The Basics of an Online MBA in Dubai

Online MBA degree in Dubai

The Basics of an Online MBA in Dubai

There is absolutely no doubt regarding the value of an MBA degree. A common dilemma that students nowadays face is whether to go for a full-time program or an online MBA degree. Keeping in mind the present conditions, an online MBA degree seems more favorable. The flexible nature of these courses makes them more convenient for working professionals. They can learn the skills of leadership, management, research and critical analysis, and communication from the comfort of their very own room. In the last few years, universities offering online MBA programs have started growing like mushrooms. One thing to keep in mind is that not all of these universities are going to give you an Online MBA degree in Dubai which is going to help you achieve your dreams. There are a few things that you need to thoroughly assess before enrolling there. Following is the list of a few of those things. 

Table of Content

  • What Accreditations does the University have?
  • What is the Online MBA program offering you?
  • How much will it cost you?
  • Will you be able to build a good network?
  • What employment opportunities do the online MBA program offer?

What accreditations does the university have?

Accreditations are like quality assurance checks by international organizations. These organizations have some regulatory standards regarding the coursework, faculty, and services provided. Universities meeting these standards are given the quality assurance check. You must choose a university with good accreditations. Certain accreditations are recognized all across the globe. The better the accreditations, the higher will be the value of your MBA degree. Also, make sure that along with your business schools, the program you are enrolling for is also accredited. 

What is the online MBA degree in Dubai offering you? 

You need to know your coursework’s every little detail. The first thing to look into is the curriculum. An updated curriculum that will teach you the latest industry trends is important. Aside from this, there are a few other things that you need to check before you choose the program. Here is a checklist of those things:

  • What kind of study materials does the university provide? Will it all be digital or you will have to procure materials from somewhere else too?
  • Will you have the option of accessing recorded sessions of your classes or will you only be provided with live online classes.?
  • In case you face difficulty, how easily will you be able to connect to your professors to clear out your doubts. 

How much will it cost you? 

Needless to say, an MBA degree won’t come for cheap. Several factors like tuition fees, exam fees, books, and additional school fees all make up for the cost of the program. But the cost of the online MBA degree is not the only thing that you need to look for. You need to accurately examine what are the things that you are paying for and what will you yield in return. A low fee doesn’t always mean it is the best option for you. Similarly, neither does an exorbitant fee structure guarantee the best education. 

Apart from the cost of the program, look into the different payment options that the university offers. Flexible EMI options, government subsidies, private loans are a few of the options that would help you pay your course fee. Grants and scholarships are excellent ways to reduce your course fee. Some universities have grants and scholarship programs. Getting this would either require passing an exam or would simply be offered to you based on your merit. 

Will you be able to build a good network? 

 During your MBA program, apart from focusing on your grades, there are a few other things that you would need to do. Building a strong network by interacting with your peers and mentors is one of them. This network will prove to be useful in varied ways in the future. Completing the entire course from your room will limit your interactions. So you have to make sure that your program creates ample opportunities for you to do the same. Regular online sessions, interactive discussion forums, online quizzes are a few of the things that you should be looking for. 

What employment opportunities does the online MBA Degree in Dubai offer?

The ultimate aim of getting an MBA degree is to have the best job offers at your discretion. While it depends on your performance, you need to know how much value will your degree hold in the eyes of the recruiters. The best way to know this is to talk to the graduates and the alumni. See if your university gives you the chance of interacting with the alumni before your admission. 

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