A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised qualification. It is an elite and highly appraised award. The global and local business sector is constantly evolving and advancing. To stay ahead of the curve, a forward-thinking education system is a requirement.

The Lincoln University of Business and Management in partnership with York St John University and Geneva Business School, Switzerland seeks to provide you with the finest and most effective online MBA program.

About York St John University, UK

The York Business School Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is designed with specialist knowledge, skills and experience needed to give you the cutting-edge. All its courses lay the groundwork for a holistic understanding and practical execution. In addition to this, you will learn to strategize, develop and implement solutions for the current and upcoming challenges. With a practitioner focused MBA approach, the students explore their skill set. Especially, they work on projects and dissertations that test their application of theory, tools and techniques they learn.

Approved courses by YSJ

Furthermore, York St John University is one the oldest education institutions in the UK. Above all it is known for its pioneer, innovative and impactful teaching. Without a doubt, enrol now and witness your career uplift with the best!

About Geneva Business School, Switzerland

With professionally active faculty and intense networking platforms, MBA course from Geneva Business School opens doors to success for you. All its courses focus on the delivery of intellectual combination of theory and practical. Besides, students attain the relevant and sound understanding concerning the complexities of the modern business world. Not only learners graduate with a specialised qualification but also equip and prepare themselves for the real world problems in the business sector. Moreover, students get an opportunity to plunge their career to the next level with our noble courses.

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Furthermore, each and every course believes in critical and key assessment to produce efficient and fine future leaders. Assessment tools include case studies, debates, group discussion, thesis or capstone projects and many more.

Following are the MBA Top Up Programmes you can avail while you are a LUBM student:

The International MBA Top up Programme is acknowledged all over the globe. The course is awarded by the Buckinghamsphire New University, UK in partnership with LUBM. During the entire program, you will learn to utilise a range of tangible and relevant business techniques. In addition, on graduation, you will make an impressive mark within your organisation and welcome numerous opportunities. Over a period of 6 months, with an online or blended mode of learning, the online MBA program will enable you to outshine and excel.

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree through Anglia Ruskin University is 100% online. The students have access to a world-class online Learning Management System (LMS) that can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. MBA Top up qualification is completed in either 4 months or 9 months. The curriculum – for a tenure of 4 months is for full time students. In addition, 9 months is a part time course and both the programs are entirely Online MBA programs.

Take a step forward and meet your business end goals with Masters of Business Administration (top-up) by University of Chichester. The course education focuses on strengthening your skill set and delivers imperative knowledge needed in the business sector. Besides, a vital combination of theory and experience based study helps you in dealing with the complexities of modern business.

Reasons why you must opt for Lincoln University of Business and Management:

All in all, get your access to a successful business with a multitude of sources available with the provision of Online MBA Programs in affiliation with LUBM.

December 30, 2020

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A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised qualification. It is an elite and highly appraised award. The global and local business sector is […]
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