The Attributes of an Online MBA in Dubai 2021


The Attributes of an Online MBA in Dubai 2021

With the whole world coming to a pause in the last year because of the pandemic, people have turned to the internet for the smooth functioning of their lives. The education sector has probably seen the most transformation because of the pandemic. While online MBA in Dubai 2021 is still prevalent before the pandemic, it was not the first choice for many. The idea that students who do not possess the caliber to meet the admission requirements of full-time courses, go for online courses was quite prevalent. But now, people have finally started to grasp the concept that your curriculum and faculty members are what matters the most, and not the mode of study. With reputed universities now offering online courses, students have started preferring an Online MBA in Dubai 2021. As it helps to save on factors like relocation and travel. Students can get a degree from their choice of the university from the comfort of their homes.

Table of Content

  • Why should you get an Online MBA in Dubai 2021?
  • Hult International Business School
  • Lincoln University of Business and Management
  • Middlesex University, Dubai
  • S.P Jain School of Global Management
  • London Business School
  • Conclusion

Why should you get an Online MBA in Dubai 2021? 

In the past few years, the demand and supply curve of online MBA programs has both gone steadily up. With so many options being available, choosing the right university becomes quite a task. An MBA degree is as valuable as the reputation of the university it is from.

The middle east has emerged as the hub of business in the past few years. With many companies having their headquarters in the middle east, the job market there has been blooming big time. Therefore, it has become the choice for many students. The beauty and technological advancement, and luxurious living standards of the place also lure students.

Here is a list of schools that will help you to not only acquire a degree but also have all-round development:

Hult International Business School

Hult International school has two origin stories. One story is of a school founded in 1959 in Ashridge and the other is of a school founded in Boston in 1964. Ashridge Business School and Hult International Business School merged their operations in 2015 and hence has been functioning as one body.

Hult International offers specializations in Finance, marketing, entrepreneurship among many. The executive  MBA program is specially designed for people looking to get their MBA done in a short time. The course can be completed in only 18 months.

Lincoln University of Business and Management

LUBM is known for its flexible online MBA programs. LUBM courses follow a blended model of both online and on-campus classes. This makes it a great choice for working professionals. They can continue their job while studying for their MBA degree. The flexibility of the programs allows them to create a -perfect work-life balance

LUBM is partnered with York St John University, UK, and Geneva Business School, Switzerland among many others. Students get a chance to visit these partner campuses during their course. The affordable fee structure and conducive payment system make it easier for the students. Despite all this, there is no compromise in the quality of education. Moreover, the remarkable faculty team continuously motivates the students to use their full potential and reach new heights.

Middlesex University, Dubai

This university is the oversees campus of Middlesex University London. Founded in 2005, the university offers a range of online MBA programs. Students get the chance to learn from a faculty that consists of people both from the middle east and from the UK. this give them global exposure.

The Middlesex programs have the design to focus on both the personal and professional growth of students. This is done through varied workshops and seminars.

SP Jain School of Global Management

SP Jain School offers short-duration programs. Notably, these programs which can be completed in only a year, are a hit among working professionals. With campuses spread across the globe and faculty members from every corner of the world, students get a chance to learn about all the different work cultures and scenarios.

This university follows the double-track method. Besides, the students have the option of completing their courses both through online and offline studies. Students can opt to study in any of the campuses situated in Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, and Mumbai.

London Business School

London Business School trains students to possess excellent managerial skills. With coursework matching the levels of work expected by the topmost companies, students here have a great time honing their skills.

The school gives the students access to a global professional network during their course. This turns out to be an advantage for the students when they step into the working arena.


The concept of an Online MBA in Dubai 2021 has changed in people’s minds because of the pandemic. Online is getting prevalent and several reputed institutions are organizing courses for students to attend classes from the comfort of their homes. In conclusion, LUBM along with other prominent institutions are giving every aspirant to boost their career graph upwards through Online programs. So, do check them out.

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