Dr. Steyn Heckroodt


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About this Event

It’s difficult enough to start and hold onto a good career, but building and holding onto the best careers in the best organization is even harder, especially today.

Occasionally, you may find an opportunity that catapults you to success and sets you up for life.

But practical, sustainable, and long-term success demand on thing:

You have to invest in the best, and the investment must begin today with the future in mind. 

You have to Get Future Fit!

That’s why the Lincoln University of Business and Management is pressing on with our Webinar Series titled Be Future Fit.

Main Benefits And Takeaways

Looking ahead presents several benefits, especially if you can also find the skills and training to prepare you for what lies in the future.

One more thing!

Lincoln University of Business and Management and its associate will award your participation in the webinar by offering Digital Certification. 

All attendees who would like to join us on the live webinar series should pay 159 USD and will qualify to receive a Certificate Of Participation 

Register & Pay Here

Join us to learn from the past to profit the present, and from the present to prepare for a better future. 

Over to You!

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Date and Time

Friday, Oct 02, 2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm PM GST

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Webinar - Be Future Fit

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