how does experience value your MBA
How does experience value your MBA?
August 14, 2019
Masters in Dubai
Considering an MBA and Masters in Dubai?
August 26, 2019

Will your MBA Degree get you promoted in UAE?

promoted in UAE

Pursuing an MBA from a top-ranked business school is worth it to have a glorious career in UAE? There can be three things that can happen after you complete your MBA course from any of your business schools. They are a promotion in your current job, employed with any of your competitors or starting your new business. Business studies have been one of the best courses to offer excellent opportunities in the UAE.

People with a rigorous experience look for executive or online MBA and select their schools based on high ranking, class timings and fees. Their commitment to the best output is quite robust, and they are ready to run extra miles for the same as well. On average, any MBA programme charged about 100,000Dh in UAE and aimed at speaking for mid-career professionals and business schools value work experiences and also requires a long-term commitment to study well.

The best part of these courses is that they bring corporate problems to the classrooms and look for solutions in real life. Exercises, experiential learning and simulations can create a big difference for any professional.

Jobs and life in UAE:

Made up of seven emirates- Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, recent years in UAE has seen the relentless growth and working with them makes any professional CV impressive. Being rich in cultural heritage, the place is known for meeting tradition with modernity. Another advantage of studying in UAE is English being the primary language for business, and about 85% of population arrives in UAE from abroad so that most of the people entering the UAE boundaries doesn’t face tough time fitting in.

Many opportunities are prevailing in the culturally-diverse country; most of them are found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The lifestyle and living cost is quite expensive in these countries, especially in these countries, but you can explore the high paying jobs paying you money worth matching the world-class standard of living. Working and living in the Gulf region, you can explore the Islam culture. But if you want to avoid digging deep in trouble, you need to respect the local customs and laws. There are several penalties to be faced for breaking these. For instance, there is known to be a zero-tolerance policy for drunken driving and consumption of drugs. Any relationship outside the marriage sounds illegal, and so is the similar sex marriage. For consuming alcohol, you need to carry a license. The women residing in the country should dress modestly when stepping out in public. So, take care of these issues while you make up your mind to work and study in UAE.

Jobs scope in UAE:

Honing excellent skills can help in promotions in UAE for sure, but if you could able to run yourself through a curriculum. No one can stop you from gaining a  hike in your career. If you are looking for a specialization in your field, then it will be an add on what you have thought of.

For instance, if you are working in the HR department of a company in the UAE, learning and owning a degree in HR while working will give you an edge over your experience. Your employers at the time of appraisal will consider the same and can give you a great hike on your current salary or income and position as well.

With the time UAE is coming over with great opportunities for the people in the similar field and allow them to reach out to their desires. Identifying jobs and then looking for an MBA can give a clear path to the professional as now they know where they need to go forward. Once they get an understanding of their career path, opting for the MBA courses in the same stream will help them to do justice to their job roles.

Opportunities for MBA aspirants:

There was a time when MBA career used to be filled with glamour, but with the passing of years, people have recognized the real importance of the course. The employers give importance only to the experience or the professional from the top-ranked business schools. But if you are working and can able to grab an MBA Degree, then the sky’s the limit for you in UAE.

Known to be a traditional country, they tend to follow a mixed culture. The applicants arriving here from all over the world have made them one of the best economies to rely on and to be work with. Their Freezone areas are employing people from various corners of the world to work with them. The trade rules are amending for the export and import opportunities for the UAE.

In a nutshell, MBA is one of the courses that bring an umbrella of opportunities for any person. Being professional in their approach will help people in coming up with innovative and unique ideas to help them in bringing the air of change for the inhabitants. They are investing in architecture, infrastructures, corporates, etc. To make every emirate as a world-class city. So, if you are looking for a leap in career opting for MBA can bring great endeavours for you. Look AHEAD and rise!

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