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Easy tips for a healthy work-life balance

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By now we all are aware of the wonderful benefits online learning has. The foremost advantage of online education is you get an opportunity to learn in your comfort and from your choice of place. Where most of us attend online classes sitting at home, this benefit is often weighed down by the primary disadvantage of online learning: working where you live. Little do we realise that we bind ourselves to one cubicle where we spend most hours of our day. Before we know it, there is no boundary between personal life, work and studies.

Learning online can make balancing work and life otherwise difficult. Working and living in the same space can hamper your ability to differentiate ‘work time’ and ‘downtime’ leading to an unhappy and puzzled work-life balance.

Finding a fix that will ensure a healthy balance will help you become more inclined towards your studies without any distraction and a sufficient work-life balance. To top it up, your mental and emotional well-being will improve.


Here are some easy tips for a healthy work-life balance:

Set a crystal clear boundary

A simple solution to this concern is to set clear boundaries and expectations for work time and personal life. Curating a practical and doable schedule and devoting a stipulated amount of time to work will leave you with wholesome and quality time at the end of the day. Furthermore, this time will enable you to have dinners and weekends with your family. You can also indulge in some of your favourite recreational activities.

While you are attending your class, avoid personal browsing

You will be using your computer a lot as well as the internet. On the brighter side, online learning increases creativity. The internet allows learners to utilize several tools that boost innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. We also learn that students learn 5 times more material using multimedia content than in traditional courses. But most of us often tend to have shorter concentration spans and therefore it is not surprising to find ourselves switching tabs and land on a page not related to the subject. 

Don’t let the mere disadvantages of online learning overrun its wonders. Staying focused and setting a borderline will help you create the needed balance.

Determine the time for everything

Having a time plan ready well in advance gives you little room to waste time and welcome a stockpile of pending work. Create a timetable for your study time and personal time. Don’t let one invade the other. When you need to be productive, be productive. When it’s your time to rest, stop and rest irrespective of anything.

Learn to say a NO with a smile

People will demand a lot from you and it can be taxing to deliver without changing your balance. Going to work for extra hours may mean you let go of your study session and here it is! Your entire work-life balance is disoriented. While you cannot say no to everything, practice saying no to unwanted and unnecessary demands.

This practice will allow you to perform better when you are at work, in the office and also when you return back home (mentally). You will not be snowed under work pressure or overdue family responsibilities.


Everyone, from a student to a teacher and a business executive can adapt to the marvels of online learning and bring in a beautiful change with excellent work-life balance. Where learners can personalize their learning style and complete their studies as per their timing, business leaders get an opportunity to enhance their skills without leaving their job. Teachers no longer have to return home with a bundle of exam papers as assessment is communicated during class, digitally. If utilized efficiently, online learning is a brilliant boon to the world.

Just because the internet is available 24/7, does not mean that you need to be as well. There is a life above and beyond work and the internet. Take back the weekend and win a happy work-life balance.

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