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September 5, 2021
Benefits of MBA Top-Up
September 8, 2021

What is an MBA Top-up?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) top-up is designed for existing Diploma holders in the arena of Management Studies. It should be noted that the prospective candidates can also own an equivalent qualification at the post-graduation level.

MBA Top-up is also known as a Diploma to Degree. Here is why:

In the business world, you will come across a population of learners who started an MBA degree but failed to complete the same. Either due to personal commitments or a demanding workload; there has been a series of reasonable circumstances acting up as a roadblock.

The good news is that an MBA top-up empowers you to rise above this barrier. Further, let us look at the simple math here: the diploma accounts for 120 credits. An MBA top-up program allows professionals to gain the last and remaining crucial 60 credits of an MBA. Thereby, allowing you to earn a complete MBA degree worth 180 credits on successful completion of the program.

With every passing day, the academic sector is becoming more and more advanced. The job market is constantly developing. To sustain the competition as well as to have an advantage, a perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge is a must. Now, here is where the wonderful essence of an MBA top-up gets captivating.

The core focus of an MBA top-up is the dissertation. It is in stark contrast to a conventional degree. As an unmitigated practical project, this course comes bearing a meaningful opportunity. The candidates get a chance to put their knowledge to good use. As a result, in comparison to a standard degree, they acquire a better understanding of the subject from a top-up degree. In other words, an MBA top-up course accelerates practical professional development.

Why Buckinghamshire New University:

  • TEF – Silver for teaching excellence.
  • As per HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) 2020, 92% of graduates from the BNU work or further study six months after graduating.
  • HESA also ranks BNU in the top 10 universities for graduate employment rate
  • BNU stands strong in the top 20 universities for student experience by National Student Survey 2020.
  • In close partnership with Lincoln University of Business and Management & Magna Carta College – UK for the MBA top-up program.

Course overview with duration and gains:

The dissertation module of the International MBA top-up program builds on your previous skills and knowledge. Besides, you are trained to leverage your academic intelligence in the challenges of real-world application. The course is designed for a duration of 6 months. It gives you the liberty to uncover your potential. With practical exposure, you develop teamwork and other skills. They include problem-solving, decision-making, persuasive communication, and leadership. You also sharpen your intellectual and creative powers.

Mode of study:

The online mode of this course is beneficial in many ways. Learners can study and work simultaneously. All the course material will be online; easy to access and study. With neither chaos nor a stressful environment, you can plan the learning hours around your work schedule and other inevitable responsibilities. All in all, the program is an excellent career choice for ambitious students and working executives.

Entry requirements:

  • An Honors degree alongside two years of work experience. The experience must be managerial or professional and of post-graduation standards.
  • Post-graduate or Level 7 Diploma (or equivalent) worth 120 UK credits from OFQUAL recognized awarding bodies.
  • English proficiency with IELTS 6.0 or its equivalent.


The increasing popularity of an MBA top-up talks for itself. Our International MBA Top-up has several benefits to explore and achieve. Have a close look at them.

You will:

  • Foster the skills needed to outshine.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the relevant subject as per the present-day technology.
  • Stand out as a resourced candidate.
  • Become promotion ready
  • Better the odds at employment.
  • Lastly, acquire a holistic perspective on the organization you are working for.

All things considered, an MBA degree has exceptional learning merits and wonderful career prospects to offer. On successfully passing the MBA top-up program, as you earn a complete MBA you become eligible for all these benefits and advantages. To sum up, the benefits of an MBA top-up are similar to an MBA program. Since, at the end of the day, you win an MBA qualification.

Final Thoughts:

When you head out to find yourself a job, you will learn that MBA top-up graduates are indeed desired by employers. The business industry is ever-evolving and there is no turning back. Therefore, why shall you be laid-back? Leave no stone unturned.

Studying for an MBA top-up with us will enhance your professional experience. In addition, you will gain the skills needed by international employers. You will want to take your career to the next level. The course will pave the way in making business and management your strong suit.

All in all, to future-ready your career, plan a consultation with our team today!

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