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MBA is one of the courses that have become most popular in the last century. Everyone is acquainted with at least one person who holds an MBA degree. So what is all the hype about this course? Let’s get into the details.

What is an MBA degree

MBA stands for Master of business administration. It is an internationally accepted postgraduate degree. It introduces an individual to the nooks and corners of the business and management world.

Whether you are trying to take up your career graph or jump into the pool of entrepreneurship, an MBA degree will come useful. 

With so many specializations and types of courses available at present, making a choice can be overwhelming. Here are some details to make the process a little less daunting. 

What are the MBA specializations?

While getting an MBA degree, one broadens the horizon by studying subjects like finance, marketing, human resources, accounting, and economics. 

An MBA degree with a specialization in finance lets one study different financial theories. And also, how one can make the best use of them to help the business grow. This field is preferred by a lot of individuals.

Mainly because of the attractive remuneration packages that it offers. This specialization is apt for individuals who hold an interest in investment banking, hedge funds, etc.

In today’s competitive world, the need to present oneself has become of utmost importance. With specialization in marketing, one studies how to create a unique image of your product or company and earn maximum profit.

One also learns about the nuances of digital marketing, advertising, product and brand management, and e-commerce. With a degree of MBA in HR, one learns the expertise of managing a workforce.

Acquiring individuals and training them according to the needs of the company is one of the key roles of HR. One also studies the ways to maintain a healthy relationship between the employees and the management. While working as an HR, one also has to create a healthy and positive work culture and make sure to maintain it.

Apart from these, specializations in media and health can also be acquired.

MBA in healthcare management is suitable for individuals aspiring to get into the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry. MBA in media equips individuals with the skills of effectively operating management sectors of media houses. 

How long does it take to acquire an MBA degree

Traditionally, an MBA course used to be of two-years. But with time, many other alternatives have become available now. One can opt from a wide range of full-time or part-time MBA, distance learning, executive or dual MBA. 

While opting for a full-time MBA, one also gets the option of choosing between one or two-year programs. For individuals with experience and less time in hand, one-year programs are more suitable.

For budding individuals, two-year programs are advisable. Some courses come with a mandatory internship period, to prepare the candidate for the professional world with first-hand experience. 


Contemporary MBA courses

Part-time or distance learning MBA courses are best suited for working professionals. Especially in the case of distance learning MBA, one doesn’t need to visit the institute campus to attain the degree. Therefore you can obtain the degree without hampering your daily routine.

Another good option for employed candidates is the executive MBA. This course is specifically designed to hone one’s managerial and leadership qualities. This generally comes with a flexible course structure to cater to the needs of busy professionals. 

Dual MBA provides individuals with the option of going forward with their choice of subject and getting the degree, all at the same time. 

As the demand for MBA increased, thus increased the ways of acquiring one. With a lot of working professionals desiring to do an MBA, online MBA courses were introduced.

Since then, the fight about which is better, full-time programs or online programs, have been going on. Initially, online programs faced much criticism.

One of the biggest criticism beings, online programs fails to provide students with the in-campus exposure, thus hindering their learning. But as time went by, the pros of the online MBA programs won over the cons.

One cannot ignore the fact that for individuals with financial and geographical restraints online programs prove to be a blessing. It allows individuals to acquire a degree from universities without thinking about geographical constraints. 

Many top universities now offer online courses, acquiring which can make an individual more desirable to recruiters. Also, online MBA programs are much more cost and time effective compared to full-time programs.

Cutting out on expenses like relocation, lodging, etc, one can afford to invest more in the program. With the number of pros exceeding the cons, it can be said with an amount of certainty, that online courses are gonna be there for a long time. 

How to get into an MBA program

Before seeking the answer to the question of how to get into an MBA program, one must be prepared with the answer as to what kind of program are they trying to get into. Different programs have different eligibility criteria.

Most universities offering full-time programs takes into consideration one’s GMAT, GRE, or other admission test scores. One interesting thing to note here is that a lot of universities offer test waivers.

Individuals having work experience qualify for these waivers. For some universities, these waivers are applied automatically.  While for others, the candidate has to apply for them separately.

The eligibility benchmark for attaining these waivers varies from university to university. Along with work experience, undergraduate and graduate scores are also taken into consideration. For those, not qualifying for the waivers, one needs to prepare for the entrance exams for the MBA admission, accurately.

These exams can take as long as a year to prepare. Therefore, one should properly analyze how much time one can afford to dedicate and then start accordingly.

When it comes to eligibility criteria online MBA programs are more lenient. A person not eligible for the full-time program can be accepted for an online program in the same university. 

How to survive the MBA program

MBA programs can prove to be quite tedious. Especially for those opting for the online course. Without the pressure .of going to campus and attending physical classes, one can easily get muddled up. While opting for online MBA courses, the most important thing to do is time management.

Tips and Tricks

While being at home or workplace, one likely tumbles to create a balance between work and study. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to establish a fitting schedule and follow it thoroughly.  Also without the proper classroom, one may find a lack of interest in studying.

To overcome this one should choose their environment correctly. A serene environment with the least number of disturbances is best. Also, don’t forget to take study breaks.

Researches have proved how efficient study breaks are. Also, if you feel too much pressure, try a change of environment. A visit to a café or a library may prove to be an incentive for your brain. 

Before you chalk out your schedule, don’t forget to go through your coursework earnestly. Understand exactly what does your coursework demands. Take notes of important dates so that it doesn’t create strife in your professional or personal life.

Just because it’s an online MBA, doesn’t mean you don’t reach out to your fellow program mates. Try to get in touch with your batchmates and study together. Participate in the online discussion forums and try to share your knowledge as well as learn from others.

Along with fellow students, also make an effort to stay in touch with your faculty members. They are the ones who will be able to guide you in the best way possible in case of any difficulty.

At first, it may seem intimidating to talk to strangers. Try to shed your inhibitions at times like this and make the move. The stranger may prove to be your best friend, guide, and philosopher. 

One great advantage of doing an online course is that it allows you to maximize your technological skills. These skills will prove to be of great help when you get back to your office space again.

Top online MBA programs in Dubai

As mentioned earlier, selecting a suitable MBA program can be a tedious task. Without the proper guidance from an experienced faculty and adequate resources, the whole task of acquiring the degree may not prove to be as useful. 

LUBM offers online MBA in Dubai which are flexible and affordable. Partnered with universities like York St. John University and Geneva Business School, Switzerland, it offers courses that prepare an individual to lead the way at their workplace effectively. 

With a faculty consisting of individuals who have served the top corporate firms, LUBM guides its students into becoming thriving professionals.

Continuos motivation from the faculty helps the students to be in touch with their goals and gradually achieve them. Students can access the journals, recorded sessions, and the vast video library to enhance their skills.

With so much competition all around and so many individuals opting for an online MBA, one has to make sure to stand out from the crowd.

With the range of online MBA courses offered by LUBM, one can choose the program most suitable and prepare oneself to outshine everyone else and take another step towards the epitome of success.

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