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Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

Tips to Stay Healthy

Summer has already arrived, and it’s time for those activities for whom we wait for a whole year, so get ready to pull out your swimwear and jet off for the holidays to spend some chill-time on beaches or mountains. But for many summers can be a time for bringing their temptations for sweet treats, sun exposure, health woes, and hay fever. It becomes quite essential to look at yourself in warm weather.

We have shortlisted few tips for you to help you in knowing about your body reactions. And the various food, drinks and activities to be performed in summers. Try to bring them in your lifestyle to stay healthy in summers.

Let’s have a look at the tips to stay healthy this summer:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

Dehydration is always at risk in the summer season, which makes water as an essential ingredient to be consumed during summers. Drinking about 64 ounces of water daily is advisable by experts. It is quite useful if you are exercising outdoors for a few hours then the consumption of water can exceed too. If you are spending hours in the sun, try to drink one or two glasses of water every hour. As while soaking in rays water is the only way to prevent dehydration and replenishment of the energy level. Consume as much water as you can.

Keep up with your exercise regime:

You don’t have to Stop your workout schedule due to rising temperatures. So, pull out your running shoes and build an indoor exercising plan for you. It’s best not too workout outdoors on hot blazing days. But if it is cloudy or a more relaxed day, don’t resist yourself from hitting outskirts with a massive workout plan. Try an online workout and drink plenty of water and wear your SPF.

Apply your Sunscreen regularly:

The Sunscreen draws a lot of attention of people due to exposure of sun rays, discoloration of skin tone and hay fever are some of the common symptoms that can be caused to you in summer. Using Sunscreen can prevent you from skin cancer and other severe skin burns, also called sun poisoning. If you are not careful, then the same can lead to dehydration, causing your trip to the hospital. The regular usage of Sunscreen can also slow down your skin aging. Using a broad spectrum with a minimum of 30 SPF. The size of the shot glasses and an ounce can be considered enough for covering your body.

Hair Protection:

Hairs are known to suffer a lot during summers. Chlorine, sun damage, and constant heat can take a toll on your hair. Leaving it dull and limp after the holidays. Buy out a clarifying shampoo for removing chlorine or Sunscreen or any other excess products. Before you use a conditioning treatment for adding moisture back.

Nutritional Supplements:

They can support the production of a large amount of physical energy and enhancing summer activities. The vitamin B-complex is known for calming your nervous system and is quite helpful in cellular energy production and other biochemical by-products for exercise. The Siberian ginseng is one of the summer herbs that is a stress protector and energy tonic, hawthorn berry is known for being the best for heart, dong quai is excellent for women, and the licorice roots can help you in balancing your energy and digestion process.

Nature’s bounty:

Summers are also known for the fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits for their organically best grown. Consuming light foods that are cooling like vegetable juices, water, raw foods will undoubtedly nourish your body for various summertime activities. They are said to include proteins being made up of one or two meals. There are many complimented vegetables, and fruits like soy products, kefir, sprouted beans, cottage cheese, poultry, and fish are good in protein value.


Summers requires you to stay hygienic and clean. As the people can be prone to many bacterial infections while eating and drinking in utensils and restaurants and at times at home. Ensure your hands are clean and remember to wash them before eating.

Sun Exposure:

Try to wear a hat and use natural Sunscreen as much as possible without any excessive chemicals. Enjoy the outdoors and sun while protecting yourself from the overexposure of sunlight. For protection try to carry aloe vera gel with you. As the cooling effect inside the leaves of Aloe Vera will soothe your sunburn.

Try consuming light and small meals:

Summers allows you to absorb light and small snacks. Look for avoiding heavy stuff consumption in your meals like junk food, fast food, etc. As it becomes quite challenging to digest and will make you lazy, increase your cholesterol, and will affect your body severely. And focus on lighter meals like green drinks, fruits, salads, etc. as they did not require much time to digest. Considering leafy vegetables regularly in summers can also be fruitful for you.

Summers can be comfortable if you follow the above tips regularly as they allow you to be at your best and make sure that you enjoy the season like others. So stay healthy and make your life the best to live.

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