Build Your Success Story with Online MBA


Build Your Success Story with Online MBA

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”. This quote couldn’t be more true than in today’s world. New technology is introduced every moment in this constantly growing world. In such a competitive world, success is a very futile thing. Thus, upgrading yourself continuously is the only way to keep success by your side at all times. Among many other ways, getting an online MBA degree is a guaranteed way to succeed. Moreover, the journey of getting an online MBA degree can be the most exciting part of your success story. The online program will prepare you with the necessary skills of quick decision making, critical analysis and research, risk management, and, most importantly, leadership.

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Table of Content

  • Why an Online MBA is important for your success story?
  •  Advance your career with Lincoln University of Business and Management
  • York St. John University
  • Courses Offered at YSJ
  • Geneva Business School
  • Courses Offered at GBS
  • Conclusion

Why an online MBA is important for your success story?

The question may arise in your mind that why go for an online course instead of a full-time course? Well, the advantages of getting an online MBA degree are numerous. The most notable one is that online programs allow students to continue working. Students can easily juggle their classes and job. This gives them financial security.  Students can also apply the knowledge they are gaining in their work. Therefore, it can be easily said that with online courses, students not only gain knowledge and money but experience as well.

Online courses are time and cost-effective. The flexibility of the online classes will leave you with plenty of free time. Also, a lot of university offers accelerated MBA programs. These programs are specifically designed for working professionals. And, they can be completed within a short period of 11 to 16 months. Therefore, students save a lot of time.

The same thing can be said when it comes to the financial aspect. Typically, online programs cost less than full-time programs. Additionally, one saves up on costs like relocation, commute, as well as living expenses. You can invest all the time and money saved in gaining other skills. Skills that will make your CV more attractive and keep you a step ahead.

When it comes to MBA, your university name is equally important to your grades. Recruiters have a keen eye when it comes to assessing your business schools. If you acquire a degree with no accreditations, it would be of little or no value to the recruiter’s eyes. Additionally, you have to be careful enough to choose a school with an excellent reputation and good accreditations.

Advance your career with Lincoln University of Business and Management

Lincoln University of Business and Management is a known name in UAE. Founded in the year 2014, Lincoln believes in equipping its students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Knowledge, that will help them tackle issues at their workplace with ease. The knowledge that will make them achieve their dreams and write their own success story.

Under the guidance of eminently adept professors, students pick up on several skills. Certainly, the professors at Lincoln have all served top corporate firms. Therefore, students get an insight into the industry trends through their years of experience.

In fact, the programs are extremely flexible, enabling students to keep a perfect work-life balance. Students get complete access to video sessions, international journals, and video libraries to make the process smoother. Students are prepared to take on the competitive world, head-on with innovative learning methods which are delivered through Virtual Learning Environment.

However, LUBM has been offering several specializations in online MBA courses in partnership with York St. John University, UK, and Geneva Business School, Switzerland.

York St John University

York St John University is one of the oldest and most reputed universities in the UK. In essence, the courses offered by YSJ prepare students with a comprehensive understanding. Skills of critical analysis, decision making, communication, leadership, etc. are implemented in the students throughout the programs. Furthermore, students get a chance to practice these skills through projects and dissertations.

Courses offered by YSJ

Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School, Switzerland, delivers courses that lead students on the path to success. Indeed, the competent team of faculty members helps the students to understand the intricacies of the contemporary business world. GBS has a critical assessment system. It uses tools like case studies, debates, group discussions, thesis, or capstone projects, etc. to create proficient working professionals.

Courses offered by GBS
  • International Management MBA
  • Human Resource (HR) Management MBA
  • Healthcare Management MBA
  • Global Banking and Finance MBA
  • Marketing Management MBA
  • Project and Operations Management MBA
  • Quality Management MBA
  • Information Technology MBA
  • Education Leadership MBA
  • Supply Chain Management MBA


At the end of the day, being famous through one’s own success story is certainly what everyone dreams of. But these dreams can only be fulfilled through sheer hard work and motivation. Moreover, inspiration and motivation are always necessary for every step of the journey. Thus, a working professional must find this motivation to move ahead through Online MBA courses offered at various universities. Research on the trending courses. If you find anything interesting, then go ahead and enroll yourself and begin your journey!

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