many areas. However, when decision time comes only humans can study the past and predict the future to take any decision.
  • It is a big misconception that AI will replace humans. Some experts’ views are wrong in considering AI value. AI will look good only in movies but not in reality.


The Reality of Artificial Intelligence

The AI in invented by humans and how come they discovered such a thing that restricts their way to work in any field. Indeed, humans had fought two world wars to attain power so we are very unique species on the earth. At last, whether the result of artificial intelligence is positive or negative the ultimate authority is human which makes everything happen.



All the above discussions conclude that Artificial Intelligence never harms humans in any way until and unless humans themselves do it. No unemployment crisis will turn this world into a difficult place to live. Instead, AI is making the life of humanity full of facilities and convenience.

Humans who had discovered this technology always operate, and control it benefitting every human. Other than this, numerous problems like diseases, solving any problem, and this technology will tackle many issues with the help of humans.

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