Various Job Roles after MBA in Finance Program


Various Job Roles after MBA in Finance Program


MBA or Master of Business Administration is the study of roles and responsibilities for students who wish to be in the world of administration. Specifically, here we will be discussing MBA in Finance specialization and the different career opportunities it offers. This is the oldest program in the management world.  This program is concentrated on the management of finances and accounts to make an organization reach financial aims. 

Table of Content

  • Institutions offering most jobs in this MBA Specialization
  • Job Opportunities for MBA in Finance
  • Business Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Bank Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Conclusion

Institutions offering most jobs in this MBA specialization

Furthermore, MBA in Finance jobs are not just in connection to banking but to different financial institutions. The institutions which offer potential career growth for this specialization are:

  1. Merchant Banking
  2. Investment Banking
  3. Commercial Banking
  4. Corporate Finance
  5. Public Finance
  6. International Finance

There are more sectors that are available with opportunities but not mentioned here.

Job Opportunities for MBA in Finance Specialization:

Firstly, remember that to be in the financial world, you require the right skills and educational qualifications. 

Some of the common job profiles for an MBA in Finance are there below:

  • Business Analyst :  

This role helps in increasing the financial increment of the organization. The employee, surely, needs to offer suggestions that are taken from the insights and data of the company’s economics.

  • Operations Manager:

To make a company function without any issues, operations managers are required. Majorly, the overall handling of the operations department of the organization is done by the operations manager. 

  • Accounting Manager:

The accounting manager handles the accounts department. Furthermore, this job profile controls and cares for the sales and relationships with clients. Besides, money and the accounts of the organization are smoothly managed and run by the accounts manager. 

  • Bank Manager:

The bank manager supervises all departments of the company. Eventually, this role demands the overall supervising and managing of the banks.

  • Financial Analyst:

Indeed, financial analyst gains profits and improve the financial status of the organization of the company. Moreover, the business goes through total analysis and financial strategies are given for economic advancement. Significantly, the financial analyst completes it.

  • Finance Manager:

The analysis of the financial reports, handling accounts, creating activity reports, financial forecasting is part of the job role. Moreover, one needs to work with the finance team closely.


Undoubtedly, the finance industry is expanding quickly, coming up with new career opportunities day by day. Moreover, being a skilled professional in the finance world is one of the right career choices. Besides, check out the MBA in Finance course offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management and see if it fits your requirements.

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