Various Job Roles after MBA in Finance


Various Job Roles after MBA in Finance

MBA or Master of Business Administration is the study of Managerial roles and responsibilities. It is a post-graduation course for students who wish to be in the world of business and administration. Welcome to this blog article. Here, we will be discussing one of the topmost MBA specializations – Finance. Notably, this is the oldest program in the management world. Let us together take a close look at MBA in Finance jobs – its scope in the outside market as well as the career advancement it provides.

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Besides, MBA in Finance jobs are vast and far-reaching. They include not only banking but also different financial institutions. These institutions have plenty of opportunities and offer potential career growth in this specialization. We have listed a few common sectors for you:

  1. Merchant Banking
  2. Investment Banking
  3. Commercial Banking
  4. Corporate Finance
  5. Public Finance
  6. International Finance

Job Opportunities for MBA in Finance:

To be in the financial world, you require the right skills and educational qualifications. There can be a wealth of job opportunities waiting for you. However, if you are not trained and qualified to be a valuable asset to the organization, recruiters will hesitate to have you on their side. To avoid this pitfall, get started now. If Finance is your field of choice and interest, choose the world-class MBA program from Lincoln University of Business and Management. The course is extensive and will prepare you for the job market. Following this, landing a job will be effortless for you. 

Some of the common job profiles for MBA in Finance are:

Business Analyst :  

This role helps in increasing the financial increment of the organization. The employee has to offer suggestions that are derived from the insights and data of the company’s economics.

Operations Manager:

As the name suggests, an operations manager is a manager of operations. What operations? By operations, we mean the activities that go into the seamless running of an organization. It is his/her duty to make a company function without any issues. All in all, the entire handling of the operations department is done by the operations manager. 

Accounting Manager:

The accounts department is led by the accounting manager. He /She manages the monetary aspect, in other words, the complete accounts of the organization.

Bank Manager:

Bank Manager. What comes to your mind when you hear these words? Of course, an individual who supervises or manages a bank. This is it and this is all! A bank manager is a finance professional who looks after the smooth functioning of all departments at a bank. 

Financial Analyst:

When it comes to finding jobs related to Finance, look for a vacancy for Financial Analyst. It is the core responsibility of a financial analyst to gain profitability and improve the financial status of the organization. Also, business economic advancement reports are a matter of concern for them. 

Finance Manager:

In one word, the job role of a finance manager is demanding. There is the analysis of the financial reports, handling of accounts, creating of activity reports as well as financial forecasting. It is a big responsibility. Besides, working closely with the finance team is a vital part of this job profile.


The finance industry is expanding quickly. Day by day, it is coming up with new career opportunities. Being a skilled professional in the finance world is one of the best career choices. MBA in Finance jobs will find you if you have the right skills and knowledge. For the same reason, check out the MBA in Finance course offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management. See how wonderfully it fits your requirements!