Financial Risk Manager

What is FRM?

Financial Risk Manager (FRM), set by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), is a globally recognized certification and a benchmark qualification for professionals in the field of risk management.

FRM helps in attaining specialized, practical knowledge in the area of risk (financial, operational and enterprise).

If you are in risk management, or considering a career in it, then earning the FRM designation is the natural next step. The designation increases opportunities for professionals who manage risk, money or investments and distinguishes candidates as individuals who are able to master complex real world challenges.

Benefits of FRM

  • Career Enhancement − Candidates can accelerate their careers, no matter their professional or academic background.
  • Educational Enhancement − FRM prepares candidates for a holistic understanding of risk management, necessary to succeed in the financial services industry.
  • Networking – A lifelong platform to the world’s most prominent risk management professionals, expanding opportunities within the world of finance.
  • Leadership Skills – Completing the rigorous requirements for the designation represents commitment to professional excellence, significant to the profession, positioning you as a leader in the risk management field.
  • Global Recognition – With FRM candidates in over 100 countries, the designation’s acknowledgement, career and professional development has increased greatly over the years

Course of study

The FRM exam is a two part program:

Part 1 / Level 1 – It covers fundamental tools and techniques used in risk management and the theories that underlie their use. Specific areas of coverage and their weighting in the FRM Exam Part I are displayed below:

PART 1 – Topic Areas

Exam Weight

Foundations of Risk Management


Quantitative Analysis


Financial Markets and Products


Valuation and Risk Models


Part 2 / Level 2 – It covers application of the tools and techniques covered in Part I and a deeper study into major areas of risk management. Areas of coverage include:-

PART 2 – Topic Areas

Exam Weight

Market Risk Management


Credit Risk Management


Operational and Integrated Risk Management


Risk Management & Investment Risk Management


Current Issues in Financial Markets


FRM exam process

  • To be eligible to sit for the exam you must be enrolled in the FRM Program.
  • Log onto the GARP Website to register for the exam
  • Exams are offered on the 3rd Saturday in May and in November.
  • The exams are in English and will be based on multiple choice questions. Results (pass or fail) are released via email six weeks after the exam.


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Eligibility to take FRM

There are no educational or professional prerequisites to sit for the FRM Exam.

Steps to be eligible for FRM Certification

Step 1:

Take and pass the two part FRM exam.

Step 2:

Demonstrate two years of relevant work experience.

Step 3:

Review and agree to GARP’s Code of Conduct.

Exam Preparation timelines

Each part of the FRM program requires 200 – 400 hours of study. However this number can vary depending on the candidate’s academic background and work experience.This implies that the candidate must commence his/her preparation 3 to 4 months prior to the exam date.

How LUBM can help you in your FRM journey?

Successful completion of the FRM examinations (two exam parts) is one of the necessary steps towards gaining the FRM Certification and LUBM can help ease your way through this FRM journey.

Successful completion of the FRM examinations (two exam parts) is one of the necessary steps towards gaining the FRM Certification and LUBM can help ease your way through this FRM journey.

LUBM can help you achieve your FRM certification through:-

  • Qualified tutors includes FRM, CFA charter holders & Chartered Accountants and working in banking industry having wealth of practical experience in Risk Management who will deliver exceptional quality exam focused lectures.
  • Exam style questions thoroughly solved in class.
  • Every critical concept is followed by a detailed example for better understanding of concepts.
  • Regular mock exam for all subjects and 2 full mock tests before the final FRM exam.
  • Students will be provided with internationally acclaimed study material from Schweser with all classroom slides.
  • Free make-up classes to the students who join late in the class.
  • Dedicated revision session at the end of the batch for better exam preparation

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