Want to switch careers? How does an MBA open doors for you?

MBA Career

Want to switch careers? How does an MBA open doors for you?

Working in the same industry can become monotonous. Performing the same functions day after day can take its toll on you. Especially in today’s world which is full of opportunities. If you are going through something similar, switching careers can definitely help you.

While the idea of switching careers may sound very appealing, it can also be daunting at the same time. Finding a job in a new industry with the same skill set can prove difficult. With so much competition around, you need to offer something special to the company. Only then will they be interested to hire you. And an MBA in career will help you in this matter a lot.

Let’s Divulge the Details To Understand The Role of An MBA in Career Switch.

Career switch and MBA almost always go hand in hand. In fact, studies show that most students applying to B-school are looking for a career change. But what is it about MBA that makes it a preferred choice for those looking for a career change? Let’s find out.

Plenty of Options

The versatility of an MBA is a reason people choose this. In the two years that you will spend getting this degree, you gain knowledge about a variety of subjects like finance, human resources, accounting, sales IT, and many more. This itself proves how this degree opens multiple doors of a career switch. Students get enough time to divulge into new subject areas and finally choose one from them.

Excellent Network-Building Opportunities

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, students also get an excellent opportunity of building a good network n the time they spend at a business school. Any MBA batch includes a cohort of students coming from several sectors. Interacting with these people you get to know about different areas and companies. In the future, while looking for a job, these connections often come handy. Your chances of landing a job will be much higher if someone from the company outs in a pleasant word about you to the HR.

Abundant Exposure

Exposure is another element that you will get in plenty while getting your MBA degree. Through your regular classes, assignments, capstone projects, internship, master classes, seminars, and career services offered by your B-school, you will discover new opportunities at every little step.

Considering all other factors, there are a few things you need to pay special attention to before you start your career switching journey. We have listed the top three among them below. Go through it to make the best of your MBA journey.

Change Your Function or Industry

Any job has two major components: industry and function. Do not aim to change both at the same time. For example, if you are working in sales in the hotel sector, don’t aim to switch both these factors at the same time. It’s best that you either change your function i.e. sales or your industry i.e. hotel. Trying to change both at the same time may mess things up for you. Once you have chosen the factor, go forward accordingly. If you choose to change your function, then take classes in your new subject of interest, read some blogs about it, attend relevant seminars or try connecting with people with similar interests.

Elect Your Internship Carefully

Most MBA programs come with an internship. And this internship is a very crucial step in your career swapping. This internship is a chance to explore and understand your new area of interest. It will also help you get some experience in the area that you wish to shift to. Therefore, you have to choose your internship with extra attention and caution.

Don’t Fall Short of Patience and Time

The complete act of switching careers demands a lot of time and patience. There are only 24 hours in a day and you would have to put every available second into gathering enough information about the new sector, look for a new job, hone your skills, revamp your resume, and many more things. And this entire process may also prove to be frustrating as you will hardly get any time to do other things. But, the key here is not to lose patience. Once you have put in enough hard work, you will face the success you are looking for.

The journey of career switching my sound a bit scary but it’s worth it. An MBA in career helps make this journey a little less daunting. There is no point in staying on the same career path and draining yourself. Especially when there are so many options available. We hope this piece has motivated you enough to finally take the path of a career switch. Feel free to connect with us.


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Alauddin Mondal
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burhan homida
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