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How To Upskill Your Career
August 20, 2020
Top International MBA in Dubai
Top International MBA in Dubai
September 8, 2020

Be Future Fit – A Path To Future

The challenge to remain relevant to the business world of tomorrow hasn’t spared anyone, irrespective of the sector or industry. These days are characterized by uncertainty, constant change and disruptive new technologies. This has left many trying to figure out the skills the world of tomorrow will demand. 

The turbulence of the present days means that your current job could demand different skills, or even become obsolete in a few years. 

However, change and disruption also bring opportunities, it all depends on how you remain relevant, irrespective of your current position.  

Steps to Future-Proof Your Career

Find an “Academy” Organization

You could be at the onset of a new career path or thinking about changing into a new industry. It’s essential to consider organisations that value their people enough to invest in their professional development. “Academy” organisations are companies and enterprises that have some of the best development and training programmes. 

Once you become part of such organisations, the probabilities of fulfilling your full potential rise exponentially. Usually, you will enjoy continuous career growth and development programmes that far exceed the technical skills necessary for your present position.  

Develop Industry Relevant Skills

In light of the constant changes, you need to continue developing yourself by acquiring transferable skills relevant to tomorrow’s business world. Typically, some of these “futuristic” skills won’t make any difference in the present. Examples of such skills include emotional intelligence, analytical thinking, stress management, active learning, communication, etc. These core competencies are taking very diverse turns as organisations thrive to meet the demands of customers and working staff. 

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find a nurse with financial experience or a designer with core business skills. Developing broad and cross-functional skillset positions you to be considered for promotions and career advancement opportunities in the future. 

Sharpen Your Tech-Savviness

An international MBA may pay off tremendous dividends. However, specialization also has its limits. Therefore, you have to push past the regular qualifications of most individuals in your industry. How else would you differentiate yourself and maintain a competitive edge? 

Your ability to acquire technical skills that may have no direct correlation to your present job set you up for new develops down the road. 

In the absence of these skills, many professionals, entrepreneurs, and businessmen have to cover a vast knowledge gap to progress in a new direction. Often, this prevents many from taking full advantage of emerging business opportunities. 

Keep a Success Journal

Keep track of your “superpowers,” the attributes you’ve received and recommendations for 

efforts that produce significant results. It’s easy to lose track of your personal development and forget how far you’ve gotten in your development. However, this is vital information that employers need to know about. 

Hence, to give the best representation of your strengths and unique capabilities, you’ll need to keep an up-to-date list ready. Of all the steps, this one is the most actionable in the short term. Therefore, you should seriously consider doing this right away, instead of waiting till you’re applying for a new role or vying for a promotion. 

Think Globally

It can be very tempting to concentrate solely on your immediate business community and industry. However, the effects of globalisation have necessitated a more global mindset and strategy. 

Therefore, businesses and individuals alike must adopt a global approach to problem-solving, leadership, and development. The rules of diversity also require more experience dealing with problems in different areas, industries and races of the world. 

Because most people operate at a more global level, they also find individuals with international qualifications and experience. Hence, you should be preparing for global influence by learning in internationally accredited diplomas, MBAs and qualifications with worldwide recognition.

Develop A Professional Network

Build new relationships and nurture existing ones, whether in or out of your company. As change continues across the landscape of global business, your network becomes indispensable, offering new opportunities, insight, and career advice. 

In uncertain times, everybody needs a helping hand, a push, or a word of advice to move them in the right direction. The key is to always remain open and ready to accept opportunity in whatever form it presents itself. 


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