The Online MBA Confusion and its Solution


The Online MBA Confusion and its Solution

Online MBA in UAE has helped a lot of working professionals to complete their education without compromising on their work front. It comes in the form of a blessing for people looking to push their careers in new directions. But a question that is quite often asked about online MBA programs is that is it worth it? Let’s explore this question.

Table of Content

  • How different are online programs from full-time programs?
  • Is an Online MBA the right choice for you?
  • How cost-effective are Online MBA programs?
  • From where should you get your Online MBA?

How different are online programs from full-time programs?

Initially, online MBA degrees were not given the same status as full-time MBA degrees. Recruiters used to hold the opinion that students with online degrees are not of the same caliber. But with time, this idea changed. Top universities have now started offering online programs that are no different from their full-time programs. Arguments are still given about how full-time students get more exposure to the constant interactions with their mentors. To provide the same kind of exposure to the online program candidates, universities have now started organizing webinars and online sessions exclusively dedicated to networking. With so many students now preferring online courses over full-time courses, the whole idea surrounding the course has changed. Online program candidates are now considered independent individuals capable of managing things remotely.

Is an online MBA the right choice for you?

Despite its popularity, we can’t deny the fact that online MBA programs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Completing a whole course from your room needs a certain level of dedication. You will need to get things done on your own. If you are someone who works better in a traditional classroom environment, then an online MBA in UAE may not be the best option for you.

Also, you need to have a clear vision of your goals. If you are a working professional looking to turn around your career in new directions, then an online MBA is probably the best option for you. The flexible nature of the online course would allow you to get the degree while continuing your job without any interruptions. For individuals who have things that don’t allow them to relocate to a new place, an online course is the best option. Some online programs take only a year to complete. This makes it viable for those at a time check.

How cost-effective are Online MBA programs?

Compared to other master’s programs, MBA programs are costly. But, most online MBA programs cost less compared to full-time programs. The exact cost depends on several factors, like the specialization of the course and, most importantly, the university that you are going for. With online programs, you can continue working, therefore, afford to pay your MBA bills with your salary. Universities also offer scholarships. A few places have separate exams for the scholarship. While others choose the students based on their previous results. If you ever find yourself in the dilemma of whether to do the MBA, always choose to do it. Even if it means cutting down on other expenses. Once you acquire the degree, the increase in your salary will allow you to pay off all your bills easily.

From where should you get your online MBA?

Apart from your grades, the other most important thing is from which university you are acquiring your degree. Reputed universities treat their online and full-time students as the same. They try to provide their students with not only the same education but also the same kind of employment and networking-building opportunities. In short, we can say that there is basically no notable difference between online and full-time programs at these top universities. Your university will make a difference when you face the recruiters. Therefore, you have to choose wisely. A number of universities have now started offering online MBA courses. The costs of these programs may be extremely luring. But in the long run, it’s not going to yield you any positive results. Make sure to choose a recognized accredited university. Your online MBA in UAE is only as much worth as your university name.


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